Capital Punishment … ‘Do No Harm’ … by Alice B. Clagett

Reposted from 18 June 2015

  • On Patanjali’s Admonition to ‘Do No Harm’
  • On Being ‘In Hospital’ at the Beginning of the Age of Light
  • Will There Be Help for Those Who Have Committed a Crime?
  • The Common Good and the Career Criminal
  • Reintegration of Criminals into the Mainstream
  • The Example of Christed and Buddhic Consciousness
  • War with the Demon World vs War with Our Fellow Humans

Dear Ones,


What does it really mean, Patanjali’s admonition that I ‘do no harm’? Does it mean that I should capture criminals so that the public may be safe from their predations? Well, that would be good. But what of the criminals themselves, while they are set aside from the mainstream of society … How does their incarceration affect them? How does it affect the rest of us?


Consider this: We humankind, having suffered through millennia of darkness, on a planet characterized by the Christian ethos as being in the thrall of the demon world, now find ourselves at the turning point … the turning away from the dark and into the world of Light. This is the beginning of the age of regeneration and New Creation.

Yet each of us, having suffered through lifetime after lifetime of Soul agony, of separation from all that is, of the private hell of ego, of negative patterns of thought and emotion, is ‘in hospital’ right now, awaiting the sweet succor of Soul healing by the ever more beautiful Incoming Light.

No one is exempt. All of us are in need of this regenerative process. All of us are in hospital together, here on planet Earth.

And help is at hand. The ‘medicines’, in the form of the New Light, are available, free of charge, to every being in our Solar System, in our galaxy, and in fact this upgrade of the light is taking place throughout the Universe.


So what of the one who has ‘committed a crime,’ who is imprisoned. Is such help available to him? Yes, it is. For saints and sinners alike, help is available. Even for those imprisoned in dark, sunless rooms, help is available, for the sunlight filters down upon the Earth, and its healing quality sinks deep, deep, into the very core of astral Earth, down into the healing halls of Amenti.

During this time of wondrous upliftment, how can we do no harm? How can we soothe the suffering of those who have ‘acted out’? For in truth, as the Light increases, the choice to act in tune with our Soul wounding can create for us situations of great suffering, of crime and imprisonment, or worse yet, capital punishment….


How can we avoid doing harm to those who persist in doing harm? What of antisocial personalities, such as mass murderers and serial killers, for instance? Surely such persons are good candidates for imprisonment. But if we send them to prison to protect the rest of us from harm, and then they are raped and beaten there, is that ‘for their own good’? Does it ‘serve them right’? Ought we end their lives, write their Souls off as ‘worthless’?

That is for sure one way of looking at it. But does such an act of retribution, of vengeance, decrease the burden of human suffering? No, it does not. Instead, it inflicts upon a person who is already grievously Soul wounded … and that most likely through many incarnations … the burden of even greater suffering. And this suffering that we inflict, and that this soul bears, bears down upon the harmonic of Earth and her peoples.

All of us groan when each of us suffers. And as New Creation unfolds, each of us begins to receive the gift of feeling that Great Note, that Great Harmonic, and of feeling the suffering of the very least of us as our own suffering. Feeling so … feeling the incursion of the lethal injection into the bloodstream, the slowing of the heart, the dulling of the sparkling trains of thought in the dying man … the very man upon whom we ourselves passed judgment … how can we as a society but turn away from punishment, and toward the realm of Soul healing, Soul sustenance, forgiveness, and love of even the most hardened criminal?


Along these lines, I remember reading once about a town in Africa, and what they did when one of them committed a crime… They would gather in a circle, and put the person who had done that deed in the center. Then each of them would tell a story about something good in that person’s life. In that way, they would reinforce the good tendencies of that person, offer loving kindness and understanding, and allow him or her to step back into right relation with the community. What a wonderful idea! Therapy, healing, reintegration with our fellow humans!


Humanity has, for the last two thousand years had the benefit of such a standard to live by. The example of Christ consciousness set forth in the New Testament provides just such a way out of this world’s suffering. By ‘walking in Christ’s footsteps,’ living in joy and love and light, we increase the joy and love and light of all beings.

Each act that springs forth from joy, in alignment with the will of God, buoys the Soul song of our planet. Each act of forgiveness to our fellow humans, each blessing that we shower upon others … and most especially, those who cannot forgive, who act out their Soul wounding, who hold to curses when the very air breathes Love.

The Buddhists made a pretty good prayer when they composed the Metta prayer. They said, for instance:

May all beings be happy!
May all beings have enough to eat!


Now this is a wee bit amusing, and here is why: In the war that has for so long been waged here on Earth, between the forces of light and the forces of dark … with us humans right in the thick of it … it is the demon world that ‘eats’ the suffering of human beings. In other words, demons love to cause us pain, because that is the very vibe that they thrive on. And further, it is the demon world with which humanity is truly at odds, and the demon world that sets human against human. What folly to wage war against our own people, our own fellow humans, when we are all equally preyed upon by this common enemy….

But to get back to the prayer: If the demon world … which is well documented in Buddhist texts as well as in the Bible … is made happy by ‘eating’ the happiness of humans, then how can the Metta be fulfilled? Quite a conundrum, isn’t it?

After much pondering, my only answer is this: God will find the way. I place my faith in God. And I say again, from the depths of my heart:

May all beings be happy!
May all beings have enough to eat!

So it is! So it is! So it is!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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