Multidimensionality: Overcoming Egoic Limitations … by Alice ..

Revised; originally published as “Multidiming: Overcoming Egoic Limitations” on 22 May 2015

  • First Experiences of Multidimensionality May Cause Feelings of Stark Ego Terror
  • Clair Stories: Nightmare Ideation Roused by the ‘Hollywood’ Mental Filter
  • Clair Stories: Territoriality
    • Astral Theme of Male Homosexuality: A Less Threatening Version of Male Competition
  • Clair Stories: Emotional Hunger
  • Clair Stories: Hostility … ‘War Councils’
  • How 4D Differs from 3D Reality
  • How Spatial Blending, Sliding, and Remixing of Personalities Characteristic of the Fourth Dimension Challenge Our Sense of Ego (of Self)
  • Characteristics of the Challenged Ego: Terror, Nightmare Ideation, Territoriality, Emotional Hunger, and Hostility
  • Helpful Hints on the Death of Ego Experience When Multidimensionality Is First Experienced
    • Ego Terror
    • Nightmare Ideation
    • Territoriality
    • Emotional Hunger
    • Hostility

Dear Ones,


I’ve been thinking lately about my initial forays into multidimensionality in 3D-4D reality some years ago. Marked by lots of anxiety. Sometimes dread. Occasionally terror. Now I see others, as they adventure into multidimensional experiences of reality, may be encountering these emotions as well.

Why, I wondered. Why is this happening. I got to thinking about the ego, and how it conceives a barrier between ‘it’ and ‘other’. I thought about the fluid nature of 4D … how, for instance, some folks can talk to people just by thinking about them. How some can see folks elsewhere, as if they were right there with them. I sense how folks sometimes feel terror when they imagine someone on the clair plane being in their physical ‘territory’.


Or they may feel terror in connection with a ‘Hollywood’ mental filter … maybe something arising from a book they read or a movie they saw; some kind of nightmare scenario not connected with normal 3D life.


I’ve been hearing, ongoing, clair stories about men aggressing territory, especially women’s territory. I’ve also heard them subconsciously dividing up territory by longitude and lattitude; You take this; I’ll take that. So from this I gather: aggression against women, who might be considered more passive and thus ‘easy pickings’, and cooperation amongst other men, who might be feared for their aggressive instincts.

Astral Theme of Male Homosexuality: A Less Threatening Version of Male Competition

From this fear men have for other men (as competitors) I derive the significance of the ongoing astral theme of homosexuality amongst men. This I consider to be symbolic of mutual cooperation and camaraderie in their aggressive endeavors. This is a modulation of the feral instinct to aggression by an M2M redirection of the feral sexual instinct; which might be viewed as the frequently recurring clair slogan ‘f___ y__ in the a______’ toned down (and thus, less threatening).


Also, I remember long clair listening sessions in which it seemed men were feeling emotional hunger to be with women … this I heard for about a year, ending quite recently.


Also, I recall ‘war councils’ of groups held nightly, and plans of attack against individuals considered to be ‘the ancient enemy’, or just someone not in the group.


This is all so atypical of normal 3D life. Yet it seems to be a hallmark of the 3D-4D interface. So, hmmm… Picking out the salient points:

  • ego terror
  • nightmare ideation
  • territoriality
  • emotional hunger
  • hostility


I read in the Free Dictionary that ego is the self, especially as distinct from the world and other selves.  This fits an idea I had that ego is a consciousness of ‘I’ as distinct from ‘other’. And so the blurring effect of 4D … the spatial blending, sliding, and remixing of personalities with whom we interact … reminiscent, for instance, of social media or surfing the net in its nonlinear spatial ideation … would challenge our sense of self, our ego, would it not?

4D is ‘almost’ 3D. The context is usually people we know, or images we might see in 3D. Yet 4D invades our personal space. The other morning, for instance, I woke up with beings jam packed in my bedroom … astral travellers, higher 4D lifeforms, and even a few ghosts. Oy, for the good old days, I thought … when I used to wake up in the morning, certain sure there would no one in my bedroom but my cat!


