Gut Brain Telepathy and the Importance of Consciously Grouping … by Alice B. Clagett *

Published on 20 August 2013; transcribed on 17 July 2018

    • Crawdad at Pastorius Reservoir, Colorado
    • Telepathy That Comes from the Throat and Head
    • Discovery of Gut Brain Telepathy
    • Alarming Things that Other People’s Gut Brains Talk About Telepathically
    • On Taking Other People’s Gut Brain Telepathic Messages with a Grain of Salt
    • How Group Members Exchange Telepathic Messages While Asleep
    • Admonition to Feel Our Hearts and Be Careful Who We Associate With
    • Hoping the Posse Will Not Be Hunting Down the Messenger!

Dear Ones,

This video covers a range of topics — ascension, telepathy, the gut brain, characteristics of uncleared lower chakras, anxiety, groups and the effect of the collective unconscious, also known as the unconscious thought cloud of the world. Suggestions to counteract the effect of group gut brain telepathy: Calling on beings from higher planes, visualizing our pranic column, concentrating on enhancing our own body of light, and consciously grouping.

After the video are an Outline and a Summary; text in green font is not in the video.



  • Telepathy is going global
  • There are many kinds of telepathy
    • Telepathy from the throat and head
    • Telepathy from the gut brain  – quote Adam Hadhazny
      • Gut brain telepathy is just the gut brain talking, not the conscious mind.
        • This is the telepathic activity of the isolated neurons in the viscera … the intestines and organs there.
        • On the astral plane, gut brain telepathy is associated with the first, second and third chakra … the area of the body called the Lower Mental Body, the lower triangle or the desire elemental.
      • Gut brain telepathic topics are very predictable:
        • First chakra: Survival, fear of death, safety, personal security;
        • Second chakra: Sexuality, animal lust;
        • Third chakra: Forcing one’s way in the world, rampant ego (“I am everything! Death to all but me!”).
  • The gut brains, the unconscious minds, of the people in the groups we belong to are talking to us telepathically all the time. This happens especially at night.
  • If the ideas of the people in the groups we belong to are different from our own ideas, then at night we will be inundated with the unconscious telepathic ideas of people in the groups we belong to.
  • Thus it falls upon us to carefully choose which groups we wish to align with.
  • Also, we must cut the astral cords that bind us to other people and fill our energy bodies with light. No one else can do this for us.


Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

Crawdad at Pastorius Reservoir, Colorado

I was getting ready to do a video for you all about groups and astral cords and telepathy. And then I heard a noise in the water down by where I am sitting. And I noticed there is this big crawdad down there … crayfish … which … I do not know whether you can see it or not; the water is a little bit murky …  See it moving along there? …

Image: “Crawdad In Pastorius Reservoir Sluice,” by Alice B. Clagett, 20 August 2013, CC BY-SA 4.0

There it goes! It has big claws. And I think it knows I am here, because it has its claws facing toward the sound that I am making here. So, Hello, Mr. Crawdad! … And I will bet there are a few others down there too.

But so, just to give you a glimpse of what I am looking at, right now, I am getting a good view …

Image: “Pastorius Reservoir,” by Alice B. Clagett, 20 August 2013, CC BY-SA 4.0

And what you are hearing right now is a fisherman. He was out there fishing in there, and right around this way, over here …

Image: “Where the Bald Eagle Liked to Circle at Pastorius Reservoir,” by Alice B. Clagett, 20 August 2013, CC BY-SA 4.0

… sometimes you will see a bald eagle circling, but it is leary of the people. I have been trying to get a shot of it for you, but it is very leary of people.

So this is the opposite end when where they were fishing [speaking of the place where sitting] … This is the outlet to the aqueduct, over here; it goes off into the farm country behind me. And I found a place to prop up my camera, which is a big help.

So, I wanted to talk a little bit about groups, as we are going through the Ascension process.

You know, everybody is getting telepathic these days; and that is the truth. And as I have written about a little, apparently there are quite a few different kinds of telepathy. And I am only familiar with the first two kinds, so we will talk a little about that.

Telepathy That Comes from the Throat and Head

There is a kind of telepathy that comes from the throat and the head; and that kind of telepathy has mental ideas in it: It has logic, and reason, and intuition. And it is a nice kind of telepathy, because people are speaking from a kind of a civilized point of view to each other.

Discovery of Gut Brain Telepathy

Then there is another kind of telepathy. I just read, quite recently, a Scientific American article that was published in 2010 …

Link: “Think Twice: How the Gut’s ‘Second Brain’ Influences Mood and Wellbeing,” by Adam Hadhazy , 12 February 2010, “Scientific American,” ..

