Activation of Light to Deport Illegal Alien Astral Entities … by the Hathors through Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 27 May 2015

  • Video by Alice: Activation of Light: Illegal Astral Entities
  • Summary of the Video
  • Activation of Light to Deport Illegal Alien Astral Entities
  • How This Activation of Light Works Regarding the Lords of Karma and Dracs
  • What’s in Our Personal Airspace Is Our to Transform, Reprogram, or Deport
  • How Our Human ‘Space Stations’ Were ‘Rented Out’ to Sessile, Hostile Life-Forms by Winged, Hostile Astral Beings During the Age of Darkness
  • Slave Planet Blues: The Outlook for the Future

Note: The theme of the human body as a ‘space station’ was later developed as blogs Martian bacteria … see my blog category ‘Mars – Martians’

Dear Ones,



I’ve put the activation of light under its own subheading, for the sake of clarity. In the same subsection, thoughts not in the video are in blue font…

  • You may have heard the story that our world has been subjugated by a hostile alien life form for a long time, 100,000 years or so. I know you’ve seen the movies, or heard of the movies about the ‘Slave Planet’ with the humans on it, and like that.
  • In a way, that’s true. There is a lot of energy on Earth today that is far from the truth of our Soul nature.
  • It may be, that there are such things as demon hordes, and some people say there are upwards of 500 different types of astral entities, some hostile, and some kind and sweet to human beings. That is the story that’s going round in the noosphere, and simply by virtue of being a story, it deserves some attention and clearing effort.
  • There are people that actually believe all that, and have seen all that, for their own personal sakes. This activation of light that I’m about to give is about that.
  • Before I give the activation of light, because I anticipate a possible reaction amongst some people regarding political correctness, I’d like to explain something about demonic strategy; i.e., invading alien species strategies.
    • Apparently, the one great strategy of this purported alien species that’s been manipulating our mental and emotional fields for a long time … the one great strategy they have, is to turn humans, one against the other.
    • It’s what you might call a ‘disinformation campaign’. And it exists in the fourth dimension. It has been dumbed down to the third dimension … to our physical world … through the agency of these hostile alien 4D entities.
    • In 3D, it can be seen in terms of corporate interests, and lobbying in Congress, which favor specific, small sets of people, and attempts to promote them, rather than promoting the good of this great nation. They attempt to influence our great leaders in a particular way, rather than a general way, which is, of course, our leaders’ promised and sworn duty to us.
    • So lobbying is one example of the type of activity that has been carried out by these illegal, hostile alien species for a long time. And there are many others.
  • So the thing that we humans need to do to counteract this what you might call the ‘prime directive’ of the invaders, is to stand together.
    • All of us need to stand together; not blame another human being for anything.
    • Know that we are all under attack with this ‘disinformation campaign’.
    • And know that we must … like Christ, and for our own Soul’s sake … we must forgive our friends and neighbors … forgive everyone for everything. Forgive ourselves for all the wrong that we’ve done.
  • Now as to this issue that’s going to be brought up in this activation of light … this issue about illegal aliens, and deportation, and so forth, it seems to me altogether wrong to treat human beings in the way that we have treated them.
  • I understand that there are economic concerns regarding scarcity of the world’s supplies, and a feeling that there is not abundance. But these issues of scarcity and lack of abundance can be fixed on the noospheric level.
  • If we all visualize and imagine abundance, the world will find that abundance.
  • This abundance is not found by fencing ourselves off from other peoples of the world, just as, for corporations, the great wealth of Earth is not found by attempting to obtain it for just a few individuals. The great wealth of Earth comes from all the people of Earth cooperating together.
  • So when we deport illegal aliens who are human beings, we need to think twice about what the world needs. Not just what we need; what we all need to survive on Earth, and to help Earth to flourish and regain its balance.
  • In my opinion, the process of deportation … the thought of illegality … is based on the demon world. It’s taken from the ‘rules of order’ of the invading species. So, when I think of the word ‘deportation’, and I think of the word ‘alien’, I think of these hostile invaders. I do not think of human beings.


Spirit to Team!
Deport all illegal alien astral entities Now! [visualize hostile 4D entities being swooped up skyward]
For the All, through Free Will!


Not long ago I was bothered by visits by the ‘Lords of Karma’. These are men in astral form who stand solidly behind the Patriarchal Domination mental filter. Though they purport to be ‘higher than humankind’. At the time when I was being bothered by them, I found this Activation of Light very useful as well.

Since they are men, this activation didn’t deport the Lords of Karma. However, it did clear the hostile alien entities out of their airspace, these being that which was provoking them to identify with this mental filter.

This activation also works fine in regard to Dracs who ‘drop in’ to human form, or into the astral plane.


Per local galactic law, this is a Free Will Planet. What’s in our personal airspace is ours to transform, reprogram, or deport!


Some human ‘space stations’ (that is, human auric fields … search space station in my website) were ‘rented out’ to a variety of relatively sessile hostile life-forms, such as Martian bacteria, during the pre-Ascension years by the winged, ruling lower astral ‘powers that were’ (see my blog category demonic realm ).

The Martian bacteria that live in our colon and call our ‘space station’ home were tricked into behaving in a hostile way towards us by the demon realm. Since they exist in physical as well as astral for, you’ll find you can’t simply deport them using the above activation. For more on this, and for my thoughts on diplomatic overtures and peace negotiations, kindly search my blog category Mars – Martians .


As the incoming light continues to refine Earth and all her beings, as well as the human noosphere, all these mental filters about being controlled, invaded, enslaved, dominated, etc, are on their way off Planet Earth forever!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

For the flavor of the recent past: the Age of Darkness here on Planet Earth, which ended in December 2012, see the movie “Stargate” (1994), available on and elsewhere.

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