Dark Network and Earth’s Grid of Light … by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 27 February 2015 

  • Revised Talk on the Topic of the Video
    • The Dark Network, the Planetary Grid of Light, and Earth’s Axiatonal Lines of Light
    • Dark Axiatonal Lines in the Human Energy Grid
    • Gut Brain Energies and the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World
    • Global Coherence Initiative and Thoughts of Peace that Combine to Assist a Specific Geographic Region
    • Opposing Energies in the Grid of Light
    • The Dark Network and the Victim-Aggressor Paradigm
    • Black Magic Energies That Direct Energies of Aggression Against a ‘Victim’
    • How to Avoid Being Victimized by Aggressor Energies
    • On Momentarily Combining with Dark Energies
    • This May be Compared to Sidestepping Technique of Aikido
    • The Astral Plane Is Where We Co-Create Reality
    • The Limited Astral Playground in Which We Co-Create through the Dark Network
    • On ‘Acting Out’ in 3D Because of a 4D Dark Attack
    • Ways to Avoid ‘Acting Out’
    • Prospects for the Future
  • Video by Alice
  • Rough Transcription of the Video

Dear Ones,

This post is a departure from tradition; I’ve provided a revised talk on the topic of the video first. The revised version seems to me to be superior to the video. Then after that are the video and a transcription of the video.


The Dark Network, the Planetary Grid of Light, and Earth’s Axiatonal Lines of Light

The Dark Network and the Grid of Light could be considered part of the same mechanism, part of the axiatonal lines of light of Earth.

  • The lower light quotient energies travel what we term the Dark Network.
  • The higher light quotient energies travel the Grid of Light.

Dark Axiatonal Lines in the Human Energy Grid 

In the same way, I’ve heard that we humankind have fine strings or axiatonal lines in our light bodies, which are stopped up or closed down by darkness. These lines need only to be filled with the Incoming Light. Then they will be able to connect with the axiatonal lines of Earth, of our Solar System, of our Galaxy, and of our beautiful Universe.

Gut Brain Energies and the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World

The energies of the gut brain, such as telepathed (most likely subconsciously expressed) sexual desire towards a person, combine with similar energies in the Unconscious Thought Cloud of Earth before arriving at their destination. Because of the unconscious component (called by some ‘inconscience’), this kind of combining energy wave is part of the Dark Network.

Global Coherence Initiative and Thoughts of Peace that Combine to Assist a Specific Geographic Region

Thoughts of peace consciously directed by a group such as the Global Coherence Initiative, https://www.heartmath.org/gci/ , to a specific geographic region, such as the Middle East, also combine before arriving at the geographic region. This kind of energy wave, because of its higher light quotient, is part of Earth’s Grid of Light.

So these are examples of congruent energies combining in Earth’s axiatonal lines. What of opposing energies?

Opposing Energies in the Grid of Light

In the Grid of Light, energies are harmonious …. love, light, joy, peace, and so on. There is not much opposition of energy waves.

The Dark Network and the Victim-Aggressor Paradigm

In the Dark Network, however, there is great Duality. Which is to say, energies can appear to be very opposing. Which gives rise to the interplay of the Victim-Aggressor paradigm (see my blog category by this name). In this case combining, often mainly unconscious, energies of aggression are aimed at a ‘victim’.

Black Magic Energies That Direct Energies of Aggression Against a ‘Victim’

When black magic is involved, this is simply one or several people who through Soul Wounding consciously direct energies of aggression toward a ‘victim’. Along the way, these conscious energies gather unconscious (generally, repressed) aggressor energies, just as is the case for subconscious and unconscious aggressor energy waves.

How to Avoid Being Victimized by Aggressor Energies 

What is the ‘victim’ to do? I remember what the rangers say to do in case of mountain lion attack:

  • Don’t act like prey. Don’t hunch down on all fours. Don’t run away. Try not to act scared.
  • Instead, stand up tall, act aggressive. Yell, stomp, throw rocks.

Image: Ad for the movie “The Lion King,” showing a lady with painted face and aggressive stance: http://broadwayinrichmond.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/TheLionKing-Single.jpg .. It seems to me this is a good attitude to have when confronted with a Dark Attack.

On Momentarily Combining with Dark Energies

I’ve tried this technique on the telepathic plane, and it works quite well: If hatred comes along, it’s ok to momentarily express hatred telepathically. This allows the energy of the hatred wave to momentarily combine with our own ‘like’ (although in this case, pretended) energy. And so, the wave goes by.

This May be Compared to Sidestepping Technique of Aikido

It’s like in martial arts, where one person attacks, and the other person side steps or pivots until facing in the same direction as the attacker. At this point it’s very easy to redirect the attacker’s energy quickly forward, or to just let the attacker continue on by. Here’s an aikido version of counterattack side-step and pivot:

Video: Aikido sidestep and pivot: “Aikido Techniques & Exercises: Tegatana Tenkan,” by expertvillagehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lij6dVwjVw ..

… and here’s a foot diagram of the sidestep technique called ‘tai sabaki’. Starting from position (step 1) facing an attacker, one pivots on the right foot (step 2) and turns to face in the same direction as the attacker (step 3).

Image: “Step diagram for a 180 degree tai sabaki (a turn used in various budō disciplines),” by chris, CC BY-SA 3.0 

As explained in Wikipedia: “The goal of the soft technique is deflecting the attacker’s force to his or her disadvantage, with the defender exerting minimal force.[1] With a soft technique, the defender uses the attacker’s force and momentum against him or her, by leading the attack(er) in a direction to where the defender will be advantageously positioned (tai sabaki) and the attacker off balance; a seamless movement then effects the appropriate soft technique…”
— from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_and_soft_(martial_arts) … CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported

The Astral Plane Is Where We Co-Create Reality 

In the fourth dimension, on the astral plane (in the land of dreams, the place of endless possibilities), our emotions are the engine that drives the creation of the realities that we visualize with our mental mind. There on the astral plane we can practice co-creating reality.

