Telepathic Modulation … by Alice B. Clagett

Reposted from 25 April 2013

  • On Modulating Telepathic Communication: Introduction
  • On Being Telepathically Linked to People with Whom You Don’t Want to Clair Chat
  • On the Fall of Earth and the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World
  • ‘Mind Control’ … A Putative Term
    • Blessing for Free wWill
  • Navel Point Churning to Invigorate and Smoothe the Etheric Body
    • To Reestablish Individualization – A Sense of “I Am I” … Personal Empowerment … To Integrate and Strengthen the Etheric Body … To Turn Off the ‘Telepathic Radio’
  • Physical Invigoration Through Inhaling Vitality Globules
    • Background Information
    • Meditation on Vitality Globules
  • Emotional Body Smoothing to Turn Down the Volume on the ‘Telepathic Radio’
    • A Smoothing Breath
  • Emily Post for Telepaths
  • Ways to Build Self-Esteem and Self-Respect: For Assertive Telepathic Communication

Image: Two women and a man on the phone at the same time: .. 

This picture is from the 1959 “Pillow Talk” a movie about two people who share a ‘party’ telephone line and despise each other. I’m reminded of how my parents had a party line when I was little. My mom used to say to us, “Now, children, if you pick up the phone and hear someone talking [that would be the other family on our party line], then just put the phone down very gently. Be sure not to listen in! It’s not polite.” Once I picked up, heard a voice, listened to two words, and mom caught me in the act. Never again!

Dear Ones,


This post is about modulating telepathic communication. Maybe a metaphor will help explain this: Let’s say you’re a radio, situated in someone’s room. You’re playing a radio station you like, and you figure they’ll like it too. But they’re complaining! This music is too loud! I don’t like country and western music! Switch to the pop music! And you don’t know what to do. You don’t know how to turn the radio down.

So that’s one situation. And here’s another: You’re the one sitting in your living room. There’s a radio in there … wonder how it got there? It starts playing C&W. You really prefer pop music, and right now you’re in the mood for no music at all. You go to look, and find the radio disappears into thin air the moment you try to turn it off. The minute you turn around, there’s that music again.

Now, what to do about the radio? How to turn it down? How to turn it off? That’s what I mean by Telepathic Modulation.


Right now, I’m in a situation where I’m only linking to a few people, and not out of free will. Same thing from their point of view. Now one could look at this as the curse of the ages, or one could think of it as a learning experience … for instance, a chance to learn Telepathic Modulation.

There’s going to come a day … in the not-too-distant future … when we’re all telepathic and clear in our auras and minds. When that day comes, it will be safe for us to be linked to the crystal grid of Earth, and to the core of Earth. That linkup will give us the ability to communicate telepathically with anyone on Earth. Intuition tells me that there are fail-safes in place … energy thresholds that must be surmounted before we can link with the crystal grid. These fail-safes stop us from getting too much power before we are prepared to use it wisely. So, no worries in that regard, thank goodness.


Judy Satori (1) speaks of a golden age from which Earth fell long ago. During the intervening aeons … a period of about 100,000 years … mankind fell from its inherent greatness to a state resembling that of animals. One aspect of this degradation was a partial return from our true state of individualisation (2) to the group consciousness of animals. (3)

As we became less aware, and grew in numbers, the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World grew in power, and became more influential in our lives. Right now, largely due to urban crowding and the subconscious influence of mass media, the state of humanity is such that most of our actions are influenced by the collective unconscious, as is the case in the animal kingdom.


Image: Young man attempting to hypnotize: ..

This influence of the collective unconscious is what is preventing us from achieving Telepathic Modulation right now. As a consequence, telepathy is tinged with elements of dominance and submission. (4)

Many call this ‘mind control’ … although this term is surely a misnomer, considering that we humans are not yet fully in control of our own minds, so the notion of controlling other minds is one step removed from the true cause. That true cause being the iron clad grip of the collective unconscious, internalized as the Shadow of the Personality … also termed ‘distortions in our morphogenetic field,’ or ‘ karmic accretions stored in our akashic records,’ about which I’ve written elsewhere.

So, let’s say we’re in the room with the unwanted radio. Seems to us like an attempt at ‘mind control.’ We’d like to exercise a little mind control from our end of the situation, and get ‘whoever’ to take the dad-blamed radio away! But no matter how hard we try, with affirmations and imprecations, it doesn’t happen. The radio keeps on reappearing in our living room.

Last night, in the middle of the night, when the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World was at its power peak … I awoke with a very strong, unwanted naval point corded connection to someone who was fed up with inability to modulate telepathy. Apparently at their wits’ end, not knowing what else to do, this person was attempting to influence the situation through mind control.

Not again! What a nuisance! I placed a heart-felt plea with Spirit:

Blessing for Free Will

“Let there be no more Mind Control anywhere on Earth!
May all beings be free! Powerful!
Able to modulate their telepathic abilities through free will!”

I was feeling a state close to despair when I made this plea. This mind control thing had happened so many times before. I could tell how enmeshed I was with the mental and emotional bodies of those on the other end of my personal telepathic Party Line. Would I never be clear enough to exercise free will in this regard? And with those thoughts I fell back asleep.

