How Men, Especially, Can Feel Their Hearts … How to Survive in Times of Chaos … by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 30 September 2013

Dear Ones,

This is about how men, especially, can feel their hearts. And how to survive in times of chaos. There’s a Summary after the video; text in blue font is not in the video



I was talking to a gentleman, and the topic came up about feeling your heart. From the way the conversation was going, I got the feeling that it’s not too clear, sometimes, especially to gentlemen, what is meant by feeling the heart. And the reason for that, I think, is that women think of it in a particular way, that’s not suitable, sometimes, for men. So I’m here, offering a definition of ‘feeling the heart’ that’s good for everyone; that will work for everyone, not just women …

Bill Ballard has a free ebook called “The Great Awakening,” (1) and in it he talks about how his heart chakra became activated. I found this ebook very interesting, because I’d like to do the same. He said (and I paraphrase) that first his heart opened; that helped. He had a relationship with a twin flame, and his heart opened.

And then, I’ll bet that flame started to go down some … to wane, to diminish in intensity. And then he realized that what he really needed was for him to feel his own heart; not to have it activated by somebody else. Very cool stuff … because we can always do that. Anyone can do that, no matter what their situation is with regard to relationships or any other variable regarding earthly life.

So he decided to feel his own heart. And what he did is, he actually felt his heart chakra. For him this was a little to the left, I think, at the location of the physical heart. He was just aware of the sensation in his heart chakra. And he did this nonstop for a month or so; then his heart stayed awake all the time.

So it’s doable … you feel the energy in your heart. You could feel the physical sensation; that’s what most people do. You don’t have to assume that you’ll feel love. On the contrary, you feel exactly what you feel in your heart at the moment. And that’s how you go about your day: Always feeling your heart.

Now some people are sensitive to energy. They feel the chakric energy of their heart (in the center of the chest at the level of the physical heart) … and that’s fine too.

  • You can feel the emotion, as women frequently do.
  • You can simply feel the physical feeling of your heart; just place your awareness on your heart.
  • Or you can feel the energy of that chakra.

So there’s something for everybody. It doesn’t matter; you just go about feeling your heart. And then eventually, your awareness of your heart supercedes your awareness of your mental activity. And that’s highly helpful in this time of the Shift, because folks are kind of going nuts, you know? Sometimes the mind just goes crazy. And if you can feel your heart, the heart is very steady, very sane, very normal. So it’s a good way to get through these difficult times.

You can think about it in terms of geopolitical turmoil, economic problems, energy, dimensional shift … whatever it is, there’s a little bit of chaos hanging out in the world today, and this is a good way to get through it; very simple.

And another way is just to walk in nature. If you haven’t got the hard thing down, you can just go sit outside or walk in nature, and it will do the trick. And I’ll tell you a story about that:

I was in the Motel 6 in Barstow, the night before last. Barstow is a big desert town in California. In the air there was discord; negativity in the air. It might have been astrological; anyway, it affected me, because I’m very tuned in to energies around me. And there were people around too, that were emanating mental vibes that made it difficult to be happy; they were unhappy vibes.

So there in the truck stop, there was a gentleman with a motorcycle; he was working on the motorcycle. He was playing really loud music. Then two doors down from me, there were two ladies … possibly ladies of the night … standing outside, waiting for something. Their feeling wasn’t all that happy; it was pretty upset. I guess it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, being a lady of the night.

Then I looked two doors down, in the other direction, and a gentleman came out who had kind of a dangerous feeling to him. And what do you know, he brought out with him a dog that was part wolf. And that was scary enough. And he was being very mean to the wolf dog.

And so I went back into my room, and all these people’s feelings came in with me. And so the thoughts, the emotional body became very roiled up about the situation; I think it was astrological. Something was going on; it might have been the tail end of the Equinox. So finally I said: This is ridiculous! I went outside, and I sat outside on the curb, looking at the trees and the night sky, and all that, and the strangest thing happened:

It was like the scene before me, what I could see … like what you’re seeing now [in the video]: me, and the rocking chair, and a reflection of the sky … that scene that I saw there, it was shaking with the emotion of the the feelings of the people that I felt. It was like a jittery video: Every time the emotions of these other people would get strong in waves, the scene would jitter back and forth, sideways, as if the hologram that we see in the third dimension has gotten very thin and tenuous, and can be moved about simply by the emotions of the people.

This is not so good, because a lot of people aren’t thinking love and light; at least not that night, they weren’t. So I sat with it; I sat as close to the Earth as I could get, and I felt my heart. And what do you know? Everything was fine!

And so I say from experience that it may help in your case, and you don’t need to emote, you don’t need to feel love. You can feel fear. You can feel whatever is there. And you can look at the natural world, and sit outside. And these things will really help through these times of chaos. That’s what I think. I hope it works for you as it does for me.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) Bill Ballard’s free ebook “The Great Awakening,” … click on one of the ‘Download’ links near the bottom of the page.


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