Societal Expectations Regarding the Feeling World … by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 11 March 2015 

  • Earth Is Passing into the Feeling World (the Fourth Dimension, the Astral Plane)
  • Expectations of Earth’s Great Religions Regarding the Last Judgment
    • Christianity
    • Judaism
    • Islam
    • Buddhism and Hinduism
  • We Can Now Experience the Physical World and the Astral Plane Simultaneously
  • Our New Clair Skills
  • On Accepting and Integrating Our Repressed Emotions (Our ‘Dark Body’, the ‘Shadow of Our Personality’)
  • Video by Alice
  • Summary of the Video
    • Many Women Have Moved into the Fourth Dimension
    • Many Men, Because of Cultural Expectations Regarding Expressing Their Feelings, Are Just Now Stepping into Awareness of the Fourth Dimension
    • When We First Step into the Fourth Dimension, We Encounter Our Deepest, Darkest Secrets
    • On Having Faith that Our Faults Will Be Forgiven
    • “Leviathan”: A poem by Alice B. Clagett

Dear Ones,


As you may know, Earth is now passing into 4D, the astral plane, sometimes called ‘the feeling world.’ Actually, it’s not that we’re passing into this dimension … rather that our 3D physical reality is expanding to include 4D as well.

To put it in human terms, before the 2012 Shift, sometimes termed Ascension or the Great Awakening, most humans (except for those with the ‘second sense’) experienced physical life on Earth in terms of the input of the five senses … seeing, hearing, tasting, sniffing, and touch.


Christianity. Now for Christianity, the expectation is that after life on Earth, our Souls experience one of two (Protestantism) or three (Catholicism) states: hell, purgatory or heaven. These are states that exist in the feeling world … 4D, the astral plane.

Judaism. For traditional Judaism, there is expectation of a judgment day, the resurrection of the dead, and the assignment of Souls to one of three categories: heaven, permanent hell, or temporary hell (1).

Islam. Muslims also hold the expectation that there is life after death, and that the Soul will eventually be judged, along with all humankind, and will then experience either heaven or hell. Until that time, deceased Souls, while in the grave, will experience a foretaste of that. (2)

Buddhism and Hinduism. For the Buddhists and the Hindus, the expectation is that, after we passed on, and before our next incarnation, our Souls spend quite an interlude on the astral plane, in school, as it were, for the education of our Souls. Could be 1,000 years of schooling. Then, on to a new incarnation, a new body, and a whole new set of lessons to learn … Earth school.

So for many folks around the world, there is an understanding that the astral plane exists, separate from the physical plane. And also, that it is a state experienced after death.


The Shift that happened in 2012 made it possible for humans to experience both 3D and 4D at the same time…. To use the ‘parlance’, the Shift allowed folks to bilocate between these two dimensions. This is a first step in developing our multidimensionality skills.


What happens when we bilocate in this way? In addition to our five physical senses, we begin to develop the clair (astral) senses:

  • clairvoyance (astral vision),
  • clairaudience (astral hearing),
  • clairsentience (astral ‘feeling’),
  • clairscent (astral smelling),
  • clairtangency (psychometrics),
  • clairgustance (astral tasting),
  • clairempathy (feeling the emotions of others),
  • channeling (conveying information from the astral realm or a higher dimension), (3) and
  • clairhealing (fractal patterning)
  • clair electromagnetic sensitivity, and many others

So 3D-4D bilocation involves getting used to a whole new set of senses, a whole new way of perceiving reality.


In addition, when we bilocate we must integrate our feeling world with our mental world. This involves getting in touch with our repressed emotions. Specifically, the moment we step into 4D awareness, we will encounter the ‘shadow of our personality’ … the ‘Dark Body’ within our Body of Light. Which is to say, the things we’ve done that we want to forget about, our Soul wounding experiences in this lifetime and in other incarnations, and our emotions that don’t meet societal expectations. Here’s more on all that:



Many Women Have Moved into the Fourth Dimension

It seems to me that what has been happening on the astral plane in the last few years in the feeling world … for the emotional bodies of humankind … is that women, in particular, are becoming increasingly sentient on the emotional plane … the fourth dimension.

Many Men, Because of Cultural Expectations Regarding Expressing Their Feelings, Are Just Now Stepping into Awareness of the Fourth Dimension

I can hear men talking in the fourth dimension, but it just seems to me that it’s possible that they’re existing in that dimension, like women, but not as aware of that dimension, because of societal expectations. So it has been hard for them, because many men are taught that feelings are not masculine. And that is the dimension into which we are expanding right now.

So it’s very peculiar for me, hearing all men talking. I can even talk to men, on the astral plane, and they don’t even know that it’s happening. They’re not even aware. And I can talk to women, and some women actually do know that I’m talking to them.

And what I find is that, when men wake up to these emotions that they have … maybe when a woman tells them what she hears, or when they start listening and they start hearing, and integrating the fourth dimension into their realms of awareness … then they become just like the women were two years ago: They become very shocked about the whole thing.

When We First Step into the Fourth Dimension, We Encounter Our Deepest, Darkest Secrets

Because what happens is, all of the repressed emotions … all of the things that society doesn’t expect of us … are the things that are jammed down and compressed in the fourth dimension, in the emotional world. And so, as the Light comes in, what’s happening is that all of these compressions are getting the old zingo! and coming to Light.

And all of the deepest, darkest secrets of humankind are also coming to the light. So the one thing that we did wrong in our life … that carries great social opprobrium … that thing is the thing that immediately comes up. And it makes a lot of people say: Oh my gosh! I don’t want to be in this dimension at all!

On Having Faith that Our Faults Will Be Forgiven

Yet that is what we’re traveling through right now. It’s really where Earth is right now. And so, we’re all going to have to notice the things, and let those things go that are totally dark and secret. We’re going to have to let them go. And we’re going to have to have the faith that society will forgive us for our faults; just as they laud the great, good things that we do for society, they’ll forgive us for all our faults and peccadillos. As we forgive them. As it says in the Lord’s Prayer: We’re sincerely hoping that God will forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those that trespass against us.

So that’s one place we can go for sure; because God will do it! And we can do it, because God does it. And then we can have that stance; it’s like that karate stance called ‘horse stance’:

Image: Young girl in ‘horse stance’:–large-msg-114428266624-2.jpg ..

It’s both feet flat on the ground, knees slightly bent, feeling down into Mother Earth. We can have that feeling that we are who we are, and it doesn’t matter about societal expectations.

God loves us. We forgive ourselves. And all is well.

A poem by Alice B. Clagett, 22 January 2012

O, we are all deep sea divers
and at night we ride the whale,
who churns and turns our dream-time hearts
with the strength of his mighty tale.

When morning comes, we stretch and yawn,
and walk to the window sill,
with nary a thought of those deep sea dreams
or the whale that we’re riding still.

All the sad, bad tales of our childhood woes
sink down into the deep,
and the length and breadth of our grown-up lives
are the size of the secrets we keep.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) See “What Does Judaism Teach about the Afterlife?” updated 5 March 2017:

(2) See “What Do Muslims Believe about the Afterlife?” updated 9 April 2017,

(3) See “The Clairs,”


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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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