The Limited Astral Playground in Which We Co-Create through the Dark Network 

If we co-create ireality subconsciously or unconsciously, through the Dark Network, on the lower astral planes, then in these dense realms some little effect may be achieved … mostly in the realm of dreams of the person of whom we dream … concomitant with the clearing of our emotional bodies, which is proceeding apace through the grace of the Incoming Light from the Central Sun.

On ‘Acting Out’ in 3D Because of a 4D Dark Attack

Sometimes, given great unconscious opposing thrust, and if we don’t know how to sidestep, we may find ourselves ‘acting out’ in 3D (on the physical plane) as a result of what you might call ‘frontal attack’ in 4D.

And that acting out can take place against our conscious, socially responsible will, but in congruence with our unconscious desires or repressed emotions (which have not yet completely cleared).

Ways to Avoid ‘Acting Out’

So it’s important, during this stage of Ascension, when 3D is merging with 4D, to take to heart the caveat: ‘Don’t act out!’

Just keep reactions low key, de-stress, get plenty of rest, eat with care, get some time out in the sunshine and the natural world, and do the things you love to do…

For those of us who meditate, or who have psychic abilities, the umph of our visualizations can be pretty strong because we’re adept at mental concentration. So for us, it’s especially important to consciously and warmly welcome the Incoming Light and the concomitant emotional clearing we and all humanity are experiencing.

For me, anyway, the clearing, relaxing, and receiving are my very first priorities right now. That way I hope to be a clearer channel for the betterment of all beings when I eventually begin practicing the art of co-creation of the New Reality.

Prospects for the Future

So then, as each of us absorbs the new light, day by day, our emotional bodies are becoming clearer and clearer, and we find ourselves spending more time on the higher astral planes. And there, where there is more energetic harmony, we can practice the art of consciously co-creating reality, in preparation for humanity’s stepping into 5D, into a greater vision of global harmony, peace and consideration for the welfare of all humankind.

Well, that’s all for now. Love you lots.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars




Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

I’m taking a little break from climbing up the mountain today. And I thought I’d mention something about the dark network and the planetary grid of light, these days. I have this intuition that they’re the same network,

  • but that the dark network is carrying those strands of the energy of Gaia that are darker right now,
  • and the grid of light is carrying the bright new light.

But it’s all the same network, I feel. And I have just a couple of hints about the network:

The first is that like energies flow in the same direction together. So, for instance, if one person is feeling sexual towards a particular object of affection, then other energies … especially unconscious energies, gut brain energies … will combine with that person’s sexual feeling. And when they arrive at the object of desire, they will all announce themselves at the same time.

And this is also true of prayers for peace, like those of the Global Coherence Initiative, https://www.heartmath.org/gci/ … which is, what? 65,000 strong right now? When those people all say a prayer or think a thought of peace for a particular area of the globe, then their energies … their uplifted light energies … combine and flow to the place where they’re hoping peace will be. And that place is the recipient of the energies of all the people who are feeling peaceful at that moment, and wanting peace for the world.

So you see, it’s the same mechanism for what we call the dark network and what we call the grid of light. And all of that is the axiatonal system of Earth. Just as our bodies have axiatonal lines, so does Earth. And so do the pathways between the stars have axiatonal lines and pathways of light and relative dark. It’s all the same pathways. It’s just how much light is in them.

And the last thing I had to say is, the way that opposite energies interact on Earth right now in the dark network. When we get to the grid of light, the energies are much more similar. And the chance of opposite interactions is much less. It’s much more harmonious, you see. But when we deal with the dark network, we have very opposed energies; what we call the victim/aggressor paradigm. (That’s one of them.)

So if a person is thinking warlike, hatred thoughts: I hate so-and-so! , you’re thinking … then all of the people that person knows, or has seen in the grocery store, or has read about … and who are feeling that same feeling … their feelings will all combine, and go towards the person that this one person feels hatred for.

So this person might feel completely bombarded with hatred. Now if this person feels like running away; if the other folks are feeling fight and this person is feeling flight, then what happens is a kind of stuckness, or attraction, or magnetic combination.

So the thing to do, when we people sometimes feel victimized by these kinds of energies … which can be quite overpowering, as our senses become more attuned to what’s going on in the lower levels of the astral plane … then the thing to do is to combine with those energies in some way, until they have a chance to go past.

So if it’s a question of hatred … even though, in your heart of hearts you don’t mean it … you can say: I hate you too! And then those energies will go past you. Then you can go back to feeling unconditional love.

The object is that we should all learn, in the 4th dimension, the astral plane, how to co-create the new reality.

  • A lot of people are trying to co-create with less than unconditional love, if you know what I mean. Which is good, because they’re learning what to do, without actually destroying Earth. It’s impossible, in the 4th dimension, to do that.
  • So the rest of us are learning how to sidestep … what they call in karate ‘sidestepping’ the attack. Maybe I can find a clip for that. There’s a whole art to that. [See above for an Aikido sidestep video and a diagram of sidestep foot movements.]

Well, that’s all for now. Love you lots.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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3D, 4D, 5D, acting out, aggressor victim paradigm, aikido, axiatonal lines, black magic, co-creating reality, congruent energies, emotional body, grid of light, gut brain, hatred, higher astral plane, lower astral plane, opposite energies, tai sabaki, unconscious energy, unconscious thought cloud of the world, astral planes, acting out, desire, incoming light, victim-aggressor paradigm, Global Coherence Initiative,

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