Unified Brain Field … Gender Roles … by Alice ..

Revised; originally published on 4 June 2015 

Dear Ones,

This is about what happens to our thinking when the left and right hemispheres of the brain are not united. Also: information on group mental filters and gender roles, such as patriarchal domination and feminine submission

  • Video: Unified Brain Field … Gender Roles
  • Summary of Video (new information is in blue font)
  • References Mentioned in the Video …



  • How Yogi Bhajan predicted the End Times, as did Christ
  • How time waltzes about, and cannot be pegged down exactly
  • How during the interval after these predictions, these thoughts were lost to their followers
  • Right now, as the mental filters are lifting from humankind, there will, be a lot of mental and emotional turmoil; what some term cognitive dissonance. Naturally so, in a healing and curative way.
  • During his time on Earth, Yogi Bhajan came up with many meditations to balance the mind, to restore sanity, to bring tranquility, for peaceful mind, and so on. Many of these are available free on the internet and on youtube right now.
  • While I was studying kundalini yoga, I had a chance to practice these meditations for balancing the mind, for lack of fear of death, for restoring the body to health, and so on.
  • After that, I went out into the world. There I encountered societal expectations that had been lifted off of me during my days of yoga study.
  • These expectations are:
    • That a certain class of people, generally speaking men, and also women whose work in the world is scientific (such as scientists, doctors, and psychologists) will use mostly the left side of their brain in their daily interactions.
    • And that women, in general, and certain types of men (such as artists and musicians) will use the right side of their brain, the intuitive side, instead of the logical left brain in their daily interactions.
  • When a person joins a group that believes this kind of thing, the trouble with this is that the great ‘understory’ of the world … the unconscious thought cloud of the world … will realign your brain with the energies of the group.
  • So for the approximately 50% of these groups, mostly men, who are using mostly their left brain, that leaves within the intuitive side of their brain a dwindling of energy. In this ’empty’ area of their brains, a kinesthete such as I can feel the ‘wending in’ of the unconscious thought cloud of the world, which takes over that part of their thinking.
  • For women, it’s the opposite. Their habit of using the right side of the brain allows the left side to be a receptacle of thought forms from the world that take over and dominate that side of the brain. These unconscious thought forms create in the left brain of women the patriarchal domination mental filter.
  • As the great Age of Darkness progressed, then, humankind went from a unified brain to a brain that is only half functional in a conscious sense, and whose other half allowed the influx of the collective unconscious.
  • To make matters worse, in the astral realm, I found from my readings of Lisa Renee (“Energetic Synthesis,” https://www.energeticsynthesis.com/ ) that there used to be astral entities that would implant into the unused portion of the brain. They were shaped a little like jellyfish, with tentacles that would slowly unfold and reach down into the neural network of a person These she terms Archontic Genetic Engineered Entities or Suppressor Parasite Entities (SPEs). Their agenda being to promote the unconscious and subconscious thought cloud of the world taking over a person’s thoughts with regard to gender differences, group indomitability, patriarchal domination, the subservient role of women in society, and so on.
  • From a clair point of view, what I experienced back then was a sense of helplessness … a sense that something was growing inside me that was not me … that was not conscious, not aware. And that this all had to do with left-right brain imbalance.
  • In recent years, visions, dark night of the Soul experiences, and experiences of the Void have been clearing humankind out; allowing us to come into our co-creative potential and to rise to awareness of the fifth dimension. This very graphic vision that I had back then, of being ‘possessed’ by a parasitic entity in the astral realm, was very upsetting. But in the long-term, it was a good lesson about unifying the brain, and once more attaining a unified brain field.
    • Why should we settle for less than sacred sexuality … the sacredness and free will of both genders on Earth?
    • Why should we settle for less than half a brain?
  • This story had a very good ending. Two years ago (that would be in 2013), a little after the time of the Shift, all these little beings dropped off everybody and disappeared … They just evaporated.
  • And so, waiting all this time, for our free will choice, is whatever side of our brain has been lying dormant. It’s waiting for us to invigorate it with astral matter, and to carry on in the fullest of mastery of mind.


These were mentioned in the video:

“Archontic SPE” by Lisa Renee, at “Energetic Synthesis,” https://www.energeticsynthesis.com/archontic-spe

“Meditation to Balance the Hemispheres of the Brain,” by Alice, http://wp.me/p2Rkym-6OL

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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