How Height of Gaze Modulates Chakric and Astral Plane Experiences during Meditation … by Alice B. Clagett *

Revised; originally published on 3 June 2013 

  • Best Eye Positions During Meditation
  • Astral Hiccups
  • On Toeing the Line

Always keep your eyes lifted up towards the light.
— Thoth, “Emerald Tablets.” paraphrased

Dear Ones,


To avoid astral difficulties during meditation, post-Shift, the traditional eye positions no longer serve. Below are my own experimental results regarding this.


Image: Left, adaptation of a chakra picture by William Vroman, from Wikimedia Commons, public domain. Right: a meditation room. Middle: correlation between the 7 traditional chakras and your eye position during meditation. Adaptation by Alice B. Clagett, 3 June 2013, CC BY-SA 3.0

The right-hand side of the picture above shows a meditation room. Pretend you’re sitting in a chair in your own favorite meditation place, and your view is something like that shown. In the picture, note the position of the ceiling and the floor line.

The left-hand side of the picture shows an adaptation of a chakra picture by William Vroman, from Wikimedia Commons, public domain. (1)

In the middle of the picture is a correlation between the 7 traditional chakras and your eye position during meditation. You might want to click on the picture to make it larger, for ease of reading. The words in peacock blue are (from top): Crown Chakra, Third-Eye Point, Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, Navel Chakra, Sacral Chakra, and Basal Chakra.

So, on the left you can see where the chakras are located on a person. And on the right you can see the level at which to focus your gaze, as you sit meditating, in order to concentrate on a particular chakra. On the far right is a ruler, which measures off the space from floor to ceiling in 7 units roughly corresponding to the 7 traditional chakras.


Years ago, in the 1980s, I learned that it was best to keep the eyes in one of these ways during meditation: nearly closed, and gazing downward; focused on the tip of the nose; open and staring at an object such as a mandala or a candle flame; or with eyes closed, gazing upward and a little bit cross-eyed, focusing on the third-eye point. I’m here to tell you these are no longer the best eye techniques to use. At least, not for the nonce.

As described in previous posts, the Earth is rising through the 4th dimension (astral plane) right now. We humans are rising through the 4th dimension along with it. This has led to astral difficulties for me during meditation. Perhaps it has done so for you as well. If not now, perhaps it will later.

For the many of us who are not yet firmly established in the fifth dimension, with all our chakras very clear indeed, the thing to do right now is to keep the eyes wide open, and focus the gaze at eye level or higher. I don’t stare at a particular spot, but rather, I move my eyes around the room, always at this higher level. That way I can avoid going unconscious or falling asleep, and I can also avoid slipping into astral difficulties during meditation.

What are these astral difficulties? I can name a few through personal experience. In the list below, the first column shows the level of gaze (see ruler in picture), and the second column, some of the astral phenomena that may be encountered.

For levels 0 through 4, I’ve shown the bothersome phenomenal that can occur if the chakras are negatively aspected (that is, need clearing). For levels 4 through 7, I don’t know of any negative aspects, though there may be some.

Bear in mind that, since the Shift, many people are experiencing new chakras below the basal chakra and above the crown chakra. I haven’t included these new chakras here, as I’m not familiar enough with them to do so.

Levels 0-1 — Unconscious mind. Bigfoot (scary but harmless; not too bright) (2)

Levels 0-3 — Subconscious mind. Devils, archons, fear, victim-aggressor paradigm

Level 3 — Disincarnate gods, novice ascended masters, twilight beings … beings of the Plane of Forces, the Veil between the third and fourth dimensions (may masquerade as Levels 0-2, but their gig is POWER OVER). Black magic. Mind control

Level 3-4 — Negative emotions: self-pity, anger, hatred, sorrow, grief

Levels 4-6 — Conscious mind

Levels 4-6 — Clairvoyance, clairaudience

Level 7 and above — Cosmic mind. White gossamer light

I would like to point out that there are some reasons to gaze downward. A good one might be to clear our own lower astral planes. So with this in mind, expeditions may be made to the various lower astral planes by lowering the eyes to the appropriate level during meditation.


I remember a chemical experiment I did long ago on stochastics. My results were very wide of the predicted mark. Yet I was so careful with my technique! Totally meticulous. What could have gone wrong?

So I asked my classmates about their results. Theirs were right on. I explained my quandary: Where did I go wrong? They said, If you’re off, just keep repeating the experiment till you get the expectable results. And if necessary, make an adjustment to the results by way of averaging.

So I tried it a few more times … same result. They got A’s; I got a B. C’est la vie!

I gathered from this that it pays to toe the line. This was excellent training for the rest of my life … till recently, anyway.

However, I’m here to tell you, if you do your own experiment regarding eye position and eye movements during meditation, and if your results differ wildly from what I’ve led you to believe … and if I had anything to say about your results … which I don’t … why then I’d give you an A plus for discovering your own truth about it! Best of luck in this journey of discovery (should you decide to pursue it) …

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) from … public domain

(2) More on Bigfoot: Link: “Law of One: The Ra Material,”

Those of which I speak in the above blog are black, with fiery red eyes, maybe 3/4 as large as a person, fearful of people, and like to hide in dark corners, or by chimneys.

They are semi-substantial … partly physical and partly astral, it seems. It’s likely they dwell in the ‘Twilight Zone’, the In-Between … the Plane of Forces … also known as the Veil between the physical and the astral plane.

I suggest the Jinn may also dwell in the Plane of Forces, as they also have both physical and astral qualities, according to the Quran. See Link: “On the Jinn,” referrals by Alice B. Clagett, ..


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