Meditation for Solar Winds and CMEs … by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 2 March 2015 

  • Solar Wind and Ascension Symptoms
  • Lisa Gawlas’ Vision of a Big Energy Glom
  • Sandra Walter’s Meditation to Stabilize Our EMF Fields
  • Alice’s ‘Beneath the Space Satellites’ Meditation

Dear Ones,


There was heavy solar wind streaming in to Earth’s EMF for days, ending just today. Yesterday and last night it was fiercely stormy EMF-wise. I got odd sharp pains in my neck in the morning. Then in late afternoon, and lasting all night, I got achy pains where the back of my skull meets my neck.

Through the clair chatter, I heard of someone else with a migraine. And quite a few people, it appeared from clair chatter, were experiencing cognitive dissonance.


Wondering what to do, I first remembered something Lisa Gawlas had said in her 3/1/2015 post about a vision she had. (1)

I’m not good with clair visions like Lisa Gawlas is, but I did get from her description that she was clair hearing a big energy glom that was a very condensed, very intense, sort of force feeding or cramming intel into us. A blend, as she said, of audible sound with those instantaneous ‘knowing’ communications, where a very great mass of intel is distributed through our entire light body instantly, affecting unconscious symbolic foundational conception as well as the more superficial, more conscious (socially veneered) expressions of awareness.

So I thought about all the solar wind stream protons that were then bombarding Earth’s EMF, and … hmmm … this is like what Lisa was describing. So if this information, as is supposed, is Divine grace assisting each of us with the ascension process, and it is trying to cram this information into our light bodies, which are large, and if we are perceiving ourselves as simply these small physical bodies … well, then, we think all that Incoming Light must enter our pranic tube in an elliptical ‘doorway’ no bigger than our own head. There’s just not enough room there for the flow during a strong solar wind stream.


Then I remembered a meditation Sandra Walter had led us through that week on a telecon. It’s to help with that ‘walk in’ experience many are now having … the feeling that they’re just ‘walking into’ their bodies, like guests rather than what you might call long-term tenants. So her meditation is to stabilize our awareness in the EMF fields of our dimensions that hold form. Here is one of her videos that describes a meditation that is very similar:

Video: See 12.28 to 16.15 in “Ascension Path – Equinox and Christ Consciousness,” by Sandra Walter, ..

Here is an image that may help with this meditation:

Image: “Artwork on the human EMF and Earth’s EMF, source possibly Pravda TV,” ..

Now the thing about this visualization, is that it creates a much bigger area for the Incoming Light to stream into. So I used a modification of this when I was having neck pains and clair chatter issues last night. Here’s my modification:


First imagine the energy of your heart chakra … shaped like a torus. Hold the energy there.

Next, expand the torus out larger, and hold the energy.

Expand outward again and hold the field. And again.

Expand outward again till your EMF is as big as Earth. Hold the energy.

Finally, expand to a torus that includes Earth AND her atmosphere, up to just below where the space satellites are circling round. To just where gravity would start to pull them down to Earth, if they got that low…. Hold the field.

Image: “Atmosphere-couche,” ..

The minute I visualized the Space Satellites Meditation, the clair chatter slowed down and smoothed out. My neck didn’t hurt any more, although it still felt a little stiff…. So I kept up with the meditation for a while.

Anecdotally, then, it seems there may be advantages to visualizing oneself quite large when at the effect of a strong solar wind stream. And also, maybe, during a CME… I will continue to test this theory.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) The Power of March Unleashed in Full, by Lisa Gawlas,


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