I did some more reading and turned up a few items of interest. I read one place that the ego is characterized by hostility, territoriality, and emotional hunger. (1)

David Loy posits that the ego is composed of ‘death terror’ …

See “Death of the Ego: A Buddhist View,” ,  paragraphs 3 and 4, by David Loy, beginning ‘The Fear of Death…” and ending “…bounds of the universe.”

So since these themes … terror, hostility, territoriality, and emotional hunger … have been coming up for me on the clairaudient plane for some years now, it could be that the clair chatter I hear is shaped by these characteristics of ego.

Generally, in 3D, ego barriers are defined by our physical body, so it’s relatively easy, in 3D, to graduate into the higher ego characteristics of bonding, loving relationships, and so on.

In 4D, so far, though, what I’ve been noticing are these very primitive characteristics of ego. I think that’s because the bulk of the clair chatter I hear is still subconscious, or barely conscious, or just now rising into the conscious mind. And so, what I hear is quite primitive.


It seems to me that what we’re facing, as we adventure into the 3D-4D multidimensional experience, is the death of ego. Christ did it, the Buddha did it. It can be done. But can I do it?

That’s a whole other thought process. What have Christ and the Buddha, and the new teachers of the Age of Regeneration to teach us, that will help us in this? Here we step from psychology into the realm of spirit. Here we transit from ego to Spirit, to Soul. Here we begin to know our Selves in relation, not to objects or beings in the physical world, but in relation to God, to the great All. We step past the ego sense of separation between I and other, into a sense of the mystical relationship of I to Other.

Ego terror. Regarding the feeling of ego terror, I’m drawn to Judy Satori’s (2) activation of light, which brings up the palliative feeling of faith. It goes like this: There’s a small chakra on the chin that has to do with faith. Place your fingertips on your chin and affirm, speaking with quiet confidence, that you have faith in yourself and in God.

Nightmare ideation. For nightmare ideation, don’t hesitate to seek psychiatric aid and counselling. I say this because it’s so easy, so seductive, to identify with and fall into a worried or anxious ‘train of thought’. (3)

I’ve also found this activation of light gifted by the Hathors to be helpful:

Spirit to Team!
Optimize timelines!
For the All, through Free Will!

Keep in mind that, through our own power of creation, we can create any reality we want for ourselves. We can as well choose paradise as hell. Just like we put down a murder mystery and pick up a Sacred Book, we can put down the story of a nightmare and pick up the story of New Life on New Earth.

Territoriality. For territoriality, here is a good chant:

Video: “God and me, me and God are One,” chanted here by Snatam Kaur: ..

This chant is generic, but every faith has its equivalent, so you can pick your favorite quote from your own sacred book.
Or in advaita, one might say, “I am one with my Higher Self.”
Or from a physical standpoint: “I am One with Gaia.”

Emotional hunger. For emotional hunger, I’ve been using this affirmation: “I am I. I am That!”

We all exist beyond space and time, as eternal, infinite Souls. Not just as in relation to another, but AS the great All, as expressions of the Infinite.

One mantra I particularly like is the mul mantra, which describes not just the characteristics of God, but also the characteristics of the self-realized human. Here is Snatam Kaur’s rendition. The meaning of the mantra is in the ‘About’ section beneath the video …

Video: “Mul Mantra – Snatam Kaur w/ lyrics and translation,” by Iam SCA ..

For hostility, For hostility, I’ve been using forgiveness, as recommended by Christ.

When I hear hostility, or feel hostility, I say: “God bless you with love and light and peace!”
This took me a little time to sink in, but with conscious practice, I’m beginning to emerge from reactionary hostile feelings because of it.

Or, you can try this affirmation: “I am a sea of joy, in an ocean of tranquility, on the Moon.” Or the like …


Well, dear ones, that’s all for now. Take care!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) Robert Waska, in “Primitive Experiences of Loss: Working with the Paranoid-Schizoid Patient,” a psychology book unrelated to the topic of this blog, pp. 30-31,

(2) Judy Satori,

(3) Here in America, if you ask where the center of a person is, the person will usually point to their head. In Japan, if you ask where the center of a person is, the person will usually point to their heart. Why we would identify more with the mind … or the heart … than, say, with the left big toe, is beyond me. But we do.


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