Venereal Disease, Sexual Organ Diseases, and Sexual Chakra Clearing … by Alice B. Clagett

  • Why Venereal Disease Occurs
    • Ra and the Cause of Venereal Diseases
    • Judy Satori on Pornography Viewing as a Cause of Non-Infective Diseases of the Sexual Organs
  • What Are Sexual Chakra Distortions?
  • Creator Potential of Sexual Act
    • To Know the Creator Through Joy
    • To Learn the Gifts of God: Healing and Service to Others
  • Negative Sexual Programming by the Orion Group
  • Rape and Domination Over Others — Hitler’s Circle
  • Cause of Sexual Distortions: Bellicosity and Greed of Ownership

Dear Ones,

From my readings in the “Law of One: The Ra Material” (1)  diseases of the sexual organs, whether infective or organic, have to do with the blockages or distortions in the first three chakras … the ‘lower triangle’. It goes without saying, if this is true, that clearing and balancing these chakras will eliminate venereal disease and noninfective diseases of the sexual organs, including HIV and AIDS.

Below is what I have on this topic. Much of the information comes from the “Law of One.” I’m not able to provide the question information for the “Law of One” because of their copyright restrictions, but I have provided the question links. I found this “Law of One” information well worth looking up. Note these themes:

–insatiable sexual appetite
–domination over others
–bellicosity (tendency to be warlike)
–greed of ownership
–marriage as an adversary relationship


Ra and the Cause of Venereal Diseases

Question 83.4 : Here is Ra speaking of distortion of sexual energy as the cause of infective sexual diseases. Ra states that these diseases have to do with second chakra malware. Note that this malware is now clearing from Earth, as a result of the Ascension process. Thus, one might anticipate that there will be no venereal disease after the clearing.

Judy Satori on Pornography Viewing as a Cause of Non-Infective Diseases of the Sexual Organs

Judy Satori’s work also speaks to this, in the context of non-infective diseases of the sexual organs. There was a question in her 24 June 2015 Beyond Healing radio show, from a gentleman who had a habit of viewing pornography in his youth. Now in his more mature years, he has an enlarged prostate.

In my mind I thus made a connection between a habit of indulgence in lust (which the Catholic Church rather pejoratively identifies as one of the deadly sins), and organic sexual organ diseases. When I speak of a habit of indulgence in lust, I refer to the frequency with which these emotion-laden thought forms are summoned up. This would apply whether the thought form is virtual (as in viewing pornography) or ‘acted out’ in a Lothario, Don Juan lifestyle.

Fortunately, there is an activation of light that helps heal the habit of viewing pornography, helps balance sex drive and eliminate sexual shame/blame, and assists with enlarged prostate … Go to … click on the June 24 Show, and then click on: “Do you feel sexual shame or sexual disempowerment? – transmission to clear feelings of a sexual imbalance that can result in inappropriate behavior – often stems from past life abuse and sexual misunderstanding.


In Question 26.38 there is a question about the types of energy transfers that occur as a result of sexual intercourse. Ra then speaks of the red, orange, yellow, green, and blue energy transfers. These are references to the energies of the basal, sexual, navel point, heart, and throat chakras, respectively.

In summary, blockages in various of these chakras can cause satyric or nymphoid behavior, seeing one’s sexual partner as an ‘object’, acts of sexual domination or rape, or perhaps murdering a sexual partner, being the ‘black widow’ or ‘black widower’. Green ray, the heart chakra, appears to be a very healthy possibility. See the question for details about all this.


In Question 31.3 Ra discusses the creator potential of the sex act, the possibility to experience joy, to learn about God’s gifts, and to offer healing and service to others.


Question 31.12 speaks of how early Childhood or past lifetime sexual wounding offers the Orion group a chance to imprint malware that may attract more sexual wounding.


Question 31.14 looks into why the members of Hitler’s circle may have found sexual gratification in the genocides that took place during the reign of the Third Reich. This is of interest because these energies of sadomasochism are expressing and clearing through the noosphere today, during the Awakening process.

Ra states that those who were gratified by the gas chamber events had strong navel point or third chakras (orange energy) which were blocked by malware regarding power over. This, I surmise, may have ‘colored’ the act of sex by adding the energy thread of power over, execution being an extreme form of power over. Ra considers that the solitariness of such an act (of ‘getting off’ on ‘offiing’ people) might cause an unquenchable desire to repeat this act. I’m guessing this might be because the true nature of the sex act is communion between two people, and S and M is the opposite, the negative polarity; consequently unfulfilling, and causing a welling up of the need to repeat the act, looking for fulfillment.


Question 31.15 asks, if I read it right, whether the Orion group caused the orange ray distortion, the third chakra blockage, that led to the Holocaust and similar acting out on Earth. Ra explains that we humankind have Free Will; and have chosen this path of expression of their social memory complex. The Orion group merely intensified our choices of humankind, with regard to war (bellicosity) and greed of ownership, for instance.

Question 31.16 asks whether the choices of our ancestors … the ‘racial memory’ … has a negative influence on humankind today. Ra brings up the social institution of marriage, as opposed to freely loving.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) “Law of One: The Ra Material,” and available in book form through


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