Habits, Addictions, and New Earth … by Alice B. Clagett ..

  • Preamble
  • Habits, Addictions, and New Earth
  • Divine Mother and Mother Earth
  • On Being in the Moment

Dear Ones,


I’m speaking on behalf of humankind below, and not from a personal point of view  … Well, there is a slight congruence from the standpoint of physical habits, as I’m considering eliminating my morning cup of coffee.

Then from the standpoint of patterns of thought, especially unconscious patterns of thought, there’s plenty of work for each of us to do. Imagine how it would be if all our thoughts were conscious! …


This is the year when, ever so gently, Divine Mother is releasing us from mental and physical habits and addictions. In these few short weeks since The Shift, already a great deal has happened … not to a favored few, not just to her conscious participants … but to all her children, good and bad, kind and rude; to old souls and the newest journeyers to Earth. To those who feel unconditional love and to those who go all out for personal profit. To everybody.

Think back to how your mental environment was a month ago. And how is that most intimate of environments at this moment … now? Does life look kinder, sweeter, softer … dare I say: more loving?


Silently she works, our Divine Mother, together with our Earthly Mother, to transform us. We don’t even have to TRY … we can just go along with her, effortlessly. Because that’s where Earth is now … in the fifth dimension. And she is leading us along, ever so gently, into that reality.

What stops us from seeing this? Sometimes it’s hard to see changes in ourselves. A lot easier to see changes in our friends and family. Maybe there’s a friend who, ever since you’ve known him or her, has been mentally repeating a negative phrase over and over again …

  • “The wolf is at the door”  (that’s a scary one!). Or,
  • “No one at all loves me!”    (even scarier!)

And then one day they wake up, and the repetition is gone. For them, it’s a whole new world out there … New Earth!


Maybe you know a couple in a certain dynamic … the wife is always berating the husband for his lack of planning foresight. The husband is always escaping into fantasies. One day they wake up, and everything is different. She’s lost the inclination to berate. He’s suddenly developed planning foresight. How did this happen? The Shift is responsible, and the ongoing energies of New Earth, that are enveloping and transforming each of us.

What stops us from seeing New Earth just as it is, right now? You may have guessed the answer … the obstacles we face are mental and physical habits and addiction. So Divine Mother says, and New Earth agrees, to free us … all humanity … from these bonds during the coming year.

Keep your eyes and ears wide open! Miracles are in the air!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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