How to Capture the Blessing of the Incoming Light … by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 28 January 2015


Dear Ones,

This is a technique for office workers and for shut-ins to capture photonic transmissions outdoors for use indoors. What a wonderful idea! It wasn’t mine, though, so kudos to the person who suggested it! There is a lightly edited Summary after the Video.



[Shows Sun shining through tree leaves.]

Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

A wonderful idea just came to me. And it seemed like, the minute I thought of it, it was like the wind came up everywhere. Of course, it is a windy day, but it got really windy.

And it was almost like the trees and the winds and the spirits of the air and the Earth were all really happy about this idea. Just as happy as I am! So I had to come over here … [by the side of a building] … out of the wind, because otherwise, I do not think you could hear me on the video.

So here is the notion: This is a way that all the people who are unable to get out in the sunlight, during the day, can receive the benefit of the Incoming Light every day. All it takes is a transparent glass jar, and a transparent water glass.

You fill the glass jar up with filtered water, and you put the water glass, upside down, over it. And you put them out in the Sun all day long, so that it can absorb the photonic transmissions.

If the water gets too hot for you with the water in the direct sunlight, then you can put the water in a semi-shaded spot outdoors; it will still absorb photons, which I feel may be analogous to the gloms termed ‘Vitality Globules’ by the School of Theosophy, which float round in the air on sunny days. (1)

Then when you come home from work, or someone goes and gets the water for you, you can drink it in the evening, and receive the benefit of the Incoming Light.

Is not that a great idea? And I thank the person that came up with it, because it was not I. I am not too sure who it was, but it was not I. That is for sure.

I just had one other thing to say, and that is about my sense of putting a metal cap on the jar: I do not think it is a good idea. I do not think you should put the metal there. I think you should put something glass on top of the jar … see-through glass … like a water glass. Or it could be another jar that is very small.

So … You will likely experiment with it yourself, and you will figure it out, I am sure.

Well, blessings of the Incoming Light to all you office workers. And everybody that is stuck at home, in a dark room, for whatever reason.

Take care. Love you lots.

[Photos of a glass of water, lit by sunlight, with two oranges next to the glass.]

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) Link: “The Hidden Side of Things,” by C. W. Leadbeater, the term:vitality globule

Link: “Vitality Globule,” from “The Etheric Double – The Health Aura of Man,” compiled by Arthur Edward Powell, the term: vitality globule


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