And it was about the intestines, the gut, and how they are aligned with neurons. And these neurons form brain cells … and they form what you might call a second brain. And this explains a lot of the experiences I have been having in the last two years.

Alarming Things that Other People’s Gut Brains Talk About Telepathically

Because I have been hearing telepathic communications that are not logical; that have to do with the first few chakras …

  • with survival, fear of death, fear for personal security, safety; that is the first chakra in the old system.
  • Then problems with sexuality and lust, in an animal sort of way … Apparently we have these instincts, but our thinking brain keeps a grip on them. But telepathically, like groups of animals, we are transmitting these.
  • And then there is a third chakra, and that has to do with forcing one’s way in the world, in the bad sense; it has to do with rampant ego, in the bad sense, and just: I am everything! And if I am not everything, then I will soon be everything! Death to all but me! … that kind of thing.

Of course, as the chakras are cleared, it is nothing like that. But right now, in the world today, there is a lot of clearing to do in the lower chakras, if you know what I mean.

On Taking Other People’s Gut Brain Telepathic Messages with a Grain of Salt

So, what I have been hearing, is the gut brain of other people talking to me. And for a long time, I did not know it was just the gut brain; I thought I was being threatened. And I thought that other people were sexually attacking me. And I thought, maybe I would die, or maybe somebody would kill me, because I was not them, you know? [laughs] … a lot of stuff!

And so I would have anxiety sessions, and all kinds of things would come up. And then finally one day, I realized that it was just people’s gut talking to me. And from that, I derived an understanding of something interesting, that we might want to consider …

How Group Members Exchange Telepathic Messages While Asleep

As we ascend, you know, things are changing a lot. What it is … it might be because of astral cording … I do not really know the mechanism … But the groups that we belong to … Could be a work group; it might be a spiritual group; it might be the people at the supermarket; it could be a family group … any group that we feel an affiliation for … Their gut brain, the gut brain of those that we feel close to, is somehow talking to our gut brain. Believe it or not!

So we want to be careful about our allegiance to groups. Because what I am finding is that groups have set ideas about what our heart should be and do. But we have a duty to our own heart: To feel it, and know it, and act on that, on that heart.

But when we have these gut attachments to other people, all night long … believe it or not! … our gut is talking to their gut. And if their ideas are different from ours, we are constantly being inundated by those ideas; to the point where it is hard for us, in our daily lives

When we wake up, then we have to wonder where these ideas came from, floating through the Collective Subconscious or the Unconscious Thought Cloud of our dreams, and into our brains. And in the morning, we wake up, and there they are. We do not know from where they came.

Admonition to Feel Our Hearts and Be Careful Who We Associate With

So, it falls upon us to always feel our heart. And to be very careful about who we associate with. And to do our best to cut our psychic cords, and fill our aura with Light.

I hope this was very clear to you. I think that we will all be discovering it on an empirical basis, as time goes on … or does not go on, as the case may be … because they say there is no Time in the Fifth Dimension. But it seems like there is still time, to us, even though the days flip by very quickly now.

And I think that we will all start noticing the effect of groups on us. And so, when you do, I hope you do not freak out like I did. And, know that there is plenty of help available from higher beings, so we can relate to them. Or, we can relate to our own pranic tube … our central vertical power current, or column of Light … instead of relating to the groups.

Hoping the Posse Will Not Be Hunting Down the Messenger!

Now, I do not know about you, but this information fell on my brain with a thud! And I was very attached to various groups. And it took a while to sink in, what was really going on. And so, I hope it does not fall with a thud on your brain. And that you just consider it as a possibility. Maybe it will fit the facts of your own life, and maybe it will not.

And so: Consciously grouping. Carefully grouping. Or maybe not grouping, and just being ‘I Am I” … you know?

Blessings and love. A beautiful day. Love you.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


LInk: “Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle,” by Alice Bailey and Djwhal Khul, … See the following excerpts:

  • “III. Three Types of Telepathy: 1. Instinctual Telepathy”
  • “III. Three types of Telepathy”: The paragraph beginning: 2. In our race …
  • “Teachings of Telepathy: I. The Field of Telepathic Interplay” … the paragraph beginning: The second form …  Note that the word ‘Aryan’ is not being used in this excerpt in the typical racial sense. It has to do with naming of the epochs of the souls currently assuming human form. Theosophical writings have more information on this.


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