Unseen Forces … by Alice B. Clagett

Revised 29 June 2018; originally published on 12 July 2013 

    • On Watching the Wind Blow
    • A Dream About Humans in Other Solar Systems
    • Memory of a Past Lifetime as a Man

Dear Ones,

I have a new video for you. This is about unseen forces in our lives, about a dream I had today, and a past lifetime I remembered long ago. There are an Audiotrack and a Summary after the video; text in green font is not in the video …





Hello, Dear Ones. This is Alice.

I’m over here in the mountain park. This is where I’ve been meditating lately, in the early morning. I just thought I would show you the view here …

Image: “Simi Hills,” by Alice B. Clagett, 11 July 2013, CC BY-SA 4.0

I think there are some coyotes under the rocks over there that live there, but they don’t show up much during the day. It’s right nice scenery here … beautiful chaparral .. kind of ‘sitting on top of the world’ here. Very nice.

On Watching the Wind Blow

And so while I was sitting here today … I got here in the afternoon today …  I was noticing these little … I guess they’re California Wild Oats? If you look at them closely, you can see them just moving gently back and forth, kind of like they’re dancing …

Image: “California Wild Oats,” by Alice B. Clagett, 11 July 2013, CC BY-SA 4.0

So then I was thinking about that dancing thing, and I noticed the chaparral over here, with the beautiful flowers on it … sort of mesmerizing …

Image: “California Sugar Bush,” by Alice B. Clagett, 11 July 2013, CC BY-SA 4.0

When we see this, we don’t think twice about it. We just say: The wind is moving the flowers, and making them move. But, you know, nobody’s ever seen the wind. The scientists say there is a wind, but we’ve never seen it.

But what we do see … we see the chaparral very vividly. And we see how it is moved. You know? It’s not moving on its own, although it does have movement … but this is not that. It’s being moved.

And while I was watching all that, I got to thinking about breathing, and how I breathe during meditation. I breathe in, and I breathe out…. And you know, we say, “I breathe in and out,” but actually, we don’t know what’s going on. We don’t know how we’re breathing in and out. All we know is, the lungs are moving, by whatever method, and we stay alive because of it.

We’re sustained, and we’re kept alive, by an unseen force that we take for granted.

A Dream About Humans in Other Solar Systems

I thought I’d tell you a story about a dream I had today. I came back from an early morning walk, and I fell asleep, and I had a dream. The dream went like this:  I was a human being, on a planet that was not Earth. It was light years from Earth. And I was sitting and meditating, something like here.

And while I meditated, I started thinking about the far-flung human race … all the other humans on other planets and in other solar systems in my universe. And the minute I thought it, my awareness went to another planet that had humans on it.

And I saw that these humans were trapped and enslaved by a cruel alien species. And they had, essentially, no free will, and the light of their hearts had been chained down; had been darkened. And the memory of the greatness that they really were, they had forgotten.

And my heart went out to them. Suddenly I was there on that planet. And I could see a little child about 3 years old, a little girl, sitting on someone’s lap. And I felt such compassion for her. With my hand, I touched her heart. And I blessed her with a blessing that she should be free; and all her people should be free.

And the minute I did that, my world view turned upside down, and suddenly, I was that child, looking out from that world, and that world was this one.

It was very jarring for me … It was not bad or good; it was just an amazing sensation, to be a human being from such a different place. And then, all of a sudden, to be here, in a human body, in this solar system … a completely different place.

Memory of a Past Lifetime as a Man

It reminded me of the first time I remembered a past lifetime. And it so happened, that past lifetime, I was a man, and I remembered my point of view then. And at the time, I had no idea … I mean, I had no understanding of how men are. I had a woman’s point of view. And the minute I realized that I had been, in a recent past lifetime, a man, and that I had had the point of view that I, in this feminine lifetime, considered alien, I was very shocked. It was very jarring also, to find myself in a completely different perspective suddenly.

So, I just thought I would talk to you today, a little today …

  • about what we see,
  • and what we don’t see,
  • and what’s sustaining us,
  • and what’s restraining us … that’s invisible to us.

It’s something to think about.

And I wish you all freedom, and happiness, and plenty to eat. Until I see you again, goodbye …

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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