The next morning … as is so often the case … I awoke with promptings that just seemed to materialize out of thin air. It was a certain ‘knowing’ based on nothing I could remember from the past. Where does this ‘knowing’ come from, anyway? The techniques conveyed by this ‘knowing’ turned out to be spot on, as well. So, here’s the scoop:


Image: Etheric body and solar plexus : ..

In this image, the lowest disc-like organ, the one with 6 petals, is the sexual chakra, from which physical vitality emanates. The next disk above it is the solar plexus chakra, seat of will power. Between the two is the navel point or umbilicus. Because of the navel point’s location between the sexual chakra and the solar plexus chakra, pumping the navel point in an out (also termed ‘churning’ the navel point) will stimulate both physical vitality and will power.

To Reestablish Individualization … A Sense of “I Am I” … Personal Empowerment … To Integrate and Strengthen the Etheric Body … To Turn Off the ‘Telepathic Radio’ …

Churn the abdomen at the level of the navel point slowly and gently in and out. Place your awareness on this gentle movement. Continue this practice as long as needed, whenever you wish to terminate telepathic communication.


I gave the below meditation a try, with amazing results: My whole body became filled with vibrant energy.

Background Information. A little background information is needed before doing the meditation. Take a look at these drawings:

Image: Chakras, According to Theosophy, side view: ..

Image: Chakras, According to Theosophy, frontal view: ..

These drawings of the chakras are very different from many chakric drawings. They show a basal chakra at the base of the spine. Above it, a five-petal disk at the navel point, indicating the seat of will power. Missing is the sexual chakra, possibly out of modesty.  Then on the left side of the torso, the spleen chakra, through which vitality globules (from sunshine) enter and invigorate the body. (5)

Image: Vitality Globule, According to Theosophy, and a Crop Circle Resembling a Vitality Globule: ..

Here is another version of the chakras, including more points:

Image: Chakras including points under the lowermost left and right ribs: ..

You’ll notice a standard set of chakras along the spine: Starting at the base of the spine, a disk representing the basal chakra. Above it the sexual chakra. Then, these two unusual chakras above that, which are referred to in the Meditation on Vitality Globules below (6) …

On the left side of the body (i.e., on the right for the viewer of the drawing) is the spleen chakra. At the same level, on the right side of the body (i.e., on the left for the viewer of the drawing) is a smaller center.

Then, along the center line of the body, above these two, is the solar plexus chakra, and above that the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the third-eye point, and the crown chakra, as is usually depicted.

Meditation on Vitality Globules. Sitting in a chair, with back straight and feet flat on the floor, concentrate your awareness on the Spleen Chakra, located just under the lowest left rib, a little lower than the spleen.

Imagine vitality globules being pulled toward this chakra, swirled around in it, and then streaming out into the various parts of the body.

Or, if the right side of your body is weak, concentrate your awareness on the abdomen just under the lowest right rib. Imagine as above, only at the new location.

Continue until you feel completely full of energy.


Image: Emotional Body: .

A Smoothing Breath. Place your hands in your lap, palms up, and breathe begin breathing deeply and slowly. This will increase circulation of the vital energy, and smoothe the emotional body.

If the issue of telepathic modulation comes up again, repeat the gentle stomach churning and the emotional body smoothing technique as needed. And that will be that!


The Emily Post guidelines for polite telepathic communications have yet to be written. As a near substitute …

Link: WikiHow’s “How to Be Polite on the Phone”? ..

… looked like a good start … it’s a list of good phone manners that so frequently get left behind in the rush of modern life.

As a case in point, sometimes we may get calls from telepaths that are angry or disparaging in tone, and we may not know how to deal with the incoming negativity. Especially when the caller won’t hang up.

This may indicate a need to build one’s own self-esteem and self-respect, in which case …


Here’s a little song for self-esteem for women: Video: “I Feel Pretty,” sung by Julie Andrews, ..

Here’s a goofy, but touching self-esteem song by Angel …

Video: “Self esteem song – Angel,” by tuschman168, published on 19 June 2010, ..

Well, dear ones, that’s all for now.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) LInk: Judy Satori … … search for this book amongst products: Sunshine Before the Dawn

(2) See these chapters:
–“Chapter XIII: Individualisation: Its Mechanism and Purpose” and
–“Chapter XIV: Individualisation: Methods and Degrees”
in Arthur E. Powell’s “The Causal Body and Ego,” … public domain

(3) See these chapters:
–“Chapter IX: Group Souls” and
–“Chapter XII: Animal Group Souls”
in Arthur E. Powell’s “The Causal Body and Ego,” … public domain

(4) Link: Judy Satori … … search products for the CD: Healing the Pain

(5) Concentrating awareness on this spleen chakra, in abdomen below the lowest left rib, may help complete the kundalini energy flow in the body. See “The Kundalini Energy,” by Mats Olsson, ..

(6) For more on the role these two chakras below the ribs play, see “The Kundalini Energy,” by Mats Olsson, ..


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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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