Diet and the Astral Beings We Attract … by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 20 July 2015

  • On Refining Our Astral Matter through Diet
  • On Avoiding Consumption of Animal Flesh, Alcohol and Tobacco
  • Use of Drugs Introduces Us to Some Unpleasant Astral Entities
  • How Astral Stories Change When I Eat Chicken
  • Vegetarian Eating Plan

Dear Ones,


As you know, we humans are expanding from awareness of our physical bodies into awareness of our astral bodies, and of the astral world, as well. This is because the incoming light is allowing our awareness to ‘ascend’ … it is allowing us to become aware of ever finer frequencies of our energy bodies. Hence the term ‘ascension’, often also termed ‘Christ consciousness’, ‘Buddhic consciousness’, the Great Awakening, or the Second Coming.

The coarseness or refinement of the energy of the astral body has a lot to do with the experiences we have as we expand into awareness of the astral plane. We can sculpt our astral experience through diet, emotions, and thoughts. In this way, we can choose whether our astral experience will be that of the hellworlds, the purgatory planes, or the heaven worlds.


Very specifically, doing the ‘wrong’ thing with regard to diet … Powell singles out consumption of ‘flesh’ (all meats, not just beef), alcohol, and tobacco as causing ill health, and also causing us to find ourselves in the presence of some pretty gnarly astral beings.

I refer you to “The Astral Body and Other Astral Phenomena,” by Arthur E. Powell, a Quest Book, page 66, beginning “Bodies fed on flesh …”) and ending “…while in physical bodies.” This book is available from


In addition, Powell is against the use of opium, cocaine, tea, and coffee: Ibid., pp 66-7, the two paragraphs beginning “Nearly all drugs…”

He doesn’t go into the use of today’s ‘recreational drugs’, simply because their use was not widespread in his time. In fact, some of them didn’t exist in his time. However, I’ve seen through clair vision and heard through clair hearing that, without a doubt, use of today’s recreational drugs causes the same quite unpleasant astral visitors to gather round our aura as in the case of consumption of meat, tobacco and alcohol.

For more on diet and the astral beings we attract, I refer you to  “The Astral Body and Other Astral Phenomena,” by Arthur E. Powell, a Quest Book, Chapter VIII: The Physical Life, from the beginning of page 64 through the first paragraph of page 66 (which ends “…is always an evil”).


It’s only human nature to go on with the dietary habits we’re used to, and to dismiss information like that below as fanciful. I thought I would include it here, though, in case the reader begins to experience … as have I … inexplicable, unpleasant astral phenomena. Case in point:

This morning, I had a slice of chicken for breakfast. Big mistake! Right away I heard all kinds of astral chatter about killing folks, threats to life, and so on.

Apparently this was the astral critter ‘come hither’ occasioned by consumption of ‘flesh’ … which, after all, has recently been killed, and so, carries within it what might be termed ‘the threat of death’. In short, by eating the chicken I attracted some very unpleasant little ‘death threat’ astral entities.


So then this evening, I had her protein drink, and felt the astral world around me become immediately and blessedly silent. It was miraculous!

So I can say from experience, unlikely … no, unheard of as it may seem, diet apparently does sort out the astral entities!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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