Twin Flame, Red Tantra, and White Tantra … Power Over, and True Power … by Alice B. Clagett

Reposted from 7 February 2015

  • Third Chakra Positive
    • Twin Flame
    • Red Tantra
  • Energetic Awareness of These Two Mental Filters
    • Twin Flame Energy
    • Red Tantric Energy
  • Power Over and Powerlessness Mental Filters
  • True Power
    • The Twin Flame energy state (ring torus to double torus)
    • Red Tantra energy state (akin to electron orbital jump from n=1 1s to n=2 2p)
  • Twin Flame Mental Filter and Red Tantra Mental Filter Compared
    • In the Twin Flame mental filter
    • The Red Tantra energy state
  • Practicing Switching from One Energy Configuration to Another: White Tantra
  • Love Triangle
  • One for All, and All for One
  • True Twin Soul Relationships
  • Activation of Light for Unconditional Love

Dear Ones,

I’d like to reconcile 2 mental filters with the truth of the energy states I’ve been experiencing. The mental filters are ‘Twin Flame’ and ‘Red Tantra’.

There is a third mental filter as well: Power Over / Powerlessness, which is sometimes known as ‘I’ versus Other.


When the energy of the third chakra … the navel point, the will power and ego chakric center … is positive, then the two states feel like this.

Twin Flame

Notice here the sense of attraction to another person that goes beyond physical vision, and a sense that, no matter how far apart, the man and the woman are always thinking of each other and longing for each other…

Image: A man’s and a woman’s hand reaching for each other, in the sky: ..

Red Tantra

See how, in this image, there is a twining and a very close sense of union? Almost as if man and woman were one being? Also, notice how the man looks dominant, unyielding, unconcerned, and the woman looks submissive, lower and smaller, engrossed?

The divine couple in Tantric Buddhism (1): Samantabhadra and Samantabhadri: ..


Twin Flame Energy

Energetically, when the Twin Flame mental filter is positive, it feels like this, like there is always a connection … like electricity, or light, or magnetism:

Image: Two curling, touching sparks of golden light, each radiating light outward (2): ..

Red Tantric Energy

In this mandala, the orange represents the male red tantric energy, and the green the female. See how the male energy surrounds and contains the female energy? See how it is fiery, and the female energy is cooler?

Image: Syllable Mandala with Vajra at Center (3): 


When Power Over and Powerlessness mental filters are also involved, there is a sense of being controlled by another person. Sometimes, hopelessly mired in their snare.

Sometimes the man can feel that he is attacking or psychically overwhelming the woman, like this. And the woman can feel that she is being attacked or overwhelmed. This is so when the energy of the third chakra is negative:

Image: The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed with the Sun, a Biblical illustration by William Blake: ..

Then again, sometimes when there is third chakra negative energy, the man can feel hopelessly enmired with an evil woman, as in the movie “Fatal Attraction” with Michael Douglas.


True power is attained when we overcome the Twin Flame, Red Tantra, and Power Over / Powerlessness mental filters. It’s pretty easy to do this by analyzing and practicing with the underlying energy states.

The Twin Flame energy state (ring torus to double torus), sans the mental filter, occurs when a person experiences a strong desire for an ‘object’ to be attained beyond himself (or herself). The human energy field then warps out from the normal torus configuration …

Image: Ring Torus (4): ..

and becomes a Double Torus energy field, so as to engulf the object of desire, like this …

Image: Double Torus: ..

In the case of the Twin Flame mental filter, the person will conceive of himself as standing within one of the loops of the Double Torus, and the woman as standing in the other. He’s GOT her, by Jove!

But when a man envisions the Twin Flame mental filter, does he really ‘have her’, as he imagines? No, he does not. What he has is a Double Toroid Energy field. The field is all his, and his alone. He Is That.

Red Tantra energy state (akin to electron orbital jump from n=1 1s to n=2 2p): I can’t find a toroid graphic to show what happens for this energy state. But I can draw an analogy from the orbital states of an electron, as it jumps from one energy state (n=1) to an enhanced energy state.

