Crowd Consciousness … by Alice B. Clagett

  • A Passage on Crowd Consciousness from the Theosophical Literature
  • An Antidote to Crowd Consciousness
  • Astral Stories Are Gloms That Originate with Just One Person
  • Crowd Leaders: Controllers

Reposted from 12 May 2015

Dear Ones,


There is a discussion of Crowd Consciousness here:

“The Astral Body and Other Astral Phenomena,” by Arthur E. Powell (1), “Chapter XXV: The Mastery of Emotion,” page 216, first paragraph (beginning “With wonderful …” through page 218, second full paragraph (ending “…insidious influences.”)


The passage describes ‘psychological crowds’. The existence of these is obvious in the telepathic realm right now — a few are speaking, many are listening. Among those who are listening, some do so by preference, and others through the habit of listening rather than speaking up.

As an antidote to crowd consciousness during these times of the Awakening, I’ve been practicing this affirmation:

“By God’s grace, I am free to feel my heart. I am free to follow my heart. I am free to speak my truth. I am free to exercise my will. I am free to cherish and uplift my Soul.”


The passage suggests the idea that the feeling or emotion of a crowd frequently originates from a single brain…. I’ve noticed, in the telepathic realm lately, that the sweeping emotions of the collective daydreams (‘astral stories’) that have been happening (especially in the afternoons, when folks may be feeling a little tired) do often originate with a mild negative feeling from one person. Then, over the telepathic ‘internet’, they go from person to person, picking up emotional ‘charge’….

We can influence the emotional aspect of this collective daydreaming by introducing a sentence or visual image with positive emotional content. Also, it’s good to change the ‘train of thought’ completely when introducing a positive emotion… that is, change to a new ‘train of thought’. A simple exclamation about the beauty of the natural world, the sky, the sunlight, or the breeze, for example.

When the collective daydreaming is very densely heavy in negative emotional content, reference to a vital pleasure is helpful: I think I’ll take a little nap! … or, I feel like having a cup of tea! … like that. In this way, the apparently grumpy body cells of everyone who is  collectively daydreaming perk up and cheer up and cheer us on to happier envisioning.

This gentle suggestion of positive emotions will be of help to humankind, and also to our beautiful planet Earth, which interacts with our noosphere, and with our personal electromagnetic fields, as a mother does with her children.

These slow, lazy daydreams we are awakening to are just the beginning of the co-creational abilities of humanity. NOW we are awakening. NOW we are beginning to grasp the vast creative potential of our collective dreams.


The passage also describes crowd leaders. I’ve noticed lately, in the telepathic realm, that the crowd leaders described above have been leading with thoughts more mental than heart-based. This is an expectable feature of the Atlantean Age, which is now transforming to a time of New Creation and Regeneration.

To help humankind, and our planet, let us contribute our heart-felt emotions of love, gratitude and appreciation to this telepathic mix. In this way, the unconscious thought cloud of the world, which is gently and slowly responding to Earth’s own Great Awakening, will begin to awaken to the vast wisdom in the heart of every human being.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) “The Astral Body and Other Astral Phenomena,” by Arthur E. Powell, available from

See also “The Crowd in Peace and War,” by Sir Martin Conway, available at


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