Protecting the Natural World … by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 25 April 2015 

  • Video by Alice: Protecting the Natural World
  • Summary of the Video
    • On Encountering Devilish Astral Entities on a Walk
    • The Pros and Cons of Lying to Small Demons and Devils
    • On Dancing with and Singing to Friendly Nature Spirits
    • The Devic Kingdom Is the Steward of the Natural World
    • The Work That the Devas Do
    • The Nature Spirits That Take Care of Trees
    • The Boycott of Los Angeles and the Large Cities of Earth by the Devic Council
    • The Evil to Which the Nature Spirits Fall Prey in the Large Cities of Earth
    • Please Respect Trees, and the Natural World That Is So Very Important to Us
  • PS: January 2017 Report on Devas in the Los Angeles Area
  • What You Can Do to Assist in Bringing the Devas Back to Our Urban Areas, and to Help the Nature Spirits

Dear Ones,


A video about some adventures with astral entities. And about protecting the natural world. The beautiful instrumental music is ‘Prelude No. 20’ by Chris Zabriskie, CC by 4.0.


I’ve summarized the video below. New information that is not in the video is in blue font.

On Encountering Devilish Astral Entities on a Walk

Walking up a mountain, I encountered many little, devilish astral entities, perhaps because, as my heart rate increased with exertion, my body cells became agitated? Then I sat, at the top of the mountain, and the astral chatter around me started to calm down; at the same time, my heart rate decreased, and presumably, my body cells became less agitated.

The Pros and Cons of Lying to Small Demons and Devils

Later, as I walked along the ridge of the mountain, I noticed some little demons and devils hanging around, swooping in, saying, “Who are you? Who are you?” I tried tricking them; instead of explaining that I’m a lightworker, I said, “I’m a darkworker!” Just like that, they all scattered off. But this only worked for a short time. Apparently, as I clair heard about it, these little entities have a mandate from the (presumably more prestigious) entity in charge of that local group. He says that humans can’t lie, and that devils and demons can lie. So his aficionados figure that we humans are telling the truth, no matter what.

But when a human says, “I’m a darkworker,” when in truth they are a lightworker, then all the nature spirits, the positive astral entities of the devic kingdom, get upset, and they start chasing you around. So, I find, it’s better to tell the truth in the spirit world … as I found out later.

After a while, I got down to the bottom of the mountain, and I sat for a while on my favorite meditation stone … the one that has an orange cats eye marble as a gift for the fairies on it. With great jubilation, I announced, “I’m a lightworker!” … hoping this would clear the matter up. All the fairies and nature spirits gathered enthusiastically around. They were discussing the pros and cons of not telling the truth, if you’re a human.

On Dancing with and Singing to Friendly Nature Spirits

Then I started on my way back, accompanied by those lively nature spirits. I visualized doing an Irish jig with them; they were delighted! They love it when I sing songs, or hum songs, as I go along, whether I do so on the astral or the physical plane. They love to follow along with the sound of an astral voice singing. They love to dance, and they love to mimic humans when they dance.

Video: “Irish Dance Group – Irish Step Dancing (Riverdance) 2009: ..

So by the time I got back to the starting point of my hike, I found I had a whole coterie of beautiful nature spirits around me. So I took one more marble out … a beautiful, blue, cats eye marble … and I placed it in the place where the sunlight will hit it on a sunny day; in a special place, for my new friends to enjoy it.

The Devic Kingdom Is the Steward of the Natural World

For the young folks that are watching this video, I’d like to explain something about trees and tree spirits; and how the stewardship of the natural world takes place. You see, there is a whole other kingdom, besides the kingdom that we see in the physical world. It’s called the devic kingdom.

The Work That the Devas Do

Those that undertake the greatest responsibility of stewardship of planet Earth are the Devas, who are ancient beings with great wisdom. These great, wise beings form a Devic Council. There are Devas of the cliffs, of the mountaintops, sometimes of great, vast valleys, of the ocean, of the sun, and of the moon. Nearly every natural feature has a Deva in charge of it.

The Nature Spirits That Take Care of Trees

In the care of the Devas are all the nature spirits, and the elementals. There are great old oak trees, great treasures of Earth, there on that trail I was walking. Folks don’t know that there are nature spirits assigned to take care of these trees; quite a few, actually, when it comes to the largest trees. These nature spirits take particular pride in the shape of the tree, and in making sure that it can live happily and long.

Today I saw some trees today with what you might call graffiti … paint sprayed on them in the form of pictures and words. I have to say, that it just breaks their hearts when this happens to the trees that the nature spirits tend.

The Boycott of Los Angeles and the Large Cities of Earth by the Devic Council

So, please, if you are a young person, and you like to make your mark on the world with graffiti, please don’t do it on living beings such as trees. It’s very important that we make friends with the Devas, because they’re boycotting Los Angeles and the large cities right now, and have asked the nature spirits not to talk to us humans at all. This is because the Devas can’t tolerate the living conditions we humans are imposing on the nature spirits there.

The Evil to Which the Nature Spirits Fall Prey in the Large Cities of Earth

And so, the nature spirits in the large cities of Earth are having a very difficult time of it. Without the guidance of the Devas, they fall prey, over and over again, to the machinations of the demon world, which hypnotizes these innocent beings in furtherance of its Machiavellian ends. 

Please Respect Trees, and the Natural World That Is So Very Important to Us

After they are mesmerized with black magic, and without the wise guidance of the Devas, these beautiful little nature spirits can tend well to the trees and plants and flowers in the large cities. That’s why plants don’t grow very well in the cities. And we need plants because, without plants, we won’t have oxygen in the air; and we humans need oxygen in order to stay alive.

So please do your very best to respect the natural world, and help it to flourish in a natural state. Well, that’s my statement for today; I speak on behalf of the nature spirits that I met on the trail.

Have a wonderful day … And, happy adventures in the natural world!


Yesterday, on 21 January 2017, I saw a younger Deva in the location filmed below, on the ridgetop. Also, last year, in 2016, an older Deva made the journey from Tejon Ranch, through the intervening natural areas, through a wildlife underpass on Route 118 that runs through Simi Valley, and thence to the ridgetops of the Simi HIlls overlooking my home in Los Angeles. Also, there has been, for some time, a Deva on the clifftop near Gaviota State Park, located on the Pacific Ocean north of Los Angeles.

It’s my hope that this increased sighting of Devas in the Los Angeles area heralds a new age of cooperation amongst the devic kingdom and humankind for the stewardship of New Earth.


 If you would like to assist in this endeavor, then one way to do so is to clairly call to the Devas, and ask them to visit your city. Leave little gifts for the nature spirits, through song and dance, and clairly express your gratitude to them for their work. Also, ask God to bless them, that they may be free from black magic forever.

The establishment of wildlife corridors, and diminution of traffic in the cities through ridesharing and community transport, are also very important, as is the greening of the river courses, roadways, and home spaces in urban areas.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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