Silicon Valley 3: Ramp-Up of Human Body Energy as ‘Semiconductor Chip’ in Global ‘Computer’ … by Alice B. Clagett ..

Revised; originally published 1 May 2013 

Dear Ones,

As our body cells lose their physical impurities, and our astral bodies lose their astral impurities (described elsewhere variously as ‘karmic miasmic distortions’, ‘morphogenetic field distortions’, and ‘akashic record distortions’), our mitochondria become better batteries – better transmitters of energy, and capable of storing photonic energy for longer.

As this energy builds in our bodies, a columnar energy field – the ‘pranic tube’ forms in the long axis of the body. At first, it’s thin, and not connected to anything above or beneath it.

As the cells and the morphogenetic field purify, the width of the pranic tube increases. Funny thing, it begins to look a little like a giant battery. Or you might think of it as a giant semiconductor chip.

Eventually it has enough charge to connect with the energy of Earth’s core and of the newly forming Crystal Grid, which have different potentials, and so act as a giant battery powering our new human co-creative ability, and connecting us to cosmic mind.

There’s a great animation of this process at — near the bottom of the page:

Image: Animation of recoding to 12-strand DNA: ..

  • The animation starts with an enlarged pranic column picture. Then we see how the column connects with the blue Crystal Grid energy and the pink Earth core energy.
  • This ignites the black hole (infinite) energy of the heart. There’s an explosion as this infinite energy ignites with the local, finite energy -– I gather this is an antimatter-matter reaction.
  • The energy so created begins to spiral.
  • And then a vortex is formed that unites the Crystal Grid with Earth’s core.

That’s why we humans are sometimes called transformers or ‘transducers’ of energy. In the manner that semiconductor chips power the memory of a computer, so we humans — once our DNA is transformed to 12-strand, and our mitochondria become sufficiently capable of storing and transmitting energy – will assist in powering the Crystal Grid that informs the awareness of New Earth.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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