Boomerang Effect of Evil Thought Forms … by the Theosophists

Published on 11 May 2015

  • How Thought-Forms Are Formed
  • Whether and How Thought-Forms Are Sent to Other People
  • What Happens When One Person’s Thought-Form Reaches the Person Thought About
  • The Sea of Other Men’s Thoughts
  • Self-Centered Thoughts Stay Near Us
  • Thought-Forms Are Charged Batteries, Waiting to Discharge on Someone
  • How Brooding on Evil Thought-Forms Causes Them to Hover Round Us … They May Even Look Like Pursuing Devils to Us
  • How Our Good Thought-Forms Can Help the World
  • The Effect of Our Thought-Forms on Other People
    • Thoughts of Love, or the Desire to Protect
  • The Boomerang Effect of Evil Thought-Forms

Dear Ones,

Here is some very interesting information from the School of Theosophy on the boomerang effect of evil thought forms, and on thought forms in general:


“When a man thinks of any concrete object—a book, a house, a landscape—he builds a tiny image of the object in the matter of his mental body. This image floats in the upper part of that body, usually in front of the face of the man and at about the level of the eyes. It remains there as long as the man is contemplating the object, and usually for a little time afterwards, the length of time depending upon the intensity and the clearness of the thought. This form is quite objective, and can be seen by another person, if that other has developed the sight of his own mental body. If a man thinks of another, he creates a tiny portrait in just the same way.” — C.W. Leadbeater (1)


“If his thought is merely contemplative and involves no feeling (such as affection or dislike) or desire (such as a wish to see the person) the thought does not usually perceptibly affect the man of whom he thinks.

“If coupled with the thought of the person there is a feeling, as for example of affection, another phenomenon occurs besides the forming of the image. The thought of affection takes a definite form, which it builds out of the matter of the thinker’s mental body. Because of the emotion involved, it draws round it also matter of his astral body, and thus we have an astromental form which leaps out of the body in which it has been generated, and moves through space towards the object of the feeling of affection.

“If the thought is sufficiently strong, distance makes absolutely no difference to it; but the thought of an ordinary person is usually weak and diffused, and is therefore not effective outside a limited area.” — C.W. Leadbeater (1)


“When this thought-form reaches its object it discharges itself into his astral and mental bodies, communicating to them its own rate of vibration. Putting this in another way, a thought of love sent from one person to another involves the actual transference of a certain amount both of force and of matter from the sender to the recipient, and its effect upon the recipient is to arouse the feeling of affection in him, and slightly but permanently to increase his power of loving. But such a thought also strengthens the power of affection in the thinker, and therefore it does good simultaneously to both.” — C.W. Leadbeater (1)


“Every thought builds a form; if the thought be directed to another person it travels to him; if it be distinctly selfish it remains in the immediate neighbourhood of the thinker; if it belongs to neither of these categories it floats for awhile in space and then slowly disintegrates.

“Every man therefore is leaving behind him wherever he goes a trail of thought forms; as we go along the street we are walking all the time amidst a sea of other men’s thoughts. If a man leaves his mind blank for a time, these residual thoughts of others drift through it, making in most cases but little impression upon him. Sometimes one arrives which attracts his attention, so that his mind seizes upon it and makes it its own, strengthens it by the addition of its force, and then casts it out again to affect somebody else. A man therefore, is not responsible for a thought which floats into his mind, because it may be not his, but someone else’s; but he is responsible if he takes it up, dwells upon it and then sends it out strengthened.” — C.W. Leadbeater (1)


“Self-centred thought of any kind hangs about the thinker, and most men surround their mental bodies with a shell of such thoughts. Such a shell obscures the mental vision and facilitates the formation of prejudice.” — C.W. Leadbeater (1)


“Each thought-form is a temporary entity. It resembles a charged battery, awaiting an opportunity to discharge itself. Its tendency is always to reproduce its own rate of vibration in the mental body upon which it fastens itself, and so to arouse in it a like thought.

