Vital Body Will and Personal Integrity … by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 2 September 2013 

Dear Ones,

This video is about the vital body likes and dislikes, the vital body will, and how honoring these can lead us into personal integrity and personal power. It also offers a new perspective on the victim-aggressor paradigm, threat energy, and controllers.


  • The vital body, according to Sri Aurobindo, is our torso, from the neck down to, and including, the sexual chakra.
  • Then there is what he calls the ‘physical body chakra’, known elsewhere as the basal chakra.
  • I’ve noticed that my vital body decisions are very spontaneous (not thought out). For instance, I like purple. The minute I see purple, I like it. It’s not a question of thinking it through.
  • In fact, automatic likes and dislikes underlie most of our choices in life. Sometimes these vital body choices take me someplace I don’t want to go … such as to the ice cream store, even though my thinking mind strongly objects. So, the vital body is quite a bully!
  • Consternation and C\capitulation: When my mental body takes over, and decides to, say, work on paperwork, and I don’t take the likes and dislikes of my vital body into consideration, then all kinds of negative thoughts come in. Eventually, they reach a crescendo point at which I must act to placate the vital body. Or else!
  • So the first principle of the vital body is: My vital body pretty much gets its way.
  • The second principle of the vital body is: If it doesn’t get its way, there’s heck to pay!
  • Story about my door alarm ringing (for no reason) just after midnight (1), and an immense, negatively aspected vital body energy swooping into my bedroom. It seemed to be from the unconscious mind of a lot of people. It was very angry and destructive; in fact, it could have been terrifying, had it not happened many times before.
    • I had been practicing visualizing my merkaba, a sacred geometry that protects our bodies.
    • When the other energy swooped in, my own vital body added immense energy to my merkaba, and fended off this other energy. This happened without my mental mind thinking about it; had never happened before [but has happened many times since then].
    • In the past, I had felt fear when foreign vital body energies swooped in, but this time, my vital body energy protected me.
  • I got to thinking about integrity, and facing the likes and dislikes of the vital body … something we tend to ignore in our society today.
  • Spiritual vital body blinders: A person who is spiritually inclined, for instance, will have high ideals that may not … in fact, never … completely match the likes and dislikes of the vital body. So they may be ignored.
    • For instance, the desire for sex. Every highly evolved spiritual person knows that should be controlled.
    • But the vital body will have none of that. It wants what it wants.
    • If it doesn’t get what it wants, it creates a negatively aspected mental mind.
    • And then, at night you get this roaming around, unconscious energy, of the vital body roaming around the world, creating what I term the victim-aggressor paradigm.
  • A lot of people are complaining about threat energy, about being victims, about the odious Controllers, and so on.
  • But in fact, it could be that we, ourselves, are not paying attention to what our vital bodies want.
  • Here’s another instance: All spiritually progressive people know that they shouldn’t have any of those cardinal sins; such as lust, anger, greed, pride and attachment. These are bad news for the yogi! Yet, our vital bodies have all these issues.
  • Suppose we’re in a situation where jealousy comes into play. Our spiritual self says: I am not a jealous person. But yet the vital body is simmering in upset and jealousy.
    • This could create a situation where a person hates someone subconsciously, and behaves consciously, through the mental mind, as if they loved somebody. The two don’t agree.
  • When the mental mind and the gut brain disagree, then we lose our personal power. That’s the bad news.
  • But the good news is, when I pay attention to my vital body; when it says to me, for instance, “I can’t take the paperwork anymore. I’ve got to get up and go out for a walk” … and then I listen to it, then all kinds of wonderful, creative things happen.
  • Then the wisdom of the Universe comes to me. It has to do with integrity; with honoring the vital body likes and dislikes. This then allows us to include the immense creative ability of the vital body.
  • Ongoing, I feel the thing to do is to observe, without judging, the likes and dislikes of the vital body. That act of awareness, I feel, creates a sense of integrity. Integrity creates personal power. And personal power will allow us to co-create the new reality.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


There’s  a followup video on “Ways to Harmonize the Vital Body Will with That of the Divine” — see


(1) I’ve been at the effect of many psychokinetic (i.e., poltergeist) effect in recent years. These have included bed rattling, sheets of heavy duty aluminum foil levitating, picture rattling, the sound of footsteps on my roof or outside my bedroom window, and in the above case, my doorbell ringing.

I feel these effects were the result of repressed rage or anger in another person or persons. My landlord, in a number of ongoing instances of footsteps in his garage, interpreted them as visits from ghosts. Here is more on the phenomenon: “Poltergeists (Overview),”

I’ve also heard, on the clair plane, of a fire having been set in a person’s childhood, that resulted in his house burning down, and his mother dying. It’s possible this fire was set psychokinetically or by hand, through ordinary means; I’m not sure which.


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