Lightworker Laissez-Faire … by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 20 February 2014 

Dear Ones,


Here’s a talk about the recent planetary fireworks and Soul clearings, shoulder pain in lightworkers and what that may mean, lightworker laissez-faire, transforming denser, ‘misqualified’ energies, and taking it easy. I’ve included some scenes from Orcutt Ranch in Los Angeles. There’s a Summary after the video.



  • Mention of recent ‘fireworks in the sky’ (solar events)
  • Mention of spiritual counselling from Bill Ballard (1). Bill mentioned some of the male lightworkers have been feeling a pain in their right arm or shoulder right now, and some of the female lightworkers have been feeling a pain in their left arm or shoulder.
  • He thinks it has to do with the burden of taking responsibilities for others that the lightworkers are taking on. Oddly, I’ve been feeling a pain in my left arm recently as well.
  • I’m thinking that maybe the time has come for the lightworkers to just set that burden aside, and just be with the love in their hearts, maybe in a quiet place. To just be at one with themselves, and at peace with the world. And not be so concerned about progress that’s being made … that’s kind of a ‘lightworker compulsion’, isn’t it?
  • I firmly believe this is an evolutionary planet … meaning that things are getting better, as time goes on. Things are becoming more uplifted, more spiritual. The light is increasing … like that. That’s my feeling about it.
  • But, we don’t have to give other people that much of a nudge, I think. We can just let the Divine take care of it. The Divine is doing a pretty good job with that.
  • We can just relax, breathe deeply, enjoy life, enjoy this beautiful energy … like that. Enjoy the clearing.
  • And the other thing I had to bring up, is the extent of the clearing that’s being processed through lightworkers. It’s sort of like this: It’s like there are networks of people … networks of Souls that connect because of similar energy, I think. They’re not permanent networks. They’re just very temporary … and depending on the energy of the moment.
  • These networks filter similar energy from around Earth, and in Earth, and all over. They filter that energy through their own wounding and through our wounding.
  • If we have the skills for it, we can transform the energy through our hearts, at the same time as this dense, ‘misqualified’ energy (2) is coming through. Depending on the situation, moment to moment, we, as lightworkers, can be transforming a lot of energy that’s passing through a lot of other people … and passing through some slight misqualification in our own aura (3) too.
  • It’s something that we’ve all agreed to a long time ago. And we can withdraw from that if we want … We can just ask to be withdrawn, somewhat, from that service of transformation. It’s completely up to us.
  • It’s good to take care of ourselves. It’s good to think about ourselves. And that’s my message for today.

I wish you all the very best.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) Bill Ballard: – information on his high energy exchange counseling: ..

(2) I first heard the term ‘misqualified energy’ from Peggy Black, and ..

(3) Daniella Breen: ..


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