Higher Self – Lower Self … by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 8 April 2014 

    • Nature and Sunshine
    • Computer and Telephone Glitches … Calling on the Higher Self
    • Drivetime Safety
    • On Doing What Affords Joy
    • ‘What If’ List for the Higher Self
    • On Imagining Oneself to be Wonderful and Miraculous
    • Images of Spring Chaparral and Wildflowers at the End of the Video

Dear Ones,

Here’s a video on the Higher Self. The setting is Sage Ranch, in the Simi Hills in Los Angeles County, and there are pictures of the spring flora at the end of the video.

The stirring instrumental music that accompanies the chaparral and wildflower images at the end of the video is “Prelude No. 3” by Chris Zabriskie, CC BY 4.0

There’s a Summary after the video; text not in the video is in green font …



Hello, Dear Ones,

I’m at Sage Ranch, Simi Valley, Los Angeles. It’s a beautiful, bright, sunny day, and it’s gotten awfully warm here in Los Angeles … just unseasonably warm. It’s amazing! And every day, in the last few days, it’s been just like this.

Nature and Sunshine

And I can’t help but notice how much better I feel when I’m out in nature and the sunshine … or in the shade near the sunshine … than I am in front of a computer. I don’t know if you’ve noticed this phenomenon yourself.

Computer and Telephone Glitches … Calling on the Higher Self

It seems like the computer is going so slowly these days, and so many things go wrong. And just, one technical glitch after another. And lately, in the early morning, when I wake up, and at night, right before I go to sleep, I’ve been calling on my Higher Self.

And I’ve come to the realization that it knows a heck of a lot more than I do. In fact, the amount that I know is practically not worth talking about. And so, I’ve come to the understanding that I really need to rely on my Higher Self.

And so, at night and in the morning, what I do is, I just send a message to my Higher Self. I say: I just want you to know that it’s perfectly fine with me, if you arrange all the small details of my life for me. I’m willing to do whatever you think it is I ought to be doing, to achieve my Soul purpose, and my Soul mission here on Earth.

The problem being, that I’m not too sure what they are. So, if you’d just let me know, I’d be delighted to do it. And if there are things you can do in the background, without my knowing about it, to help me to do these things, that’s just fine by me. You have my permission.

So in that way, I’m always thinking about my Higher Self these days. And I can’t help but feel that, when the computer starts glitching up, and everything seems to go wrong with my telephone, it’s kind of like my Higher Self is saying to me: Why don’t you go outside and enjoy the sunshine? You know?

Drivetime Safety 

And the same thing: I go out, and I get in a car, and the first thing that happens … the very first thing that I see, is a person who’s not looking where they’re going, in a car coming towards me. They just run right straight through the stop sign!

On Doing What Affords Joy

So, I’m thinking: Perhaps the car is not the very best thing to be doing right now. If not the office, and not the car, then what? You know? So I’m looking for the occupations and activities in my life that cause the most joy. [laughs]

So this is one of them! It’s terrific! And it’s funny how my mind tells me that I can’t do the thing that I really want to do!

So, here I am, disobeying my mind, and listening to my Higher Self today. And while I was here, I took some pictures of the Spring chaparral, and the little wild plants growing up. And in case you have an interest in them before they bloom, or are just starting to bloom, to be able to identify them, I have added them at the end of this video.

So, have a wonderful day! And I’ll talk to you later. And Hi! to your Higher Self too, from my Higher Self, and from me.

‘What If’ List for the Higher Self

Oh, yeah: I had one other thing to just tantalize you with today. It’s a question:

  • Suppose our Higher Self were as big as a city block?
  • And suppose it were capable of all kinds of amazing things?
    • For instance, suppose it were capable of projecting a 3D image … with sight, sound, and all that … that we take to be ourselves?
    • And suppose it could turn that image on and off again, whenever it wanted to? Wouldn’t that be cool?
  • Suppose we ourselves, if we were to join with our Higher Self, had the wisdom to see things from the perspective of a being that’s as big as a city block? How would that be?
    • Would we behave differently?
    • Would we look at life differently? And death? And everything in between?
    • How would we act?
  • Suppose everything that our Lower Self sees, and hears, and smells, and feels, by way of pain and pleasure, is really just a lesson that our Higher Self has programmed for us, so that we can add to the Soul knowledge of the Universe?
    • Would that change how we behave in life, if we really believed that?

On Imagining Oneself to be Wonderful and Miraculous

I don’t know. But we spend a lot of time thinking of ourselves as small, weak beings who are pushed around by a lot of other beings and circumstances. And I figure it wouldn’t hurt to spend half a day … or half of every day … imagining that I’m a great, giant, miraculous, wonderful Self that has all wisdom and all knowledge, and the ability to connect with everything.

Why not? I mean, everybody knows that the senses … How many senses are there? Six, or seven? (1) Yet the six or seven senses that we recognize as defining the world, aren’t really worth more than about 2 cents! [laughs]

So, I’m going to try something new. I’m going to try thinking of my day in terms of my Great Self … my High Self … and see what happens!

Images of Spring Chaparral and Wildflowers at the End of the Video

[images of California chaparral and wildflowers follow, accompanied by “Prelude No. 3” by Chris Zabriskie]

In love, light and laughter,
I Am of the Stars


(1) “Psychology: How Many Senses?” by Christian Jarrett, 19 November 2014, http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20141118-how-many-senses-do-you-have ..


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