The “I’ll Never Be Loved” Mental Filter … by Alice B. Clagett

  • Dark Souls (aka Creosote Souls, Black Souls)
  • Heart Chakra Energetics
  • How to Heal the Heart

Dear Ones,

While the macabre tales are being set straight, here’s about the Legend of the Dark Soul, also known as the Creosote Soul or the Black Soul (not a musical genre) …


The theory goes that some humans incarnate with something ‘fatally wrong’ with them. They are dark souls, incapable of experiencing empathy or compassion. To survive, they must fall upon other human beings, kill them, and suck up their ‘life essence’.

While this is apparently, in very rare instances, true, there are other instances in which the wounded heart may be healed. So for these remediable situations, a mental filter is in place, and must be cleared through. This is a very interesting mental filter. You might name it the I’ll Never Be Loved Mental Filter.

What I find, clairaudiently, with this is a repeating phrase, a deeply subconscious theme in the personality:

I NEED love.
I am unworthy of love.

I hear this over and over again, like the sound of a rushing current in a stream bed, which makes a little bit different sound when it chances across the ‘rocks’ and ‘boulders’ that constitute our thought forms.

The rushing current is so unchanging, so omnipresent, that it lulls us into unawareness. Though the chorus is constant throughout our life, we most of us never hear it.

The chorus, of course, varies with each human being.

I remember one time going to a spiritual teacher for a while who was adept at the Crown Chakra. I wanted to learn about the Crown Chakra, so my friends and I sat with him for a while. I remember I learned an interesting thing or two about flower arranging and diet too….

One day this teacher struck a singing bowl, and asked us what we heard.
One person said: When the sound stopped, I began to hear the silent sound of the musical note in the air around me.
And then, as I recall, the teacher said: Most people never hear the Silence.

Same same with the undercurrent of our minds. But, this is the Sound we incarnated to discover!

Now what happens when we hear this silent sound, over and over again? :

I NEED love.
I am unworthy of love.

The emotional body becomes enraged, for the very thing it needs it cannot have. This is the basis for sexually based serial killing: We must injure or kill what we would love. That is the current of our minds, the unthought thought within us.


And then, energetically speaking, what I find is a disturbance in the flow of the Heart Chakra. Could be the front funnel of energy, or the back funnel , or both. Which would be the green funnels in the picture here:

IMAGE: The Seven Major Chakras (patient shown lying down, in treatment position). For chakras 2 through 6, there is a front and back funnel. The first and seventh ‘chakras’ are actually the two funnels of one long chakra that runs through the spinal column. The colors of the chakra funnels in the picture are: 1st, red; 2nd, orange; 3rd, yellow; 4th, green; 5th, light blue; 6th, indigo; and 7th, violet: 

What I find in the interaction of this wounded heart chakra with that of a person whose heart chakra functions in the normal way, is a stuckness, a superglue effect. The person on the receiving end feels like their heart chakra is stuck in a Chinese finger puzzle. Like someone else has latched onto their heart and won’t let go. Like this:

IMAGE: Chinese finger puzzle: One finger of each hand stuck in one end of the woven reed cylinder: 

I have a theory about the energy flow in a normal human heart. I think, for both the front and the back funnel of the heart, energy is always spiraling out from Source (a point located next to the backbone, at heart level) and also spiraling in from the perceived ‘world’ to Source. Both spirals happening at the same time, as with the energetics of the human torus.

So these two spirals would cancel each other out, magnetically speaking. Or you might say: Satisfy each other completely, since the situation is dynamic. You might say, in one sense, that the Self-Realized Heart is like Steel … non reactive. Accepting everything just as it is. Bestowing the beauty of its shining presence on everything it encounters.

But in the case of wounding, i feel there is an alteration in the magnetic energy in the heart of the wounded person. The heart energy is no longer neutral. Instead, it carries a magnetic charge.

This might account for the unstickability factor … just as a magnet is attracted to steel, the wounded heart is attracted to the stable heart energy of a healthy heart:

A ‘horseshoe’ magnet made of Alnico,” author and owner Eurico Zimbres FGEL/UERJ (1)

This is a pretty uncomfortable situation for the Self-Realized Heart, which shines bright all on its own. But it’s energy is a little shadowed over by the attachment of a wounded heart. And so, the wounded heart cannot find shelter there.

So then, in order to find a stable loving relationship, the wounded heart must be healed. There is no other way to end the litany of negative soul speak.


How shall we heal the Heart? Well, the wiring of the subconscious mind has just gotten a little bit crossed up. There’s a small short circuit there, and it WILL be fixed by the Incoming Light. Maybe next week, maybe next month. But no one, and I really mean No One, will be overlooked by the Incoming Light.

If you’d like to jump start the process of repairing and upgrading the internal wiring, and the DNA, there are two activations of light by Judy Satori that will be a big help with this. Go to and search “Manifestation and Creation” . Click ‘Read more’ for these two transmissions of light: “Thought Creation Expansion” and “Recalibration and Grounding” . Both transmissions were free at the time that this blog was written.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Video: “Simon & Garfunkel – The Sound of Silence – Madison Square Garden,” ..


(1) A ‘horseshoe’ magnet made of Alnico, an alloy of iron, aluminum, nickel, and cobalt. Probably around 1 inch (3 cm) long. It is made in a ‘horseshoe’ shape to bring the North and South poles of the magnet close together, creating a strong magnetic field between them. The metal plate between the poles at bottom is called a ‘keeper’. It is left on the magnet when not in use, to prevent the magnet becoming demagnetized. By creating a closed magnetic circuit, it strengthens the magnetic flux in the magnet, making it harder for mechanical shocks or high temperatures to randomize the magnetic domains of the metal” … author and owner Eurico Zimbres FGEL/UERJ …  from … Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Brazil license.


Creative Commons License
Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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