For the ground level state, n=1 1s, the electron orbit looks like this …

For the first stage orbit of an electron around a nucleus; n=1 1s, shaped like a round ball, see the configuration labeled 1s in the below image …

Image: Atomic orbitals for the hydrogen atom, for energy levels n=2 to n=4, from Wikimedia, public domain … Note that for energy level n=2, as shown in this image, there are two configurations: 2s is like 1s, but has twice as much energy in it. 2p is a ‘tantric’ double energy configuration.

It’s like the normal way a person imagines himself to be. ONE person. Everything else, everything outside him, is ‘Other’ … vast, threatening, Different. This notion of I and Other makes a position of Self Defense seem pretty appropriate.

When a photon hits the orbiting electron, the orbit shifts to the first enhanced state, n=2. There are two possible orbits in this state.

This first possible orbit, 2p, reminds me of the Double Torus. It’s as if this busy electron has become two separate ‘things’, almost.

For the dual or ‘tantric’ configuration of the second stage orbit of an electron around a nucleus … n=2 2p … see the configurations labeled 2p in the above image …


In the Twin Flame mental filter, a person Imagines he is bonded with that which he desires. Where he goes, it goes. Which is only natural, considering he Is It. Just as the electron orbit 2p appears to consist of two ‘things’, but Is, in fact, one orbit.

From an egoic standpoint, however, the ego feels far less threatened. For here is an ally, a friend forever, someone to fulfill one’s wildest sexual fantasies. ALWAYS available, always in love, always eager. What’s to fear??

So, it’s ok to let down one’s guard. Instantly, he experiences a vast increase in his energy field. One that he finds it impossible, with his mental mind, to believe is His Own Energy. But in fact it is. This is the energy state we feel when we let go of fear, and allow ourselves to feel Unconditional Love.

The Red Tantra energy state occurs when a person’s energy field collapses, like an n=2 2p electron orbit can collapse into the 2s orbital configuration, which is a sphere within a sphere.

In the person’s imagination, he has engulfed the object of his desire. He REALLY Has Her! Reminiscent of this picture of the second orbital configuration of the n=2 electron around a nucleus, with the man being the outer sphere, and the woman the inner.

For the double spherical or ‘yoga master’s’ configuration of the second stage orbit of an electron around a nucleus … n=2 2s … see the configuration labeled 2s in the above image …

But does he really have Her? No. Rather, his energy field shifts, and he imagines a Red Tantra scenario. What happens when he imagines that ‘I’ and Other are very intimately one?

As with the Twin Flame mental filter, there is a vast increase in his energy field. Just as with that filter, he finds it impossible, with his mental mind, to believe this is His Own Energy.

But once again, in fact it is his own energy. He’s experiencing a state of Androgeny (5) and Autoeroticism (6) simultaneously … of being both a man and a woman … of activating both hemispheres of his brain … and a sense of sexual arousal that transcends physicality.

Put another way:

The New Androgyny takes place when All masculine and All feminine qualities within one’s own Soul come forth in one’s Awareness. The New Autoeroticism is an upwelling of Cellular Love that manifests as ‘I’ making love to All, and vice versa.

These qualities manifest naturally as the Ascension process unfolds.

This Red Tantra energy state is only the first of many enhanced energy states that can be experienced.

So, I would say, let’s all fasten our seat belts!


The other evening I went to a lecture. Across the room was a man who seemed to be trying, with mind control, to create the Twin Flame energy state with me…. I could feel the Double Toroid energy state forming … ostensibly ‘between’ me and him … and from what I could see with my third eye, it LOOKED like a Twin Flame energy field was forming, and I could also feel the energy of my field increasing.

Then with an act of will and imagination, I pulled my energy field back into the 2s state. Then, just for practice, I moved it out into 2p, and back to 2s, a time or two.

Very easy to do, once I realized this was not a Power Over / Powerlessness situation. Rather, it was a chance for me to practice my energy state shifts. Very successfully!

This ability to shift the n=2 configuration from 2p to 2s through free will is the hallmark of the yoga master, the practitioner of White Tantra.


