Four Mental Zones … by Sri Aurobindo … and Thoughts on Mind Control Here on Earth … by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 12 August 2013

  • Sri Aurobindo: Four Mental Zones and Seven Centers of Consciousness
  • About Using Telepathic Mind Control to Create an Utopia on Earth
  • The Advantages Conferred by the Precepts of the All and Free Will
  • Many Beings Exercise Mind Control on Earth … Humans Are the Least of These
  • Earth Offers Us the Opportunity for a Great Soul Lesson

Dear Ones,


Sri Aurobindo refers to four mental zones comprising seven centers of consciousness:

  • Subconscient  and Physical … comprising a basal chakra that also controls the second (sexual) chakra
  • Vital Body … comprising heart chakra, navel point (third chakra old style), and another center located between the navel point and the sexual (second) chakra
  • Mind … comprising a throat center and the third eye-point (ie, fifth and sixth chakras)
  • Superconscient … comprising crown chakra, and three higher centers

For more on this, go to “SatPrem: Sri Aurobindo, or the Adventure of Consciousness,” … see the section The Centers of Consciousness.

In this analysis, Sri Aurobindo implies the telepathic ‘hubs’ associated with the various chakras. My own experience agrees with his, to some extent. I’ve found that there are various levels of telepathic ‘voices’ in people.

For me, I tend to lump what he terms the ‘Subconscient’ and the ‘Vital Body’ together … for these, see my blog categories Lower mental body – gut brain and Vital Body (1)

For his category ‘Mind’ I have a blog category termed Higher Mental Body

For his category ‘Superconscient’ see my blog category Transpersonal chakras – 8th, 9th, 10th


There is a school of thought online to the effect that Sri Aurobindo espoused creation of a human utopia based on telepathy. Further, he refers to three centers above the crown chakra. These are the mind that is illumined, the mind that is intuitive, and the ‘overmind’ (i.e., cosmic consciousness).

Sometimes this word ‘overmind’ can be taken to mean ‘a mind that can take over other people’s minds’ … or ‘a mind that’s over other people’s minds” … and this can be construed in a ‘power over’ context (see my blog category: Power over – powerlessness – service to self – service to others ).

Sometimes this line of thought is taken to the logical conclusions that:

  • the illumined person, or the person with cosmic consciousness, has the right to use telepathic mind control or mental suggestion to influence humankind so as to craft an utopia on Earth
  • and that, due to the superior consciousness of the enlightened person, the ends clearly justify the means.


I adhere to the notion proposed in “The Law of One,” (2) to the effect that Earth has two fundamental precepts, these being the All and Free Will. I adhere to these because I see greater possibilities for Soul learning through their implementation.

The purpose of life on Earth is to allow all beings here great diversity of opportunity to exercise Free Will. If mind control is implemented by an Enlightened Being, then that being works against God’s plan for life on Earth.

He chooses to limit the Free Will of those he mind controls, and thus they may live very happy lives (as was the case with the Soul experiment on the planet Venus), but as unhappiness often produces greater Soul understanding, their Soul missions will, in many cases, be aborted in the current lifetime.

Further, if that Enlightened Being exercises mind control in favor of his own group, then he breaks the fundamental tenet of the All. He proposes that those who are mind controlled will learn they are not, after all, great and Eternal Souls. That God must not, after all, love all beings. How can such a lesson be beneficial to these Souls?


We here on Earth are surrounded by beings more powerful than ourselves. There is, of course, the temptation of Enlightened humans to mind control us so as to end our suffering, which they feel, with great compassion, as if it were their own. But in addition, there are far more powerful beings …. Even the least of the demon realm are far more clever than us. They can wrap our lower mental bodies round their putative little fingers.

When it gets on to the larger demon entities … such as Satan, Baal, and such like … our human selves would have no hope whatsoever, were we not to align our wills, our hearts, and our minds with the Great Will, the Great Heart, and the Great Mind of God. For of all mind controlling beings, these are the most singularly adept and the most powerfully coercive.


As we develop Mastery of Mind, we inevitably develop psychic powers. Let us not be fooled into looking down on our fellow human beings. Instead, let us ever be aware of the mind-control dangers that lurk in the demon realm (though far less so now than prior to the Shift). These are the true enemies of all humankind.

No matter what the intention of those fearsome beings, nevertheless the effect of their exercising their powers can only be to reinforce the Will of God. All things are God, and so all events in all continuums express His Will.

Let us stand firm. Let us stand together with our fellow human beings, in the light of God’s love. Let us have faith that Soul wisdom will come to us, not just despite the hardships of life on Earth, but because these hardships convey to us the Soul lessons for which we all long … lessons of courage, strength of will, and a pure and illumined heart that relates first to the Divine, and through His grace, looks with loving kindness, and with a peaceful mind, on all beings everywhere.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) There are also the Subpersonal chakras … now available to us as a result of the Awakening, but not yet available at the time when he wrote.

(2) See “The Law of One,” ..

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