3D ‘Reality’ Projector? and More on Creating Portals … by Alice B. Clagett ..

Revised; originally published on 13 June 2013 

  • 3D ‘Reality’ Projector?
  • Three Pictures of Energy Spirals
  • Creating Earth Portals
  • Our Crystal Shapes

Dear Ones,


Suppose there were a 3D ‘reality’ projector … a machine like a movie projector, only made of energy rather than metal and plastic, and located in the ‘projection booth’ of the human heart.* Suppose the human body were pure energy, and the ‘projector’ itself, as well as what it projected, was a local energetic anomaly. A … well … a distortion of the homogeneous field of pure being.


So now I’m going to show you three pictures of energy spirals.

The first shows the spiraling energy (green arrows) of the heart chakra (yellow star). The flip side of this whirling spiral of heart energy is a black hole, a portal, the doorway to the infinite field of possibilities, to infinity. From this portal (not depicted) pours forth the energy that manifests in 3D as spiraling heart energy:

Image by Alice B. Clagett, 2013 

The next picture shows the spiral of emotion-laden thought energy from the mind to the heart and back again (red arrows). The yellow stars represent the mind and the heart:

Image by Alice B. Clagett, 2013 

The next picture shows the spiral of energy (violet arrows) from the heart (upper yellow star) to the object of desire (lower yellow star):

Image by Alice B. Clagett, 2013 

Now you have to imagine all three pictures, superimposed one upon the other!

The spirals of energy fit together like cogged wheels. The source of projector energy is the heart portal.

The mechanics are thus: The pure, spiraling heart energy is distorted by the thought – heart spiral. Then the heart energy, instead of forming a stable crystal merkaba state, projects outward toward an object formed by the mind and imagined by the senses. To this object, our thoughts attach an emotion. The emotional energy generated by the heart – object spiral maintains the distortion in the heart’s energy field.

When desire for or aversion to the imagined object ceases, the heart – object spiral runs out of fuel, and stops. Then, like a rubber band stretched taut, and released, the distorted heart energy flies back into the heart, allowing the heart’s natural crystal merkaba state to re-form.

Just thought to ponder…


Sandra Walter just mentioned in her “June Update: New Levels of Light and Our Galactic Legacy” that moving the hand in a counterclockwise direction (parallel to the Earth) helps in creating a portal: scroll down to the video at http://www.sandrawalter.com/june-update-new-levels-of-light-and-our-galactic-legacy/


Sandra also mentioned there’s no need to hold on to any particular sacred geometry (such as the merkaba). Right now, she is feeling an octahedron around her. She says there are many other possible sacred geometric shapes – so, she advises: Don’t hold on to any particular shape; just notice what’s there.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

* Imagine that the mental and emotional bodies are attached to, and balloon out of, the heart.

Note: I got this notion from Bill Ballard’s 11 June 2013 video “Through the Portal of the Anterion Conversion into 5D – True Clearing,” on Youtube.


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