Mental Filters: Astral Implants, Mortality … by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 20 April 2015

  • Powerlessness: Astral Implants Mental Filter and Mortality Mental Filter
  • True Power: Aligning with the Will of God
  • Astral Implant Mental Filter, Martian Bacteria, and Holistic Health
    • More on Astral Implants – Michelle Walling
    • Gall Bladder Flush – Lisa Renee
    • Liquid Chlorophyll – Judy Satori
    • High Vibe Auditory Input – Sandra Walter and Judy Satori
  • New Life on New Earth

Dear Ones,


Much has been written about astral implants in the context of power over. I’d just like to speak to this mental filter from a personal perspective. If we ‘believe in’ it, we lose personal power, do we not? Just as, when we dwell on the mortality of the physical body, we lose our hope and faith.

Thoughts and mental filters, as well as world views, weltanshauungs, that limit our power as human beings are a matter of personal choice. Shall I choose powerlessness; shall I choose ‘power over’?


There is a third choice. That is to align our small will to the will of the Infinite. In this lies our greatest Power. By the power of God that I am, I may choose to love and nourish my own heart, through which I may love and serve all humankind.


There is a connection between the idea of astral implants and the notion of physical illness. My feeling is that colonies of adventitious life forms such as Martian bacteria that cause illness in our human body show up in the astral plane as ‘implants’. Ipso facto, clearing the body through diet, gentle stretching, yoga, and other exercise will clear the astral form of implants.

More on Implants – Michelle Walling

Here’s more on the topic of implants, a vivid description of the implant mental filter that’s now dissolving (thanks be to God!):

Blog: “Starseed and Royalty Survival: How To Recognize Implants And Tags,” by Michelle Walling, CHLC, Contributing writer, 8 March 2015,

Gall Bladder Flush – Lisa Renee

Here is Lisa Renee with more on this implant mental filter, and a gall bladder flush that eliminates it:

Blog: “Alien Implants,” by Lisa Renee, in “Energetic Synthesis,” 

Liquid Chlorophyll – Judy Satori

May I suggest a gallon a day of pure spring water ‘greened up’ with a little liquid chlorophyll? I got this idea from Judy Satori’s website. For more pure, fifth dimensional diet ideas:

Go to Judy Satori, , click the Free tab, then click the “Ascension and You” link, then at ‘Eating Plan for Fifth Dimensional Life’ click “Read More’, then click “Recommended-Fifth-Dimensional-Eating-Plan (PDF file)

High Vibe Auditory Input – Sandra Walter and Judy Satori

Sandra Walter. And also, I’ve found that listening to Sandra Walter on youtube … … neutralizes implants. This has to do with the high vibe that comes through her words.

Judy Satori. Further, I’ve found Judy Satori’s activations of light very useful in neutralizing the notion of implants. Her free language of light transmissions ‘begin at the beginning’ by altering our morphogenetic fields of light and sound.  For this work I especially like:

Go to Judy Satori, ,

  • Click the Free tab, then click “Physical Regeneration and Building the Light Body.”
  • Also, on her home page, click on her ‘Shopping’ tab, see her Regenesis mp3s.
  • And, her free ‘Beyond Healing’ series: On her home page, click on the Media tab, then on “Beyond Healing Radio Show Archive”


For those that are passing through the astral implant mental filter and the mortality mental filter right now, know that all is well. These are thoughts, only thoughts, and very far from the truth of New Life on New Earth. And so, dive in, immerse yourself, transform yourself, renew yourself.

We ARE magnificent beings of love and light, pure health and radiance, peaceful abundance, and joyful co-creation.

And so it is.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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