Solar Flares and Electron Excitation and Healing of Earth and Humanity … by Alice B. Clagett *

Published on 6 February 2015

  • The Waves of Energy from Solar Flares
  • Types of Energies from Solar Flares
    • X-rays
    • Gamma Rays
  • How X-Rays (Such as Those from the Sun) Interact with Matter
  • Earth’s Energy Fields
    • Van Allen Belts
    • Solar Wind
    • Earth’s Plasmosphere
  • Gifts from the Sun Through the Solar Devi, Cracks in Earth’s EMF, and Magnetic Portals
    • Solar Devi
    • Northern Lights as Gifts from the Archangels
    • Cracks in Earth’s EMF
    • Magnetic Portals
  • Gifts from the Sun to the Human EMF
    • EMF of the Human Heart
    • Northern Lights of the Human EMF
    • Cracks in the Human EMF
    • Axiatonal Line Tangles in Human EMF as Magnetic Portals
  • Sun and Earth as Great Sentient Beings

Dear Ones,


I just did some research on the first wave of energy from solar flares, and how it may effect the human electromagnetic field. First I read about some research done on solar flare emissions on 6 March 1989 (1):

“The following different stages can be recognized from this plot:

  1. “The preflare stage from about 13:50 to 13:56 UT in which the soft X-ray emission gradually increases but little if any hard X rays or gamma rays are detected above the instrumental background level.
  2. “This is followed by the so-called impulsive phase in which the hard X-ray and gamma-ray emission rises impulsively, often with many short but intense spikes of emission, each lasting a few seconds to tens of seconds. The soft X-ray flux rises more rapidly during this phase with its time profile roughly matching the time integral of the hard X-ray profile in many cases.
  3. “After about 14:06 UT the gradual phase begins, and the hard X-ray and gamma-ray fluxes start to decay away more or less exponentially with a time constant of minutes. The soft X-ray flux continues to rise to a later peak and then it too falls exponentially but with a significantly longer time constant, sometimes as long as several hours.
  4. “In the particular flare shown above, a second phase of hard X-ray and gamma-ray emission occurs after about 14:10 UT in which the fluxes vary more gradually than during the impulsive phase. This later, more gradual phase of high energy emissions is not detected in most flares. Note that the soft X-ray flux continues to fall smoothly during this phase.” (2)


As you can see from the above, the first energy gift from the Sun during a solar flare consists of X-ray and gamma ray energy transmitted almost instantaneously to Earth. So then I checked the effect of hard X-rays, soft X-rays, and gamma rays on matter:

X-rays Excitation and ejection of core atomic electrons, Compton scattering (for low atomic numbers)

” Gamma rays Energetic ejection of core electrons in heavy elements, Compton scattering (for all atomic numbers), excitation of atomic nuclei, including dissociation of nuclei” (3)

and then I checked on the distinction between ‘hard’ X-rays and ‘soft’ X-rays:

“X-rays with photon energies above 5–10 keV (below 0.2–0.1 nm wavelength) are called hard X-rays, while those with lower energy are called soft X-rays…” (4)


“X-rays interact with matter in three main ways, through photoabsorption, Compton scattering, and Rayleigh scattering. The strength of these interactions depend on the energy of the X-rays and the elemental composition of the material, but not much on chemical properties since the X-ray photon energy is much higher than chemical binding energies. Photoabsorption or photoelectric absorption is the dominant interaction mechanism in the soft X-ray regime and for the lower hard X-ray energies. At higher energies, Compton scattering dominates.” (4)

I noticed first off that these rays have to do with electron excitation. You may remember from a recent blog (5) thoughts on bump-ups in electron states (n=1, n=2, and so on) compared to changes in the human electromagnetic field during the ascension process.

So with the first energies gifted us by the Sun during a solar flare, we see from the above quote their interactions with matter include excitation of electrons, which would lead to bump-ups in electron states in the human EMF, ensconced as it is in the EMF of Earth.


Van Allen Belts. The Van Allen Belts (inner and outer) are regions of charged particles in Earth’s atmosphere. Sometimes they are pictured statically like this:


Image: “Van Allen Radiation Belt,” by Booyabazooka at English Wikipedia … from … This file is in the public domain in the United States because it was solely created by NASA. NASA copyright policy states that “NASA material is not protected by copyright unless noted”. (See Template:PD-USGov, NASA copyright policy page or JPL Image Use Policy.)

But actually, they are always changing because of the Incoming Light from the Sun … solar flares, solar wind stream, and so on. As is better depicted in this picture of Earth’s magnetosphere:


Image: “Structure of the Magnetosphere,” from Wikipedia … …  This file is in the public domain in the United States because it was solely created by NASA.

Solar Wind. The solar wind is often depicted as buffeting the magnetosphere that surrounds the Earth, like this:

Image: An artist’s rendition of the geomagnetic field around Earth.  Image courtesy of K. Endo. This shows a fiery red sun sending a blue stream of solar wind to Earth, where it impact’s Earth’s magentosphere, ..

Earth’s Plasmasphere protects her from the solar winds:

Composer: Untitled, frame 0

Image: “Plasmosphere,” from Wikipedia … … from NASA, public domain.


Solar Devi. From a clair standpoint … this is just a hunch … I feel that the North Pole allows the blessings gifted us by the Solar Devi to enter Earth herself through the North Pole.

Image: “Kundalini deva,” a being with wings of fire, coming from the sun. Its energy is also ascribed to the kundalini energy in human beings: ..

