Timeline Jump Sensory Recalibration … by Alice B. Clagett *

  • My First Timeline Jump Sensory Recalibration Event
  • Minor Timeline Jump Sensory Recalibrations
  • Recent Timeline Jump Sensory Recalibration Events

Dear Ones,

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn recently mentioned ‘Time Phase Dissonance’. To paraphrase, as humankind works with the changes in the Light, we are beginning to master multidimensionality. As we learn this mastery, we are able to shift between dimensions, and also between timelines. Through this arises the phenomenon she terms ‘Time Phase Dissonance, and which I term ‘Timeline Jump Sensory Recalibration’. (1)

In another blog, Celia Fenn mentioned that Timeline Phase Dissonance phenomenon occurs when our bodies of light switch rapidly between different timelines. (2)

Having been through four major Timeline Jump Sensory Recalibration events in an awake and aware state (and probably a multitude of them while unperceiving), I thought I’d explain how they feel to me.


There was a Shift that took place soon after I first started working with the Hathors. I think it was in the summer of 2012. I had read Peggy Black (3), who explained how she was working with the Hathors. Then my Team came through for me, and various events unfolded.

I read about the predictions for the Shift. Some of the scenarios were fearful. I also felt fearful. So, for the first time, I thought to ask the Hathors for timeline optimization.

Immediately, a huge Timeline Jump Sensory Recalibration took place. It felt like the entire Earth hologram, and mine in it, was spinning through Space – Time. There was a floating sensation, and a gently whirling, slightly jerking, sensation. It seemed to take a long time. But perceptually, the sunlight seemed the same. My feet were still on Earth. My fight or flight response totally peaked out.

Then I heard my Team, and many other Celestial Beings, in a huge round of joyful applause. You did it!… She did it!… We did it!… It’s done!

I knew then, from all that, that something had happened that desperately needed to happen at that moment in time. Not that someone else would not have done it had I not. Of course someone else would have stepped in! But nevertheless, and for all that, the fact is and was and ever will be … on that timeline, in that moment, my Team and I accomplished something amazing for all humanity.

I was bowled over. And I learned my lesson well: Always consult my Team. Continue to ask for timeline optimization whenever necessary. Which I continue to do to this day.

The next day I asked again. There was a minor Timeline Jump Sensory Recalibration event. It felt to me like a spacey feeling, then a little jerk as the timeline fell into place. Fine tuning by the Hathors.

Shortly after that, numbers of people began to do timeline optimization all over Earth. So for me, the heat was off. Slowly but surely, my fellow lightworkers have taken on this very important work to the point where, things mainly go like clockwork these days.


THE SHIFT, December 2012, felt like a seamless replacement of the total physical reality of the Universe … a Universal upgrade. It took place in ‘no time’ … which is to say, a massive amount of change took place with no perceived temporal lag. I had nothing to do with this Timeline Jump Sensory Recalibration, except to spend a sleepless night waiting for it, determined to be aware of it. And to witness, in total awe, this colossal event orchestrated by God, so very effortlessly.



There are minor Timeline Jump Sensory Recalibrations every time I do the activation of light called Timeline Optimization (2). These are generally fine-tuning of my personal hologram. I’ll admit it! … to avoid, insofar as possible … personal discomfort and my perception of reality changes. That is to say, taking into account the good of the All, and also taking into account Free Will for all beings.



There have been three major Timeline Jump Sensory Recalibrations recently. Actually, a series of them in … was it May? … of 2014. And then another one, was it in the fall of 2014? And then quite recently … was it a month ago? … another major one. In each case, I was caught unawares.

What did it feel like? I’m put in mind of that feeling just before an earthquake hits … when the birds stop singing, the dogs begin an eerie howling, and Earth herself seems pregnant with portent.

The first Timeline Jump Sensory Recalibration event that unfolded in May 2014 felt catastrophic, and a catastrophic scenario played out in my mind … of soul groups shifting and wafting here and there … of my being left behind.

I felt myself floating and whirling in space. Dizzy. Yet my feet were on the ground. The sky still seemed up. The trees weren’t moving. There was no wind at all. Yet it felt as if I were being buffeted and tossed by a great wind.

I survived, though. From which I learned that, though it felt catastrophic, it was just a big version of my normal timeline optimizations. My mind had been telling me one thing, but that was nowhere near the truth.

Later, I got to feeling that what had taken place was a decision by Earth and by humankind to take a shortcut to greater awareness. I guess all our Souls decided to accelerate at once. And the force of the decision of the many gave the ‘umph’ to the process.

The following 2014 and 2015 Timeline Jump Sensory Recalibrations fell into this expectational pattern. I had the same unsettling perceptions of space-time stretching and relocating, but I found myself much better equipped to deal with the wildly whirling mental scenarios.

And so it goes. We live and learn.

Stuff comes up. We deal with it.

We’re pretty exceptional folks, we human beings!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) adapted from “The Multi-Dimensional Reality Process and Time Phase Dissonance,” http://starchildglobal.com/channels-and-articles/solar-expansion-the-divine-mother-energy-and-multi-dimensional-experience/

(2) See “Solar Expansion, the Divine Mother Energy and Multi-Dimensional Experience” … by Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn, http://spiritlibrary.com/starchild-global/solar-expansion-the-divine-mother-energy-and-multi-dimensional-experience

(3) See “Morning Messages” by Peggy Black, http://www.peggyblack.com/


Except where otherwise noted, “I Am of the Stars: Awakening with Planet Earth” by Alice B. Clagett is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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