Morphogenetic Fields and Coronal Mass Ejections … by Alice B. Clagett

  • Origins of Negative Thinking
  • Distortion of Morphogenetic Fields (Also Called Akashic Records)
  • Clearing of the Subconscious Mind through the Languages of Light and Sound
  • Solar Events as Cosmic Language of Light that Is Healing Humankind

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Dear Ones,

Every evening for the last week I’ve been listening to parts of Judy Satori’s “Mastery of Mind” course (1). In the section that deals with clearing subconscious beliefs, Judy explains [to paraphrase]:


Since our first incarnation into physical form … on a star system far away … to the many incarnations in many other star systems … whether they be Lyra, Sirius, the Pleiades, Arcturus, or our beloved Earth … we have accumulated ways to responding to incarnational experiences. This prior learning is the source of our current negative habits of thought.

This Earth atmosphere is quite dense. Earth is a place of great duality. And so, there are beings here who wish to hide out from the beings of light and love, or who might wish to exploit humankind. [Note that Judy Satori said this pre-Shift. Now it would be more accurate to think of these beings in the past tense. They’re part of our history, not of our future. –Alice]

When we human souls decided on the Earth experience, we came here as masters of love and peace. But we decided that Earth would be a challenge, a place where our mettle might be tested. [It would be a school for further Soul wisdom. –Alice]


To continue with my paraphrase of Judy Satori’s wise words: The negative experiences we’ve had in various incarnations are contained in our ‘morphogenetic fields’. These are the patterns of light and sound used to re-form our bodies from incarnation to incarnation. Our morphogenetic fields contain our akashic records [the record of our karma –Alice]. These morphogenetic fields might contain negative energies projected at us, or energies created by our own thoughts in various incarnations [karmic miasmic distortions].

It is the patterns of our morphogenetic fields that cause unconsciously triggered responses to our day-to-day experiences. Sometimes we think the troubles of our lives have to do with what someone else … such as a mom or dad … did to us in early childhood. But in truth, it is our previously acquired karmas that have caused us to be born into the families of the present lifetime. Thus our present natal family is reminding us of Soul clearing we need to do, because of the karmas we’ve acquired as a result of past life decisions our Soul has made. [We incarnated in this family, in the present lifetime, so as to clear a karmic debt. –Alice B. Clagett]

[Here ends my paraphrasing. –Alice B. Clagett]


Then follows on Track 2 of Judy’s course a language-of-light process to help clear subconscious beliefs that cause us to be off center.

Note that, earlier in her talk, Judy characterized morphogenetic fields (i.e., akashic records) as patterns of light and sound. If this is true – and it rings true to me – then it would make sense that distortions in these fields could be cleared by means of sound (such as the ‘language of light’ that Judy channels) or by means of light (as with solar flares). And so it is.

Light carries the information of the Universe. Sound is a stepped-down version of light. Both these tools – intelligent, loving sound (language of light) and intelligent, loving light (solar flares) achieve the same results in clearing the morphogenetic fields, which are themselves patterns of sound and light.


Consequently, the process of subconscious clearing that Judy takes us through in the “Mastery of Mind” course is the same as the process that is naturally happening to all beings on Earth as the result of the solar flares, coronal mass ejections, and incoming solar winds.

When these solar events happen, the distortions in our morphogenetic fields (i.e., akashic records) are not in harmony with the incoming energy. They are out of sync, out of resonance with it. In other words, the wavelengths of our morphogenetic distortions conflict with the wavelength of the light that is hitting us.

We may feel mental confusion, think atypical thoughts, feel fearful, sad, anxious, or angry emotions when the light hits us. The negative energy wells up, comes into our awareness, and then does one of three things:

  • It may reach a ‘boiling point’ and simply evaporate away
  • It may come into our awareness, and we may consciously transmute the energy – that is to say, transform it entirely … with an outpouring of love from our hearts
  • It may come to our awareness, be repressed because of our fears, and settle back, masklike, into our morphogenetic field, in which case it will well back up to awareness during a subsequent influx of light.

I feel in my heart that this is what is going on right now. It may feel bad, but it’s all for the good. Slowly but inevitably, the morphogenetic fields of all beings on Earth will be cleared.

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In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) see Link: “Mastery of Mind,” by Judy Satori, Day 1, Track 2, … Click on: Store


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