There is also a Love Triangle mental filter, which flips from the Ring Torus to a Triple Torus.

The person imagines he is in one of the open areas of the triple torus. In his imagination, there are two other people in the Triple Torus, one in each of the other holes.

The energy zings round from ring to ring, as if Love Itself were flowing from the his Heart, to the Heart of the person in the next ring, and from there to the person in the third ring, and thence back to him.

For each of the people in the Love Triangle, there may be an apt Love scenario ostensibly taking place. But what is Really happening is that each person is creating his or her own toroidal field. Theirs and theirs alone!

Fractally, in 5D, the individual Realities somehow mesh, even though each is separate. In each case, I am I. Yet I appear to be three! It’s the miracle of quantum physics!

Image: Triple Torus (3): ..


When the third chakra energy is positive, it’s easy to just fall for the Twin Flame and Red Tantra mental filters. It’s that way with lots of folks today. They really believe Twin Flameness is happening to them in 4D. Or else, that Red Tantra is happening to them in 4D….

But when third chakra energy turns negative, when the Power Over / Powerlessness mental filter enter in, it becomes a great comfort to understand that what we sense …. whether simple torus, double torus, or triple torus, whether n=-1, n=2 2p, or n=2 2s … or whatever new energy configurations we may sense in future … and no matter what our minds tell us, each of these energy configurations is simply Our Own energy.

Each of us Is That. I Am I, and I Am the Beloved.

Whether it be the Beloved One, or the Beloved Two, of the Beloved Many….

And for that matter, whether it be the Feared One, or the Feared Two, or the Feared Many…

This is a great step in awareness. It’s the beginning of the understanding that I and the All Are One.


True twin soul relationships are, almost without exception, relationships between a Soul Incarnate on Earth and the Twin who is disincarnate, existing in 5D or higher. The bond takes place as the Incarnate Twin and the disincarnate Twin relate to each other through a higher dimension. Like this:

Image: Woman Relating to a Disincarnate Twin as Angelic Self: ..

Image: Man Relating to Disincarnate Twin: ..

This is why, in the Activations of Light I channel, there is always the phrase Spirit to Team! I relate upward, to my Team in higher dimensions. And from my Team, I request a link to other incarnate Souls’ Teams.

The situation here on Earth is so complex, so fractally diverse, involving so many timelines and dimensions, I feel, that it’s pure fantasy to believe that I can set things straight through the microscopic spectacles of my Ego.

And so to conclude, Dear Ones, an activation of light for attaining unconditional love:

by the Hathors, through Alice B. Clagett

Spirit to Team!
Team to Teams!
Teams to Spirits!
May We Be One with Unconditional Love!
For the All, through Free Will!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) from “Twin Souls and the Dangers of Looking,” ..

(2) from Exotic India, ..

(3) from Math World, ..

(4) from “Board Question #66050,” … I got the idea for this image from Lisa Gawlas’ recent blog at The Shift of Energy and Time, ..

(5) Here’s the old definition of Androgyny: “Androgynous traits are those that either have no gender value or have some aspects generally attributed to the opposite gender. Physical androgyny (compare intersex), which concerns physical traits, is distinct from behavioral androgyny, which concerns personal and social anomalies in gender, and is also distinct from psychological androgyny, which is a matter of gender identity.” — ..

However, as stated in the blog, the New Androgyny takes place when All masculine and All feminine qualities within one’s own Soul come forth in one’s Awareness. This is a quality that manifests naturally as the Ascension process unfolds.

(6) Here’s the old definition of Autoeroticism: “Autoeroticism is the practice of becoming sexually stimulated through internal stimuli. The term was popularized toward the end of the 19th century by British sexologist Havelock Ellis, who defined autoeroticism as ‘the phenomena of spontaneous sexual emotion generated in the absence of an external stimulus proceeding, directly or indirectly, from another person.'” –from ..

As stated in the blog, the New Autoeroticism, which takes place as the Ascension process unfolds, is an upwelling of Cellular Love that manifests as ‘I’ making love to All, and vice versa.


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