The Ethers Are Thrumming Today … by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 24 June 2015 

  • Increase in Lateral Astral Currents
  • Astral Sexual Outreach
  • On Visualizing Expansion of Our EMF
  • To Settle the Roiling of the Astral Plane

Dear Ones,

Something big may be in the offing today. The NOAA has issued a geomagnetic storm warning that there’s an 80% chance of such a storm … see


The stratosphere is in a doldrums right now … ‘Protonfall’ (solar wind speed times density) is only about 550 right now … whereas in the last few days it has reached much much higher.

Old Soul wounding is pinging and connecting to lateral astral currents, including group bonding, tribal consciousness, and the unconscious thought cloud of the world. There is a reverb effect among the lateral astral currents that increases the discomfort of personal EMF distortions.


For those whose subconscious minds are roiling today with incarnational sexual chakra wounding, it is natural to reach out for astral comfort to those with whom such wounding was experienced in prior incarnations. However, sexual outreach on the astral plane is of no avail, because of the state of Soul wounding in this physical density. The sexual drive in 3D is diminished to a predator-prey energy frequency.  Consequently, astral sexual outreach reverberates from the Soul wounding of one person to the Soul wounding of ‘the object of desire’, and back again. Like a ping pong ball.


Know that the state of your sexual chakra distortion today is a reflection of energies resolving and transforming to Love in Earth’s astral plane. Be patient. Consciously expand your personal electromagnetic field outward … left and right … in front of and in back of you … above and below you. Expand out into your many higher dimensions, your many higher selves. Make this, rather than the lateral astral bonds, your work of the hour.

Image: “Awakening 2012,” by Daniel B. Holeman:×7.jpg .. This is an image of a man sitting in meditation, hands in prayer pose, with a white light around his heart and a white light above his head.

If you are successful, you will find that the people you were trying to reach sexually in 3D are readily available as steadfast friends, of many lifetimes, to you in the higher dimensions, and through your higher selves. These friendships are not subject to Soul wounding; they are pure and eternal Soul relationships. By my lights, well worth the discovery!


Today I’ve tried, with some success, grounding (‘dirt time’) and the first two tracks on Judy Satori’s Regenesis Phase 1 mp3 … For this, go to and click on ‘Shopping’ … then search for Regenesis Phase 1

The dirt time helps insulate against the lateral currents. Judy’s tracks restore cells to 12 strand, for more insulation. If you aren’t able to purchase the mp3, then the free DNA Recoding mp3s may be helpful … For this, go to and search for DNA recoding

Also, this musical track may help:

Video: “Marco Frangos ~ 100% – ONE HUNDRED PERCENT,” .. 

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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