How Comic Strips Influence Our Character … by Alice ..

Revised; originally published on 25 August 2013 

Dear Ones,

This video is about how how our favorite childhood comic strips can influence our adult character. And what to do about it. Or whether we should … ?


  • My favorite comic strip: The Phantom. Some of the qualities that I really admired and followed in my life had to do with that comic strip. For instance, he spent a lot of time alone, in a cave, in a beautiful country setting, with trees, and mountains, and jungles. He had some superpowers, which he used to fight evil.
  • If were were to analyze the comic strips that we really like, and then compare them to what we really want in life … For instance, what are the good things that they provide? What are the things in life that they have, and that we might like to have? What things to we have that we want to avoid? Then maybe we could find a comic strip that better suits our intentions, and reading that would leave an impression on our subconscious minds and our vital bodies.
  • For instance, I have an acquaintance who really liked the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. Remember how Calvin had an incredible imagination, and used to come up with stories about dinosaurs and other scenarios that weren’t really happening, but seemed really real to him? Also, he had an imaginary tiger friend named Hobbes that was protecting his back all the time.
  • So Calvin was very creative, very imaginative, very sensitive.
  • And he was always looking for somebody in his life who would protect him. Which is fine. But the thing is, if you’re missing your Hobbes, and you’re expecting your Hobbes, then that causes trouble.
  • So if that’s the case, why not always imagine we have an imaginary Hobbes, always standing by us and protecting our back in the world, as was the case with Calvin? This is a juvenile thing, but that’s what the vital body is … It’s very juvenile.
  • These are my thoughts on comic book searches, and comic book characters, and figuring them out, and maybe changing the list a little.

Image: “The Phantom,” by Lee Falk and Ray Moore: This is the first of the Sunday comic strips, in which the Phantom swears to destroy cruelty, piracy, and greed, working alone to achieve these ends: .. As a child I really loved this. Quite possibly, though, it’s a little too dramatic for me today. 

Image: Calvin walking on a log over a stream, with Hobbes just behind him:—Hobbes-calvin–26-hobbes-254155_500_375.jpg .. Sometimes I imagine Hobbes is right behind me, protecting my back too. Feels great!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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