Ra-En … by Alice B. Clagett *

Written on 26 September 2013

Dear Ones,

I have the strangest tale to tell today! If I were you, I’d take it with a grain of salt!

This is about driving through the Arizona desert, an encounter with a group (collective) mind, and some high winds in the Wee Thump Joshua Tree Recreation Area.


Yesterday I was driving on Route 40, just east of the town of Yucca, Arizona. I saw a sign: Proving Ground Road. This reminded me, by chain of mental association, of Area 51, and from there my mind wandered to the Star Nations that have been much discussed and channeled by Judy Satori.

The area I was travelling was a vast desert flatland, with impressive mountain chains far off to either side. The expanse of sky seemed endless.

I began to get a feeling of vastly expanded mind, very fine, very clear — what you might call an experience of cosmic mind. Then I began to sense a group mind, not embodied. This was an entirely new experience for me, so I was very curious.

At first, I sensed this group mind as dormant; I got a sense of an undifferentiated, vastly expanded mind. Then they began to wake up — not all, but a few.

I asked their name. They hesitated, then they voiced two syllables. There was a lot of interference — I sensed this as my fear of them and their inability to condense their name into speech. I got the name wrong a few times, then I cleared my mind and heard: … Ra … En. There were pauses before both syllables. The feeling I got was that their racial memories were contained in the pauses, but that I couldn’t grasp this.

They didn’t understand English idioms (figures of speech) but said they could understand any language, if spoken simply.

They said that I understood, though I was not they (?). That they would like to talk with me from time to time. I agreed; and then I realized they meant the human race; not me personally.

They said they were from a water world. Their sun went supernova, and they came to Earth because of its ocean. There in the ocean they found the beings that sing [whales, I guess] and so they could not settle here.

[This part of the conversation brings to mind a dream I had a few nights ago. I was speaking with a race of Star Beings. Was it them? They thought they must leave Earth soon. That they loved the whales, and couldn’t take them with, as they were too big. I suggested, perhaps a whale embryo, and they thought, surely, yes!

In my waking state, since whales are sentient beings, I wonder at my dream-state ethics. But at the time, while dreaming, I was only one with the longing of this other race. At that time, I thought: Maybe they will take a whale embryo to another suitable planet. There, through their skill at genetic manipulation, they can create a viable gene pool of whales. Then, if ever Earth is destroyed, there will still be whales in the universe…. What an odd dream!]

To get back to Ra-En: They asked my lineage, and I said I was Arcturian. That I have Hathor acquaintances. They said they didn’t like — I forget whether it was the Arcturians or the Hathors — as these had confined them to Earth for a long time.

The topic of curiosity came up. This concept was puzzling to them. They said it was curiosity that had gotten them into so much trouble in the first place. I explained that an understanding of the proper balance between the qualities of curiosity and preserving tradition might protect them in future. That this might be a topic for them to research. That the human quality of curiosity would soon be available to all beings throughout the galaxy. [I can’t imagine what I meant by this! Perhaps the light structure of the quality of curiosity?]

They said that, if dormant, they can live 1000 years. Since they are all One, when ‘one’ is awake, ‘all’ are awake. I asked: If you could stay individually awake for 500 years, would you choose this? They said: We have never been individual, so the question does not apply. I said: I would choose individual. They said: In that case, you could not be one with Ra. I respectfully thanked them for considering this.

They asked my name. I said it was Om Ma.

Another person listening in telepathically asked if Ra-En could provide humanity with any inventions before they stopped talking with us. They said they had already done so … referring to Tesla … but we (humanity) didn’t use them. I said: So much free electricity might have damaged Earth. That what seemed like a setback was all part of the will of the One that is All. All for the good.

I mentioned the Shift. They wondered what would become of them. I said [I had heard this in one of Bill Ballard’s videos] that beings can return direct to Source now, or they may choose another path. That Ra-En would be in a better position to decide this than I. They said, more to themselves than me: When? I said that [per Bill Ballard] the Anterion Stargate is open now. They asked, more to themselves than me: Can we go now? I said: According to my understanding, yes, through the wormhole. They said: Not quite yet. And then I heard from them no more.

What has become of them? Is there an Anterion Stargate and a wormhole, as Bill says? I guess so. Maybe they went that way. Maybe they just went dormant again, and will see how things are a little later on. What I don’t know about all this could fill a pretty big book.


When they began the first part of a thought, I could understand the whole thought, as if the thought were a tangled thread which, when grasped, imparted through a tactile sense awareness of its entire nature.

As we talked, I began to feel neural activity rolling like big ocean waves through my head, like this:

At first it felt like this:

adapted from clipart by Terrence (1)

It was a little like REM wave action, but more exuberant and less contained. I liked this feeling very much. It is a bit overwhelming, I feel, but very nice, very peaceful.

Then later there was very active neural activity in the right back part of my head. And I felt neural activity in the left back part of my head also, but less so. It felt like this:

adapted from clipart by Terrence (1)

and the rest of my brain felt very vastly expanded — way past my skull.

Well, that’s it for strange encounters….

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) adapted from clipart by Terrence, from http://www.clker.com/clipart-head-outline-1.html Source of original: http://www.clker.com/cliparts/6/g/n/Z/Y/V/head-outline-th.png … Terms of Use: http://www.clker.com/disclaimer.html


Except where otherwise noted, “I Am of the Stars: Awakening with Planet Earth” by Alice B. Clagett is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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