What If the Fourth Dimension Were Truer? … by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 30 May 2013 

  • What If Magic Were Real?
  • What Dimension Are We Really In?
  • On the Possibility That There Are Alternate Versions of Every Dimension
  • My Earthly Incarnations
  • Getting to 5D

Dear Ones,


What if the fourth dimension were a ‘truer’ reality … closer to Source … than 3D? Ghosts and goblins and all that stuff. Magic, both black and white. Elves and faeries and gnomes and such. Very, very bad beings and very, very good beings, coexisting. The ability to instantaneously will things into existence …


Let’s make an assumption and see where we go with it: Let’s assume that we humans are experiencing a mixture of fourth dimension (astral plane) and third dimension (physical world) right now. Let’s say each dimension has 12 levels or planes, and that there are 12 dimensions in our Universe.


Parallel Universe theory has it that there are lots of versions of each universe. Way lots. Let’s assume this means there are as many versions of each dimension. Each of us, as an eternal soul, is acting out what are most probably wildly differing experiences in each of these parallel universes. The marriage that didn’t happen in this reality, did happen in another reality. We died a month after birth in one of our realities. We have a wonderful relationship with our loving parents in this reality, but in some other reality we were orphaned shortly after birth. We’re an only child, but elsewhere we’re part a family of 10. And so on.

In each of these parallel universes, our life is (or would it be ‘lives are’ ?) unfolding simultaneously, in the eternal Now.

If, in fact, the fourth dimension (the astral world) is the teaching vehicle for the ascending Soul, and the third dimension is just a lesson-oriented ‘field trip’ away from the astral planes, then the likelihood is that … taking all our simultaneous parallel universe experience as a whole … we’re experiencing more time Now in the fourth dimension than in the third dimension. Say, 2 physical experiences concurrent with every 10 astral experiences.

In 3D, we have the illusion of many … say 100, or 200 … incarnations, which we conceive as being in the past, and perhaps as having progressed from simple to complex, or from crude and unlearned to cream-of-the-crop, like this:


Suppose life were like a deck of cards:

Image: Playing cards, spread out in an arc: http://www.dreaminterpretation.co/imgs/dream-interpretation-deck-of-cards_456x0.jpg ..

The first earthly life might conceived of as being the nearly hidden 4 of hearts at the bottom of the stack/ The current lifetime might be conceived to be like the 10 of spades, on top of the stack.

But all my incarnations are actually taking place simultaneously, in the Now. Like this:

Image: Stacked pack of playing cards: http://previews.123rf.com/images/violin/violin1111/violin111100090/11270596-Deck-of-playing-cards-isolated-on-white-background-Stock-Photo.jpg ..

These neatly stacked cards may be thought of as our ‘akashic records’.


Beginning with the most dense akashic record … say, the 10 of clubs in the illustration above — we must clear all our cards. Which is what is happening now. Earth is facilitating this process for us. Since the Shift, rays from the central sun are beaming to our Sun, which transmutes them for absorption by earth and her beings. Earth is absorbing these vibes, and those of us who physically walk on Earth are absorbing Earth’s vibes and clearing our akashic cards … as opposed to those of us who, for example, are placing our awareness on our mental body (the 3D, truncated version of our mental body), or on virtual reality as generated by the ‘news’, TV, and internet.

So, we may have an experience of, say, disembodies entities. Or archontic machinations. Or telepathic intrusion. Or black magic. Or any of many other lower 4D phenomena.

We may ‘think’ that something is ‘being done’ to us. And no wonder, since 4D, like 3D, is heavily imbued with the right-wrong, good-bad polarity.

But in fact, when we have these polarized experiences, is something being ‘done to us’? Or are we simply ruffling through our own akashic records, in the many realms of experience, the many parallel universes, the many concurrent incarnations, that we ourselves are clearing in the Now? And then every once in a while, we could imagine that one of our cards lights up with a brilliant white light. And this is the process of karmic clearing ….

Image: Hands shuffling cards: https://iamofthestars.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/60a76-cardshufflecasinocrop.jpg ..

We might think of ourselves like this:

Image: Soul Matrix, showing the beginning of 144 Soul extensions that comprise a Monad: https://iamofthestars.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/cf343-welcome_clip_image002_0226.jpg ..

We might imagine a Divine hologame projector (not shown), and Oversoul “I”  as the top left-hand circle. Beneath it are 12 parallel universes, in which I explore the Now. Each of these 12 holds within its experience that of 12 more parallel universes. Thus the Monad might be conceived as being 144 Soul experiences all taking place in the Now.

Each circle is like one astral ‘field of being.’ You could picture it thus: Each incarnation is like one piece of pasta in a big bowl of astral minestrone soup!

What’s ascending here? The Oversoul ‘I’ (my Higher Self … the real me! … is ascending.

How much of this am I presently cognizant of? Gosh … ok, I know about my current experience, sort of. Maybe a glimpse of a few incarnations. I’ve met a few astral beings. Been briefly to a few of my parallel universe parallel lives. Do I have the big picture? duh …

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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