“If the person at whom it is aimed happens to be busy or already engaged in some definite train of thought, the particles of his mental body are already swinging at a certain determinate rate, and cannot for the moment be affected from without. In that case the thought-form bides its time, hanging about its object until he is sufficiently at rest to permit its entrance; then it discharges itself upon him, and in the act ceases to exist.” — C.W. Leadbeater (1)


“The self-centred thought behaves in exactly the same way with regard to its generator, and discharges itself upon him when opportunity offers. If it be an evil thought, he generally regards it as the suggestion of a tempting demon, whereas in truth he tempts himself. Usually each definite thought creates a new thought-form; but if a thought-form of the same nature is already hovering round the thinker, under certain circumstances a new thought on the same subject, instead of creating a new form, coalesces with and strengthens, the old one, so that by long brooding over the same subject a man may sometimes create a thought-form of tremendous power.

“If the thought be a wicked one, such a thought-form may become a veritable evil influence, lasting perhaps for many years, and having for a time all the appearance and powers of a real living entity.” — C.W. Leadbeater (1)


“All these which have been described are the ordinary unpremeditated thoughts of man. A man can make a thought-form intentionally, and aim it at another with the object of helping him. This is one of the lines of activity adopted by those who desire to serve humanity. A steady stream of powerful thought directed intelligently upon another person may be of the greatest assistance to him. A strong thought-form may be a real guardian angel, and protect its object from impurity, from irritability or from fear. — C.W. Leadbeater (1)


“Thought-forms directed towards individuals produce definitely marked effects, these effects being either partially reproduced in the aura of the recipient and so increasing the total result, or repelled from it.

Thoughts of Love, or Desire to Protect. “A thought of love and of desire to protect, directed strongly towards some beloved object, creates a form which goes to the person thought of, and remains in his aura as a shielding and protecting agent; it will seek all opportunities to serve, and all opportunities to defend, not by a conscious and deliberate action, but by a blind following out of the impulse impressed upon it, and it will strengthen friendly forces that impinge on the aura and weaken unfriendly ones.

“Thus may we create and maintain veritable guardian angels round those we love, and many a mother’s prayer for a distant child thus circles round him, though she knows not the method by which her ‘prayer is answered.’ –Annie Besant (2)


“In cases in which good or evil thoughts are projected at individuals, those thoughts, if they are to directly fulfill their mission, must find, in the aura of the object to whom they are sent, materials capable of responding sympathetically to their vibrations.

“Any combination of matter can only vibrate within certain definite limits, and if the thought-form be outside all the limits within which the aura is capable of vibrating, it cannot affect that aura at all. It consequently rebounds from it, and that with a force proportionate to the energy with which it impinged upon it….”–Annie Besant (2)

[This is the famed ‘boomerang effect’. So now, if a person receives telepathy with the emotional content of hatred or fear, and sends back telepathy with emotional content of love, peace and joy, then what will happen? The person who sent the hatred- or fear-filled message will receive back their telepathic letter ‘unopened’ … and this vibe will add to their own emotion.

The person who sends back love, peace and joy will find the intended person (who is embroiled in other emotions) unable to receive this message. And so the love, peace and joy will rebound to the sender … adding to their own vibe of the same feelings. –Alice]

“This is why it is said that a pure heart and mind are the best protectors against any inimical assaults, for such a pure heart and mind will construct an astral and a mental body of fine and subtle materials, and these bodies cannot respond to vibrations that demand coarse and dense matter. If an evil thought, projected with malefic intent, strikes such a body, it can only rebound from it, and it is flung back with all its own energy; it then flies backward along the magnetic line of least resistance, that which it has just traversed, and strikes its projector; he, having matter in his astral and mental bodies similar to that of the thought-form he generated, is thrown into respondent vibrations, and suffers the destructive effects he had intended to cause to another.

“Thus ‘curses [and blessings –Alice] come home to roost.’

“From this arise also the very serious effects of hating or suspecting a good and highly-advanced man; the thought-forms sent against him cannot injure him, and they rebound against their projectors, shattering them mentally, morally, or physically. Several such instances are well known to members of the Theosophical Society, having come under their direct observation.

“So long as any of the coarser kinds of matter connected with evil and selfish thoughts remain in a person’s body, he is open to attack from those who wish him evil, but when he has perfectly eliminated these by self-purification his haters cannot injure him, and he goes on calmly and peacefully amid all the darts of their malice. But it is bad for those who shoot out such darts.” –Annie Besant (2)

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) from “Textbook of Theosophy,” by C.W. Leadbeater, 1912, … public domain

[Paragraphing and subheads are mine. –Alice Clagett]

(2) from “Thought Forms,” by Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater, 1905, … public domain

[Paragraphing and subheads are mine. –Alice Clagett]


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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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