Ways to Harmonize the Vital Body Will with That of the Divine … by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 2 September 2013 

Dear Ones,

This video is about ways to harmonize the vital body will with that of the Divine … in other words, to divinize the vital body.


It’s a codicil to “Vital Body Will and Personal Integrity,” http://wp.me/p2Rkym-6Fj ..


  • Be aware of the vital body’s will.
  • Traditional and nontraditional methods of uniting the vital body’s will to that of the Divine
    • Bhakti yoga, as practiced in India, to worship the Divine as beloved; for instance, a man might worship the Divine in female form, and a woman might worship the Divine in male form.
    • In the Christian tradition, celibate men sometimes venerate the Virgin Mary … This is the Marian tradition. Nuns sometimes worship Christ as their noncorporeal spouse.
    • In India, there is the worship of shiva lingam … which is a way of respecting the vast creative power of the second chakra as Divine. This is a good idea, I feel, as the idea of sexuality has been so degraded in Western society. It’s good to realize that the chakra which holds sexuality in a social context also holds vast Creativity. One way to do this is to worship the shiva lingam. For instance, a stone can be placed on one’s altar, or a poster hung up with a shiva lingam on it. This is also respectful to the Earth.
    • Then there is White Tantric Yoga, in the Indian tradition. Although this is not a sexual practice, it does take advantage of the attraction between men and women. Through chanting sacred chants, it raises that attraction to a sacred level.
    • There is also Red Tantric Yoga, but I advise against this as dangerous. This is because the power of possessiveness of the second chakra is just too strong for most people. Hence all kinds of negative emotions, such as jealousy and anger, come into play.
    • I do recommend walking in nature and chanting at the same time. This is good exercise, the vital body loves it, and the use of the chant brings in the Divine.
    • This merging of the vital body and sacred chant could take place in any physical activity … such as cooking.
    • Eating might be thought of as communion, in the Christian tradition, if practiced with prayerful devotion.
    • Saying a little prayer right before and right after sleeping, will divinize the transition of awareness. That then divinizes sleep, something very important to the vital body.
    • So the general instruction is:
      • Listen to the vital body.
      • Do something that both you and the vital body can agree upon.
      • And bring in the Divine, either through a visualization, or through a chant.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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