Shifting Torus Forms, Trined Love, and Co-Creation of Reality … by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 13 February 2015; new text is in blue font.

  • Dual Torus, Double-Layer Torus, and Twin Flame Mental Filter
  • Triple Torus, Three-Layer Torus, and Trined Love (Love Triangles)
  • Planetary Trined Love or ‘Triangle Energy’
  • Co-Creating Reality: Single Torus to Dual Torus
    • Alice’s Vision of Desire Creating Double Toruses; i.e., Co-Creating Reality
    • Two Blue Dots (a Double Torus Creation) and the Original Red Dot as the Post-Shift Trined Torus
    • On Co-Creation of Reality in Alignment with God
      • The Personality Mental Filter
        • The Twin Flame Mental Filter
        • The Love Triangle Mental Filter
  • Personality Mental Filter and Trined Love (Love Triangles)
  • The Fluidity of Trined Love
  • The Fluidity and Transformative Power of the Torus: Creating Fractal Reality
  • Integrating or Merging Our Timelines
  • Timeline Shifting
  • On Rewriting History, on Different Concurrent Versions of History, and on Optimizing Timelines
    • Lisa Gawlas on Different Versions of History
    • Alice on Police, Law Court, Prison, and Criminal Experience of Reality
    • Lisa Gawlas on Walkins
  • Activation of Light to Optimize Timelines
    • Yes! It Is That Easy!

Image q: Dual or ‘figure 8’ double torus:×315/c3/3f/3e/c33f3edd91ddf0aeaca4998884c06895.jpg ..

Dear Ones,


I know lots of folks are just starting to think about the double torus. I mentioned it in a recent blog, as a way to envision the twin flame connection. What I would compare to electron orbital state n=2, 2p. (1)

We can then envision the two conjoined toruses folding into one torus with two layers …. something like Earth’s Van Allen Belt has an inner and outer sheath. What I would compare to electron orbital state n=2, 2s.

In the graphic below, notice, at top, the inner and outer Van Allen Belts of Earth. Can you visualize how the double torus from the Resonance Project might fold into itself and become a double layered single torus, like this?

Image 2: Earth’s Van Allen Belt as a double torus, one enclosing the other (top) and then in the lower image, the triple torus that occurred during the September 2012 Shift: .. (2)

See also this video: “Previously Undetected Radiation Belt Revealed,” Video: ..


The bottom image in the above graphic shows what happened to the Van Allen Belt in September 2012, as the Ascension process (September – December 2012) took place. The Earth’s Van Allen Belt suddenly reconfigured to a Torus with Three Layers.

This was at a time when, in 4D, many people were experiencing Trined Love, the Love Triangle. Which to the mental mind looks like one of these two, energetically:

Image 3: Triple torus as three conjoined circles: ..

And on a personality level, generally manifests as One Big Argument! …

Image 4: Two women and a man sitting on a bench. The first woman has her arm around the man, but the man and the second woman are holding hands behind her back: ..


Be that as it may, Trined Love is where our planet is now. It’s just a beginning, but it is the beginning, of the expansion of our personal energy fields, and that of Earth, to include the most far-flung galaxies. One for All! and All for One, as they say…

LIke the ‘figure 8’ double torus in Image 1 above, the trined torus can be folded back within itself, so that it resembles the triple-layer Van Allen Belt that Earth experienced during the Shift, September 2012 (Image 2, bottom).

Lisa Gawlas, in one of her recent, visionary blogs, has also mentioned the trined energy field, which she calls triangle energy. (3)


LIsa Gawlas has put me onto how this process of expanding from our personal single torus EMF to a double torus, which engulfs the object of our desire, can be part of the process of co-creating the New Reality. Here is a picture she put in one of her recent visionary blogs:

Image: On the bottom left, a star; top left, a field of blue and red dots; a diagonal line from lower left to top right; and beneath it, a laterally reversed ‘D’ composed of a blue ‘U’ and a red straight line: .. (4)

For her, this image had to do with trined energy and the harmonics of creation.

Alice’s Vision of Desire Creating Double Toruses; i.e., Co-Creating Reality

Lisa Gawlas’ understanding of this image spurred me on to a different interpretation of my own: Let’s say the star is Me. I have a thought. An emotion-laden thought. Full of desire, I think of something. The desire is like the series of 5 red dots in the image, each of which forms a V-shape. The series of two blue dots are the ‘thought of two’ … the thought of duality. The creation of ‘I’ and ‘other’.

