Serving Humanity vs Demon Dramas … by Alice ..

Revised; originally published on 17 April 2015 

Dear Ones,

This is about demon dramas vs serving humanity and assisting in rewriting the history of the world. Retribution and vengeance vs love and light. The causal world vs a synchronistic view of reality. Offering up our demons as a way to experience the Now …



  • Yesterday, after doing a lot of chanting and yoga, I had a thought about the demon world. I’ve discussed this from time to time in my blogs.
  • I know that most people in America don’t believe at all in all that stuff, or understand the play of light and dark in the higher dimensions. So every time I post or say anything about the demon world … because people are not sentient about it, mostly, in America … or it’s not in their world view or Weltanschauung, what happens afterwards is that I get payback from the demon world … I get a bunch of demon attacks.
  • Right before I put out a recent blog about the demon world, “Bidding Our Demons Goodbye,” there were many visits from the demon world. There were congregations of about 6 to 8 demons who would come to prevent me from putting that video out. [I’ve later come to think of these as the ‘shadow of the personality’ of men, to do with the ‘patriarchal domination’ mental filter — see these categories on my blog.] 
  • They would come around, and pose it as a scientific question; sometimes they’d say: “We’re a scientific expedition. We came to find out what’s making you do this.” Then later they’d come back with the decision of the ‘demon council’ regarding the action to take to prevent that information from getting out to Earth.
  • So I’d just like you to know that every time I post something about the demon realm, there’s immense payback for me … Payback first, in the thought of it. Second, in the execution of it. And finally, following that, there will be a rewrite of history, of massive proportions.
  • So, it pays to follow our highest intuition. If our intention is to serve humanity, it’s worth the payback. It’s worth the vengeance and the retribution of those beings, so as to expose to the Light what must be exposed in order for the Ascension process to continue.
  • So if we accept this … if we let this go the minute that it happens, we can continue on blithely. We need not be concerned about all that. For after all, that history of vengeance and retribution is the history of those other folks, and not ours. We are of humankind. We are of love and light. And that is our only concern and hope, the growth of love and light in this world.
  • What I started to talk about, before I got sidetracked by the wiles of demonry, was this thing that came to me yesterday evening … I was thinking of offering up demons.
  • You know that blog that I did before, “Offering Up Demons” by cupping both hands at our forehead and imagining that the demons are coming down and being offered up to God?
    • Before I used to think, regarding the role of the demon world, that through the agency of other human beings’ inconscience (lack of conscious thought),  I was receiving what you might say were flurries of demons incoming, because of these human beings’ unconscious thought processes. And I used to offer their demons up to God.
    • The refinement I have on that technique is that, every moment, all I need to do is to offer my own demons up to God.
      • It could be a feeling I have that’s not the highest light and love.
      • It might be a feeling of being beset.
      • It might be a feeling of slight sadness.
      • It might be a feeling of slight anxiety or grumpiness.
    • Or any of those things. Whatever it is that I’m feeling, that’s not quite the perfect love, I can offer the ‘demon’ of that up to God.
    • As far as thoughts are concerned, I can do that too; I might have a thought that I’m bound or confined by other people’s ways of thinking, and other people’s thoughts of controlling the world. But I can offer that thought up to God too; my thought that I’m thinking that I’m not the highest majesty of mind and heart.
    • I can offer that up every time I think that. Every time I have a thought that I prefer not to think, I can offer that up.
    • If I have a physical pain, I could offer the ‘demon’ of that pain up to God. I could spend an hour doing that, and I would feel much better about it.
    • I tried it, and it worked wonderfully well.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


“Bidding Our Demons Goodbye,” by Alice,

“Offering Up Demons,” by Alice, 


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