How to Transform Timelines and Dimensions … by the Hathors through Alice B. Clagett .. *

  • Our Awareness Timeline
  • Optimization of Personal Timelines
  • Recent Dimensional Shifts
  • Timeline Jumps, Blendings, and Transformations
  • The Divine Is a Great Delegator

Dear Ones,

As you know, in the personal 3D timeline in which we place our awareness, our left brains tend to lock us onto a railroad track of cause and effect, time and space … and that’s the track we need to pry ourselves off of whenever we feel less than indomitable. Back into the space of infinite possibilities, which is our true journey through the stars.

Take a look at this depiction of a vortical, dynamic solar system (1):

Video: “The Helical Model – Our Solar System Is a Vortex” ..

I welcome that this vision of the spiraling solar system is more intricate, more true to life, than the old, rotational model:

converted PNM file
–from … public domain because NASA.

It’s good to keep in mind, though, that the vortical model is only a model in ONE dimension — 3D — of ONE alternate universe. So for the multidimensional reality and the multiverse, the reality is much more complex, and much more intriguing.


The same is true of our personal timeline, the one in which our Eternal Soul chooses to place its awareness at this moment. As we’ve earlier discussed, in every moment of personal choice on the timeline in which we place our awareness, all other possible choices we might make spin out into alternate realities. At this point in time and space, these alternate realities diverge from our ‘awareness timeline’. And this happens again and again, from moment to moment.

So our awareness, with possible worlds waiting to be born or chosen, looks a little like the video of the spiraling solar system, multiplied in a hall of mirrors with images of diverging alternate timelines on which we only need to place our awareness in order to experience the alternate choice. Could be the choice we wished we had made … it’s right there for the experiencing, should we wish it. Could be a traumatic event in this or another lifetime … also right there for the transforming into a less dense reality.


Optimization of timelines, as discussed recently (2), is a process of picking, from a higher level of reality, that timeline, among the many that are ours, on which we might best place our awareness. For me, the best of all possible timelines is the one that benefits all beings of light and love. I say this because … as we’ve all heard about the Butterfly Effect (3) … it’s very clear that my timeline choices combine with the timeline choices of all beings of love and light, and unless they are synchronized in the best interests of all, my teammates in higher dimensions can’t fully optimize my own timelines.

One way of looking at it is this: By asking for timeline optimization for all beings of light and love, I’m ALSO asking for maximum timeline optimization for myself. I’ve done some experimentation with the wording, and find this works best for me right now:

I imagine myself as pure spirit. I imagine my Ascension Team, celestial team, guardian spirits, or guardian angels all around me. I say:

Spirit to Team!
Optimize timelines!
For the All, through Free Will!

[i.e., for all beings everywhere, everywhen, and according to the law of free will]

Personally, I’m drawn to do this Hathor Timeline Optimization mostly once a day, and sometimes several times in a day. I find my timelines don’t need much adjusting these days, but it’s fun to remember that my Team and I share this wonderful gift and can use it whenever we like to fashion my awareness and expression in the dimension of time.


In addition to timelines (might that be the role of light in Creation?), we have also dimensions to consider (might that be, the role of love in Creation?). Dimensions are all around us and within us, yet our awareness is often placed on only one or two at a time. Lately, for instance, I’ve been experiencing 3D and 4D at the same time. 4D is a ‘finer’ vibration than 3D. Speedier maybe. Possibly higher pitched. It allows much faster flow of thought, feelings, and images, for instance.  Through both dimensions, clearing and lightening of density has been taking place as the incoming light improves the vibration of Planet Earth.

It has been a bumpy ride. It used to be that I’d notice a bump ‘up’ for a few days,  maybe a week or a month, when I gloriously felt the incoming energies, and the unfolding of my so-long-hidden potential as a multidimensional being. THEN a down dip would begin, down into the subconscious mind of the Human Collective on Planet Earth, and I would begin to feel lost and hopeless.

