City Energy Domes … The Trimurti: Controllers, and Transformers, and the Incoming Light, 2014 … by Alice B. Clagett


Composite image: Bubble is adapted from … Los Angeles cityscape is adapted from … both public domain.

Dear Ones,

In a recent youtube video [recent as of January 2015], Bill Ballard mentioned a dome over Hopi lands that he and other elders helped remove through Ceremony some years ago. This dome had prevented the Hopi from accessing the energy of Earth’s electromagnetic grid, He remembered a past lifetime in which the Hopi and the Annunaki put these domes in place, to help the people of Earth experience the duality experiment. Part of the work Bill does right now is to create energy vortices that will allow Earth to clear the old energies through the new Light Grid of Earth.

i also have noticed an energy dome over Los Angeles, where I am right now. All last year, the eastern edge of this dome was Barstow, California. When I left California in the Spring of 2014, the eastern edge of the dome was literally sizzling with demonic energy, which was pinging down from the sky (where the dome curved down to Earth) and zinging into electronic equipment in Barstow. When I returned in November 2014, the Dome was still in place; the eastern edge was still Barstow, but the drama of the situation was greatly relieved. The intensity of the demonic energy …. what I call ‘demons per square inch’ … was, I’d say, ten times less than previously. Although still quite annoying, from my perspective, at least it felt no longer so very scary.

My feeling is, there are City Energy Domes over all the big cities on Earth right now. These domes are a natural effect of the feeling-thought forms of the people in the big cities, who live, more desperately than they know, lives of fear, anger, and the desire to escape their wretchedness through drugs. We humans living in large cities are out of synch with the happier state of those living in the countryside. The Earth we tread is also denser, darker, than the bright, crystalline light of Earth in the countryside.

The city domes, which have been noticed and reinforced by the Dark Forces, have a double effect during the Ascension process. They allow the Dark to continue to operate there, at least for a while, which is quite naturally perceived by the Dark as being to its benefit.

Then on the side of Light and Love (since in 3D, the two forces must always be in balance), the City Domes allow the rest of Earth to quite naturally rise in resonance in harmony with the incoming light. So, because of the City Energy Domes, much of Earth … physical Earth … has been quite beautifully healed and uplifted.

I once thought, gosh, too bad for those living in the large cities. They must continue to suffer a little longer than those of us living in the country. But Now I think, What brave souls are the city dwellers, who have, on entering human form, agreed to bear the burden of Duality a little longer than most, so that Earth may be uplifted with ease and grace. Had they not offered up this selfless service, there would without doubt have been more geostressor events in recent years.

For those of us lightworkers living in the big cities right now, there is the work of pillaring, through our own pranic column energy, of creating energy conduits through which the Dark in the domed Earth realms can find its way, little by little, through pinpoints of light in the surface of the domes, to the energy of the new Light Grid of Earth.

The Dark is very cautious in nature. It hopes to keep all as is, status quo being quite the thing. You might say, it represents the conservative force of nature.


“Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva seated on lotuses with their consorts, Saraswati, Lakshmi and Paravati respectively. ca 1770. Guler, India.” “The three greatest Hindu deities are shown here together with their consorts. They are sometimes regarded as a trinity, who together represent aspects of the supreme godhead. The four-headed Brahma, holding copies of the oldest Indian sacred scriptures, the Vedas, together with his consort Saraswati, symbolises the power of creation. Next to him the blue Vishnu, with his consort Lakshmi, represents the energy that upholds and preserves creation. To their right Shiva, with his wife Parvati, embodies the power of destruction. All three divine couples sit on lotus flowers, which are one of the most ancient Indian symbols of purity and spiritual power. This painting may have been made for the enjoyment of a local nobleman or ruler and was probably the work of local artists in north-west India.”  …,_Vishnu_and_Shiva_seated_on_lotuses_with_their_consorts,_ca1770.jpg … public domain.

This reminds me of the ‘Trimurti’. a Hindu concept that personifies the cosmic energies of creation, maintenance and destruction. Three Gods make up this triad: Brahma is the Creator. Vishnu is the Maintainer or Preserver. Shiva (aka Maheshwara) is the Destroyer or Transformer.

These three forces are interacting here on Earth, right now, as the Incoming Light (Brahma, the Creator), ‘the Dark’ (Vishnu, the Preservers … aka ‘the Controllers’), and the Lightworkers who are anchoring the Incoming Light (Shiva or Maheshwara, the Destroyer … aka the transformers or alchemists).

And this is pretty funny: These three forces are always playing together, creating the Lila, the Divine Play. Yet the ‘Controllers’ perceive the ‘Transformers’ as pretty radical, dangerous beings. And vice versa. Yet all must bow to the Incoming Light!

Video: “Mantra, Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Maheshwaraha, Mantra,” by Relax Mantra, 20 November 2012, ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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