To put it another way, the Desire of my single torus energy field sends out a wave of energy (the red dots) which create the Double Torus (the blue dots) … the perception of the Universe … and in this way, the New Reality is created.

Two Blue Dots (a Double Torus Creation) and the Original Red Dot as the Post-Shift Trined Torus

Note that the process of co-creation of the new reality is one manifestation of the Trined Torus that we’ve been experiencing since the Shift … and some of us for much longer. For instance, note the image below:


Image 5: “Triple Torus Train Track,” by David Eppstein at English Wikipedia, 21 November 2006 … public domain

Image 5: “Triple Torus Train Track,” by David Eppstein at English Wikipedia, 21 November 2006 … public domain

ln the above image, note how the three ‘eyes’ form a triangle. The two red-encircled ‘eyes’ might be compared to the pairs of blue dots in Lisa Gawlas’ image (discussed above): ..

The left-hand ‘eye’ in the above image is like the star in Lisa Gawlas’ image: This is the ‘I’, the personal self, the perceiver of reality and creator of the twined pair that form the current awareness timeline of the perceived Duality Play.

On Co-Creation of Reality in Alignment with God

When our perception of reality (i.e., the duality or dual torus we create) is co-perceived by another Soul, then this becomes our shared reality. However, the true meaning of the word ‘co-creation’ has to do with the alighnment of our Soul with the will of God.

Misperception of co-creation as taking place with two other human beings results from the Soul not being aligned with God. This results in …

  • A Personality mental filter, such as, for instance,
    • the Twin Flame mental filter mentioned at the beginning of this blog, and
    • the Love Triangle mental filter mentioned in this next section below …


A personality mental filter has been is playing out as we learn to co-create the New Reality. It’s been seeming like this:

Image: Three fingers, marked to look like people; the first, an annoyed woman, the second, an upset man, and the third, a woman with designs on the man:,0,495,495&q=98&fm=jpg&fit=max&w=320&h=320 ..

… which is quite a mental filter distortion of the underlying energetics.


These energetics of creation are far more fluid, and changeable, like the ripple created by a snag in the bed of a flowing stream. Trined, surely, but not ‘locked in’ like this:

Image: Triple torus array, apparently very solid and lacking in fluidity: ..

…rather, like as in the video below. Imagine, in this video, that the boat is you. The wake of the boat, left and right, is the beginning of the triple torus created by a desire-linked thought form. The two legs of the surfer are the duality, the New Reality, that you co-create:

Video: “Red Bull Wake Open 2013 – GoPro Boat” by Red Bull ..

This is a video about a wakeboarder doing airborne figure 8s as he surfs back and forth across the wake of the boat. Although the surfer has two legs … although it seems like reality includes both ‘I’ and other … there is in fact only one beingness, one awareness … one surfer … and that surfer is You.

I was pondering the middle stream of water in the video, which isn’t part of the triangle of creation…. Maybe we could think of the middle stream as the timeline we create through the Trined Energy process. Notice how it’s constantly changing. Notice how the middle stream of water is only part of the process that’s unfolding …  You might say, the mental imagining of the event, a left-brain visualization of the ever-changing trined dynamic…


In the below video, note how a torus shape can be changed into:

  • Two (actually, an infinite number of) separate toruses.
  • Or into any number of interlinked toroidal shapes.

Video: “Topology of a Twisted Torus – Numberphile”: ..

This represents the replicative process of the fractal universe. The agent of this change is not a knife, but rather, will power, and the last shape to which the author refers in the video, the shape that transforms the power of the black hole into whatever is desired … that is the shape of the human heart.


The movement of the double torus to the double-layer torus can also explain the integration of two of our timelines. This is a process that is fluidly taking place today.

In the same way, the movement of the triple torus to the triple-layer torus can explain the integration of three of our timelines. LIkewise taking place today.


All our timelines coexist in the Now. Same way with incarnations. We can move fluidly from one timeline to another, from one incarnation to another. We can hold two timelines or two incarnations in our awareness simultaneously. And eventually will be able to hold all our timelines and incarnations in our awareness simultaneously.

