Lair of Satan Mental Filter: Rewriting the History of the World … by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 30 May 2015 

Dear Ones,

Here’s info on the ‘Lair of Satan’ mental filter, and how to let go of it. It also explores the questions: Who is Satan? and What is demonic possession?


  • There may be people today who are clearing through the Lair of Satan mental filter … because of issues that arose mostly in past lifetimes, or occasionally from this lifetime.
  • What this means is that, in some incarnation, because of Soul wounding, some body elemental in them, or some thought form attached to them … either through projection by someone else, or through their own creation, through their own misunderstanding of true reality … has the conviction that their auric egg is the ‘Lair of Satan’. That is to say, the place where Satan hangs out.
  • A few things to know about Satan, and the devils and so forth:
    • They’re gone now; gone from Earth.
    • What remains are the body elementals that remember the time when they were here.
    • This is the time of clearing all that.
  • In those days when Satan walked the Earth, and devils were everywhere, Satan befriended no man. Satan moved from Soul field to Soul field. Satan moved from man to man, but Satan was no man’s friend; no woman’s friend.
  • Satan never inhabits a person’s Soul field. Satan is a very great energy that doesn’t really fit into the auric egg of any human being. Satan is, in fact, an angel that agreed to fall in dimension, so as to help create the third dimensional reality. This was an agreement between the angel and God.
  • Now that this time has ended, Satan has been freed to resume his angelic presence. And none the worse for it, because it was a very great and honorable thing that this wonderful angel did. He filtered down his godliness to the point where he could participate in the creation of this very dense reality that we’re all clearing out right now.
  • Well, that’s a little bit about Satan … Satan was very high, dimensionally. Satan would move from man to man, and help that Soul to enact the hologrammatic depiction of the third dimension.
  • He was an actor whose energy … or a part of whose energy … would descend into the hologram of people.
  • So, the idea that we are a ‘lair of Satan’ is really not true. Even back then, before the 2012 Shift, it wasn’t. What it was, was that some Soul wounding in us resonated with very deep density, and allowed that energy to flow through it, or to ‘stake it out’, or to descend upon it for a moment.
  • So what do we do, if we come across people who believe that their physical bodies and their auric eggs are the lair of Satan? Or what if we, in some prior incarnation … or even in the current incarnation … experienced this Satanic energy, and our body elementals mistakenly came to believe that this was the energy of our entire auric egg? There’s an easy solution; I’ll describe it in first person below so as not to sound didactic:
  • First, if this scenario of the lair of Satan had been enacted in my current lifetime … even repetitively, continuously, in my mind in the current lifetime … I would begin by uncoloring that phenomenon: see “Uncoloring Your Colored Thoughts through Yoga,” by Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati, For instance, I might say:
    • In a past incarnation, I enacted a scenario known as ‘lair of Satan’. [This might have involved ‘Satanic acts’.] That was long ago. In this lifetime, I am clearing that scenario.
    • If I were still to have an attachment to that word lair … which admittedly has a certain savoir faire … I might then say: In this lifetime, I choose to enact a scenario called lair of heaven.
    • As the clearing process proceeded, I might then say:  In this lifetime, I choose to enact a scenario called king [or queen] of heaven. [That preserves an egoic sense.]
    • Then later, I might switch to:  In this lifetime, I choose to enact a scenario called messenger of the angelic realm. [In other words, I could change up, till the ego is clear of all that.]
  • So that’s one thing … uncoloring. Another thing is to work with body elementals. I might talk to the body elementals that believe this body is the lair of Satan, and say: No! This body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Now that’s what I want you to say from now on.
  • Then, with regard to the sexual chakras, which are often deeply wounded in this regard, I might speak to the body elementals there and say: My sexual chakras are perfectly healthy and happy. I might ask them to repeat that over and over again, every day
  • In the same way, we may have trouble with the basal chakra. Speaking of my body of light, I might say: The lower quadrant of my light body is in perfect working condition, and perfectly reflects the Divine regenerative state. Or something like that; use your own imagination with your body elementals.
  • So: uncoloring, body elementals, and now, the third technique … This is especially useful for those that are overhearing or seeing people that are acting out or reminiscing about these kinds of mental filters. And it also works for people that are in the midst of those mental filters. You say an activation of light that goes like this:

Spirit to Team!
Optimize and rewrite the history of the world!
For the All, through Free Will!

Say it with confidence and determination and optimism! You’ll really only have to say it once. What will happen is that your awareness will move to the alternate reality or alternate timeline or dimension in which that event is not taking place.

  • Because that event, that demonic possession, or that event in which Satan is within us … that is not an optimal event for the current energy of Earth.
  • It may have once served, in helping us to understand more deeply the nature of duality, and, in fact, will provide great insight to the star brethren and to us, in future.
  • But the thing to do now is to step our awareness into a higher dimensional situation, into a different timeline, into an alternate world where that density no longer takes place.
  • That can be done in an instant. So, here are three techniques for dealing with that.
  • Know that the time of the reign of Satan has ended. It ended in 2012 … and all that remains is the unconscious thought cloud of the world’s conviction that the situation still exists.
  • So, we are removing these mental filters from the unconscious thought cloud of the world. That’s it!
  • God bless you all, and keep you safe, happy, and able to rejoice in the new energies of Earth.
  • PS: I think the situation of the Lair of Satan mental filter folks these days is, that they’re longing for the ‘good old days’ when all that power was within their grasp.
  • But they’re beginning to come to an understanding … because their energy stands out, in the current day, as being the densest, and so everybody becomes aware of what is going on with them.
  • I think that their position, from a left-brain point of view, is that they wish that the old days were here, but they know that the old days have ended. And so, what they’re looking for, right now, is a way to stop right where they are, and not have to deal with the situation.
  • But there may come a point when they say to themselves: “Well, you know, the old mental filter is just not working. What should I do about it?” And that point may be coming soon, for some.
  • I thought of another thing that might be helpful. I noticed that, on Judy Satori’s website, , in the Karma Klear Directory, there’s a new entry for ‘control freaks’. It’s for people who feel that they have to control other people in order to get their job done.
  • This might be a very useful activation of light for folks who have the Lair of Satan mental filter … because there are very great elements of control in that mental filter … the notion that “We have the power of Satan!”
  • Even though, truth to tell, it’s Satan that used to call the shots; Satan that used to drive the ego to acts that are opposed to the main flow of love that comprises this Universe.
  • This illusion that the ego would have, that it could control of other people through Satanic powers, for instance, might be well addressed by this new activation of light. If you’re feeling like that, or if you feel even a small amount of control energy in your personality that you’d like to rid yourself of, I refer you to her work:

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


“The Time before the Times,” by Alice,


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