We might envision the action of Solar Devi  … of which there are many. (6) The word ‘devi’ is the plural of ‘deva’ … as solar flares and solar filaments …

Video: “M4.2 Solar Flare & Huge Filament Eruption October 22, 2013,” by SolarWatcher, 22 October 2013, ..

Northern Lights as Gifts from the Archangels. It is mostly at the magnetic South Pole that the Archangels shower those gifts on Earth. We can see these beings in action, through the Northern Lights, the Auroras, such as this …

Video: “Night of the Northern Lights,” by Maciej Winiarczyk, 6 March 2014, ..

Cracks in Earth’s EMF. Further, in this time of Ascension, changes have developed in the Earth’s EMF that allow the Archangelic gifts to be more easily bestowed on Earth. It is the so-called ‘cracks’ in Earth’s EMF that allow this careful bestowal of Solar blessings, both on Earth herself, and also, of course, on all Earth beings, including us humans. (7)

Magnetic Portals. From my NASA research today, it looks to me, here, like magnetic portals are another means by which the Solar Devi and the Archangels can cooperate to pinpoint bestowal of blessings on Earth …

Video: “ScienceCasts: Hidden Magnetic Portals Around Earth,” by ScienceAtNASA, 28 June 2012, ..


EMF of the Human Heart. Since the human electromagnetic field mirrors that of Earth, we may assume there are similar vehicles through which the blessings of the Solar Devi, and of the Archangels are bestowed on the human electromagnetic field, the ‘Van Allen belt’ of which looks a little like this …


Image: “Heart field,” by … From Wikimedia Commons … This file is ineligible for copyright and therefore in the public domain because it consists entirely of information that is common property and contains no original authorship.

Northern Lights of the Human EMF. The ‘Northern Lights’ of the human EMF are displayed above, around, and within our heads. They enter our EMF through the pranic column, the central core of energy in our EMF, and most specifically, through our crown chakra. To get a better idea of this, in your mind’s eye, combine the picture below with the “EMF of the Heart” picture above. Since each is but one aspect of the human EMF….

Image: Person standing on a rock. The Sun is far above him in the sky. Axiatonal lines of light connect his EMF with the Sun’s energy: ..

Cracks in the Human EMF. There are cracks in the human EMF, just as Earth has cracks in its magnetosphere. Ours are, I think, more stationary than Earth’s. Our cracks, sometimes termed Soul wounding, are caused by past lifetime and current incarnational trauma. (8)

I feel that the cracks in Earth’s EMF keep shifting so as to heal the cracks in humanity’s EMF, which are located in different places in the EMF of different humans.

Axiatonal Line Tangles in Human EMF as Portals. Solar input also twangs about the human EMF, as with the Earth’s magnetic portals described by NASA, through the ‘tangles’ in our EMF. looking a little like this when the Light hits them …


Image: “Connecting two magnetic field lines. Nascent Energy generates a crack in the magnetic shield of the Earth.” (Image: NASA) … …  This file is in the public domain in the United States because it was solely created by NASA.

These portals are caused by past life and current life Soul trauma. When the Incoming Light twangs on these human EMF portals, or wiring ‘short circuits’, either psychic upset (insufficient light boost) or clearing of the short circuits takes place. From which we may extrapolate that the Earth portals are clearing Earth’s past memories and current trauma.


As you may know, in the occult sciences, both the Sun and the Earth are considered to be great beings. The Sun was named Sabaoth by the Gnostics. (9) Earth was once known as Tara, and is now known as Gaia. (10) Both these being are dedicated to nourishment and upliftment of humanity, and of all life on Earth.

So, with the bigger picture, we can turn from fear of the unknown to an understanding of the many ways in which, with the help of our many guardians, Divine Grace cherishes and uplifts each of us.


To align the body to the Cosmos, your base must vibrate at the same frequency as your Heart … to Ride the Ascension wave taking place. Here’s a yoga exercise, a little strenuous, but lots of fun, to accomplish this …

Video: “The Electromagnetic Field & Heart Exercise,” by Inspir8ional, 11 July 2011, ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) See “March 1989 Geomagnetic Storm,
in Wikipedia, ..

(2) “Overview of Solar Flares,” … page no longer found, but cached by Google at … by NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, a government agency, and thus in the public domain.

(3) from “Electromagnetic Spectrum,” in Wikipedia, … Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.

(4) from “X-ray,” in Wikipedia, … Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.

(5) “Overcoming Power Over and Stepping into Fractal Awareness,” by Alice, ..

(6) “In addition, it is believed by Theosophists that there are millions of devas living inside the Sun, the indwelling solar deity of which Theosophists call the Solar Logos—these devas are called solar angels, or sometimes solar devas or solar spirits. Sometimes, it is believed, they visit Earth and can be observed, like other devas, by humans whose third eyes have been activated.[1][2][3] Theosophists believe that there are also devas living inside all the other stars besides Sol; these are called stellar angels.” –from … Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.

(7) “Cracks in Earth’s Magnetosphere,” by NASA, ..

(8) for more on Soul fragments: “Soul Fragment Retrieval, Soul Wound Healing, and Healing of Collective Soul Fragments,” by Alice, ..

(9) See The Oracle Report, by Laura, ..

(10) see “Fall of Man and Humanity’s Origins,” by Noel Huntley, Ph.D., ..


In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Creative Commons License
Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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