Stabilizing My EMF during Solar Events … by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 22 June 2015 

  • On Stabilizing Our EMF During Times of High Incoming Light
  • Solar Events in the Works
  • What I’m Doing to Prepare for This
  • Posture
  • Stretching Exercises
  • Grounding

Dear Ones,


In this time of very high Incoming Light, Summer Solstice 2015, my electromagnetic field energies are so intense, that I need to pay careful attention to stabilizing my pranic column energy. Otherwise, the greatly increased energy of clair chatter can ping into and distort my pranic column. I’m further finding today that there are many unconscious attempts by others to cord with me psychically; I think this has to do with other folks’ cellular uneasiness, exhibiting as agitation of the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World.


Along those lines, in addition to the Solstice energy, we have today a potentially large set of Solar Events about to unfold. It these events do, in fact take place, they will make it all the more important to concentrate on stabilizing my pranic column energy. So I’m getting set for plenty of ‘Earth time.’

According to there is a big Earth-directed sunspot, with a large chance of M-class solar flares and a reasonable chance of X-class solar flares today. Also, there is an Earth-directed CME that may reach Earth today.


Auric chatter is a ‘circle-the-earth’ kind of noospheric energy. Psychic cording is a horizontal energy. Both these energies are ungrounding influences … they cause personal EMF field distortion.

The incoming light is vertical. And so, reinforcing the vertical connection, ie, the ‘pranic column’ energy, also known as the ‘hara line’, insulates the aura from horizontal energies.


I found out this morning that if my posture is relaxed and just so, the astral chatter from other people flows around the outside of my electromagnetic field, and misses my astral ears.

Simply being aware of posture works well. Then, I concentrate on bringing the Incoming Light from the top of my head, down through my heels (while I’m standing up).


I find it helps my posture if I stand and touch my toes from time to time; sitting down and touching the toes also works fine. Standing, arms outstretched, and twisting from side to side also helps. These relax my muscles so that I can keep my posture.


If an EMF entanglement of the lower triangle starts up and posture doesn’t work, I go outside for a few minutes, and feel the energy flow from the top of my head to my heels. It works just as well to sit on the ground for a few minutes.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


“Dealing with Solar Flares, Cosmic Radiation and Increasing Electromagnetic Energy Bombarding Earth,” from The Elohim and the Archangel Metatron … via Judy Satori
Go to “Full Moon Transmissions,” … then under Full Moon Transmissions 2012 click on “Read More”then read and listen to the “Full Moon Transmission – February 2012″

“LIfe on Earth,” by Alice,

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