Timelines are alive, and constantly shifting. We can think of it as reaching out, in our consciousness, from the torus that is our energy field. With our imaginations, we latch onto another timeline. At that moment, our personal energy field is shaped like a figure 8 double torus.

Then we bring the new timeline into our consciousness, like the two-layer double torus shape. Then, as we place our awareness on the New (and Better) timeline, our personal energy fields becomes once more the accustomed torus.

Here I provide this slow motion analysis of the energetics. But know that this all takes place in the flash of an eye. We can rewrite history just like that, and we have done so many times.


Lisa Gawlas recently had some tips on rewriting history:

See “The Convolution of Timelines. Plus Understanding ‘Walk-Ins,'” by Lisa Gawlas, 11 February 2015, at … to find this, search the term Convolution … In that blog, see paragraph 7 (beginning “Your questions trigger…”) through paragraph 13 (ending “…up and out!!”). Here is my short ‘take’ on what she has to say…

Lisa Gawlas on Different Versions of History

This has to do with how history is different in different timelines or dimensions.

Alice on Police, Law Court, Prison, and Criminal Experience of Reality

I have something to add to that: I note that each Soul on Earth is experiencing their own, unique timeline Now. In particular, at this phase of the Ascension of Earth (January 2017), the Police and Criminal Timeline and Dimension are very different from those of the Ascension crowd … much slower pulsating.

This is because the criminal element … felons and so on … have this slower pulsation, and the police, law courts, and prisons must deal with this pulsation, as they are helping to segregate it from the mainstream of society, so that the samskaric tendencies of the criminal element will not be acted out on other people, thus increasing everybody’s Soul wounding.

Though the pulsation of the criminal world, and those involved in mitigating its effect on society, is slower, it is also changing as the Earth arises … Slowly but surely, in fact, inevitably, it will also arise and awaken, as will all the people who are carrying this pulsation, or else dealing with it for the sake of humankind.

Lisa Gawlas on Walkins

Then in the same blog section described above, Lisa Gawlas talks about how we may walk into our own alternate timelines, in the process of Ascending. A very interesting read.


I’ve also offered an activation of light from the Hathors, which I quite frequently use to rewrite my timeline. Here’s the activation:

Spirit to Team!
Optimize timelines!
For the All, through Free Will!

Yes! It Is That Easy!

Now when people read about this activation, I can hear them thinking: Awww, pshew! Can she possibly think I’m that naive? Like that’s possible, bro!

It’s a bit of a bother, actually. Here they have at their fingertips the Secrets of the Universe, and they just don’t notice what’s there…. On the other hand, I figure, when it’s time, it’s time… And there will come a day for each of us to know the true majesty of our multidimensionality…

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) See “Twin Flame, Red Tantra, Power Over, and True Power,” by Alice,

(2) For the caption of the image, see the article from which the image is taken: “It Was So Unexpected that We Thought Something Was Wrong with the Instrument,” by Greg Laden, 5 March 2013,

I think this is the attribution for the image (which I found at the above link): “Baker, D., Kanekal, S., Hoxie, V., Henderson, M., Li, X., Spence, H., Elkington, S., Friedel, R., Goldstein, J., Hudson, M., Reeves, G., Thorne, R., Kletzing, C., & Claudepierre, S. (2013). A Long-Lived Relativistic Electron Storage Ring Embedded in Earth’s Outer Van Allen Belt Science DOI: 10.1126/science.1233518

(3)  See “ET-Ville and de-re-Programming the Brain to Higher Function,” by Lisa Gawlas, 12 February 2015, …

  • In that blog, search the term triad and read the text.
  • Note the electric image of the triangle,
  • and her description of an opening to the multiverse, shaped like a triangle, and also resembling an hourglass.
  • Beneath that, note the image of the hourglass nebula.
  • Then, a description of space weather, and a description and image of triangular Zodiacal Light

(4) See “The City of Light and the Hub for ET’s and Then Some!!” by Lisa Gawlas, 6 February 2015, at … to find this, search the term City of Light

There, see the section from paragraph 5 (beginning “The first thing …”) through paragraph 9 (ending “… trial and error.”) … including both the text and the image.

(5) Image: “Triple Torus Train Track: A train track on a triple torus. Redrawn from the example shown in Penner and Harer, fig. 1.3.6.,” by David Eppstein at English Wikipedia, 21 November 2006, from … public domain


Creative Commons License
Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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