It’s been a little like a sine wave event: At the high point of the wave, an experience of superconsciousness. Then, a slide down into normal consciousness. Then, down into the abyss of the subconscious mind.

“Sine waves of several frequencies. Waves colored like the frequencies of the visible spectrum”, from … public domain

Each time my awareness reaches down into the subconscious, it throws light on something previously darkened by lack of awareness. So, like the solar system speeding through the galaxy, my awareness is constantly changing, brightening, expanding.

In the last week or so. during this Divine gift of the December 25th-29th, 2014, gateway, it seems to me that the peaks and troughs are happening very very quickly, like the waves at the bottom of the above graph.

Sometimes, when I’m down in a trough, I get the feeling that I’ve taken a wrong turn, that I’ve made some tragic choice that separates me forever from love and light. What a silly notion! When the very feeling I’m experiencing is the one I’m resolving into love and light.

But I do get that feeling from time to time, and every time I must transform despair to hope, darkness to light, fear to love. Each time I transform, I say to myself: Say, I remember, I was there before … down in the trough … and the resolution, the transformation, the upturn, happened just like that! Why did I forget?

My feeling at this moment is, this Divinely orchestrated clearing and brightening process will lead to a sine wave that is very refined, a 5D wave where ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are but the finest nuances, the slightest deflections from that which is optimum for all beings of Love and Light… Like a discussion, for instance, of the very best Love and Light. Which would look a little this vibrant yellow line:

CC BY 2.0 (4)

and sound a little like Tom Kenyon’s beautiful Aethos meditation: You can click on the link at the bottom of this page to go hear the meditation. The text is also compellingly interesting:


More discombobulating things have been happening. When I rest prone, I’m getting little physical jerks and repositionings of various parts of my body. For a matter of months, I was totally mystified by this. Just last night I began to interpret these as jumping back and forth between personal timeliness. And sometimes I feel it as two timelines touching, old hurts healing and resolving as the two blend into ONE lighter, brighter, more joyful timeline.


For me, it’s important to keep in mind, the immensity of the current undertaking, the transition of our Solar System, of many Star Systems, of this entire Universe to a different frequency. It’s important for me to keep in mind that God … Source … the Divine places this change in motion. Else, how could it occur?

Yet, the Divine is an excellent Delegator. There’s a vast Angelic Realm to help us. And the realm of the Ascended Masters. And the many realms of our Star Brothers and Sisters. Help abounds. So when the ride is down, I always ask up.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

PS: This picture of a harmonic waveform reminds me of how timelines can be dispersed into longer and shorter time intervals then join together as an experience of Now. To me this seems true for me personally, and for my interactions with other Souls.

harmonic waveforms … CC BY-SA 3.0 (5)


(1) At time of sharing on this blog, the above video had a Standard Youtube license. See .

(2) See “Activations to Heal the Lightbody by Timeline Jumping” … by the Hathors, through Alice,

(3) Butterfly effect. The chaotic motion mentioned in the video is really a very careful orchestration of many timelines and many many dimensions. But from our 3D perspective, it appears to be without predictive quality … chaotic.

Video: “Chaos Theory / Butterfly Effect” ..

It’s like those experiments with the photons … do you remember? … where the photons were perceived to have ‘a mind of their own’ … they kept disappearing, and reappearing, and playing tricks on the researchers. From which I derive: photons are love and light and joy. Impossible to predict, but easy to experience, if only we will step out of the logical mind, and into the infinite sphere of possibilities!

(4) This image is by Sherman Tann, Singapore, from … Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

(5) This image is “Square wave with fundamental sine wave component, 3rd harmonic and 5th harmonic” (by C J Cowie using MS Excel,MicroGrafx Designer and Adobe Photoshop Elements) from Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

There’s another good picture of harmonic waveforms in PhotoBucket: 

Except where otherwise noted, “I Am of the Stars: Awakening with Planet Earth” by Alice B. Clagett is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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